Dr. Richards and staff are amazing.... Loving my new look

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So I have looked at reviews, spoke with numerous...

So I have looked at reviews, spoke with numerous doctors, spent months researching Breast Augmentation and Plastic Surgeons. I have looked from Canada to the United States to Columbia. After months I settles on a Doctor in the United States. Las Vegas to be precise, Dr. Bryson Richards. The staff has been wonderful answering all my questions, getting back to me in a timely manner which is appreciated. They were able to accommodate my schedule since I would be an out of country visitor.

Dr. Richards was extremely nice and was able to give me the best information for me. I am currently booked for the 9th of November and can not wait.

I have been waiting for this since I realized I was going to look like a 10 year old boy chest wise for the rest of my life, thanks genetics.....

My husband had made this possible and while he doesn't think that I need to change a thing he is extremely supportive.

I will keep updating as time goes on and I will post before and after photos.
If your looking for a Breast Augmentation with a wonderful PS who has lovely warm staff I would suggest checking out Dr. Richards for sure. He in my opinion is worth the travel...

All done and I have amazing results.

First off I cannot say enough about Dr. Richards and his staff. They have all been amazing

Misty who was my coordinator is incredibly warm and friendly. She made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and was always there to answer any questions I had. She made sure I knew she was there after my procedure is complete and to never hesitate to call or text with questions.

The preoperative staff were great and i was so comfortable I wasn't even nervous. The post operative staff was comforting aND took great care of me .

The anesthesiologist was great made me feel so confident. And I just gently drifted off right in the middle of our conversation on worrying at all.

As for doctor Richards I couldn't say enough good things. His passion for what he does and the care he has for his patients is absolutely apparent. The result post op 2 days out is even beautiful and I couldn't be happier. I cannot thank him enough.

I would absolutely recommend him to anyone; and I know I will be back to see him for future procedures. The travel is absolutely worth it. I will never go to another plastic surgeon.

Thank you Dr. Richards and all his staff you made this girls dream come true.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

I have only had an initial phone consult with Doctor Richards however since I was insanely nervous, even through the phone, he put me at ease. He asked questions not only about me but about the experience I want to have. I guess it makes it seem less like a cold business transaction and more like a cooperative goal. I hate the cold business end approach, I trusting you please treat me like a person nut a number..... His staff is wonderful and warm and willing to answer any and all questions. I would absolutely recommend that you check out his practice, for me going away from home is well worth it to see the right PS for me...

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