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So I have been contemplating getting boobs for a...

So I have been contemplating getting boobs for a long time. I tried a bunch of different natural i hangers and well I'm still an A cup lol I finally made the decision and began to save. I want to make sure I look natural and proportionate and well... I want to look good fit clothes have cleavage and not be flat in a bikini. I went on 9 yes 9 consultation. I actually had 12 scheduled but honestly I got tired and found 2 Drs I really liked so I stopped at 9 to make a final decision. I'm going under the armpit and I'm so nervous. I started my consults saying I wanted to be a large B small C 250cc to 278cc well 9 consults later and I'm up to 400ccs lol. I can't make a decision for the life of me, everyone is telling me something different. Go bigger go smaller its too big it's too small I'm going nuts. All I know is I'm 5'3 petite 115lbs give or take and I don't want to be huge so I think. I know I plan on having kids in the net future and definitely don't want to look lie I have watermelons on my chest nor do I want to stretch myself so big that I start sagging or get stretch marks. I was told that when u redo them in the future u go bigger from the stretching of the skin. Oh decisions decisions. My hubby is getting annoyed with me going back and forth and not being able to stick to a size one day I want 350s the next 400s Of course he wants me in 400s I think that would put me at a D that is scary to me. I never had chest attention and not sure I want that kind of attention I want proportion but given that I have a nice bubble butt he says 400s are proportionate :( I can't decide. My pre-op is in 8 days and my surgery in 23.....

Pre opp

So I went in for my pre opp and choose 375 high profile. I love the way my dr office does it. They put in the sizes , first different profiles on each breast then make u choose what u like best then when u choose a profile you like they start playing with the size and put 2 different sizes, one on each breast and play with those options until u find the look u want. All the while not telling u what profile or size it is until u come to a decision of what u like I ended with 375 high profile.
I was happy they looked great. I took a friend instead of my bf this time i needed a different opinion. His kept leaning towards the larger and i didn't like that, so i Went back solo the next day to make sure because my head was caught up in the thought that I will look too big or fake. I wanted To get the 350s and 375s are only a couple tablespoons difference and honestly I couldn't even tell the difference at a glance when they were in however I could feel the difference. I kept choosing 375 because I like the way 350 looked and I'm told that once they are in and under the muscle they will look slightly smaller. Somewhere between 350-375 so I kept choosing 375

My biggest problem is asking every single girl I see with implants what size she went because honestly I've seen girls with 330 look huge and girls with 385s look on the smaller size so bottom line is every body is different and no one will look the same or have the same size breast even with the same implant because everyone's anatomy and breast tissue vary (this makes my desk ion harder lol)

I think I may go back one last time for resizing before my surgery. I'd rather be smaller then bigger because I can always wear a push up and dress up or reg bra and dress down without looking like I have big boobs all the time.
Keep you posted

Less than a week

I'm less than a week from surgery and I'm nervous and excited at the same time, my brain keeps trying to tell me that 375 is large however I went back 4 times after my pre op to resize and make sure I was choosing the right size and I kept ending with 375 lol. I love the way my DR office did it too. She would put 2 diff profiles and not tell me which was which and had me choose the one I liked best. Then after choosing, which kept being the high profile, she would place a different size on each breast and have me choose the one I liked best and move upward or downward on the opposite one until I narrowed it down to the ones I liked best. Kept ending with 375
I like the way both looked but i had to keep reminding myself that i will loose a little once under the muscle. every time I went I did so with the thought that I was going to downsize to 350. But left choosing the 375. So I'm 5days away and still can't believe that in 5days ill have boobs. FINALLY Lol

Still gotta get my proscriptions but ill be doing that today. Keep u posted with pics soon. Soo excited and nervous. Ahhhhhh!!!!

Finally BOOBS!

So I finally got my boobs! I was super anxious and nervous until the day of but the day of was smooth. I went to the surgery center met my anesthesiologist nurses and dr I was calm I think cause I had waited so long and went through so much to get them it was like finally the time had come. Honestly i can't remember much I do remember coming out of what felt like a really good sleep. I looked down and yes, boobs . Feels like a baby is sitting on my chest . There are moments when I feel high pain and I'm sure it's normal as all of a sudden there is a foreign object pushing on my muscles from the inside but over all I'm super excited. My man has been amazing tending to my every need, ice, pills, restroom etc. I was warned abut constipation from the meds so I bought laxatives and been taking them but day 2 and still nothing. I'm trying to avoid being backed up for a week. Not my idea of a good feeling or experience so I upped my dose today lol. All in all I'm happy and can't wait for them to drop. My skin feels super tight and I'm swollen of course but they seem like there are going to look perfect once they heal. I more than pleased with my dr and his office they really tended to my through the whole thing and I was not an easy patient. I went in at least 6-7 times before my surgery after my initial appt but they supported me through the whole thing. It was very difficult making a size decision. I'm happy so far but it's still too soon to tell as I'm only 2 days post surgery. I'll post pics a little later so u can see hope my story has helped you guys out there going through the same or similar thing.

It's been 4 days

So I got my augmentation 4 days ago. It's was a simply procedure I only remember waking up from it. I've been super soar. My right breast is more swollen and higher then the left. I'm hoping its a temporary thing and it goes Down and evens out when they are healed. Kinds nervous but trying to stay positive and excited. Can't wait for the swelling to go away I feel lopsided :(

Almost 4 weeks post opp and right breast is higher will it go Down and even out??

Almost 4 weeks post op and I love my size but my right breast is sitting higher and seems to not want to move down while the left has. Will it eventually even out or will I have one high boob forever? :(
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Went on 9 consults loved pancholi and more so loved the work he has done ran into 2 strangers with great boob and low and behold Pancholi was their doctor. Not to mention the 3 friends that went to him as well. He is very knowledgable and staff is very friendly too

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