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He deserves nothing less than 5 stars for his...

He deserves nothing less than 5 stars for his professionalism and skill as a surgeon. Wow, I never dreamed recovery could be so good and so quick, especially at my age of 47. I think recovery & excellent results are directly related to skill, and he's got plenty of it. He's a master at what he does, no doubt in my mind after the fact! I am very happy with my results so far and it can only get better.

About Me: I am 47 yrs old, have children &...

About Me: I am 47 yrs old, have children & live in central Alberta. I consider myself physically active weighing 130 lbs at 5 ft 6 inches tall. I wanted a BA to enhance what I had naturally, which was a 36A. While nursing they were much bigger, can't remember what size it was too long ago! But in the last few years more often than not an AA cup fit better.

I should mention I was a smoker. I quit 5 weeks before the surgery, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I also followed every single instruction of the doctor as far as what not to eat, or take for herbals & medications which can complicate things. The list was long! I did not drink alcohal at all either, I didn't want to jeopardize my recovery or results. I think my great recovery had a good deal to do with doing what I was told. No cheating!

Results & Recovery: I expect to be a full C cup by time everything settles, the doctor assures me I will be and I don't doubt him. If anything, I may be larger if I compare my frame & CC size to result size of others (not supposed to do that I know). 400CC implants (smooth, round, silicone) under the muscle are what I have. I assume having children already allowed for the bigger CC's than I expected since there was some stretch to the skin already.

Not a single bruise, just a wee speck of blood on each bandage when they were removed the day after surgery. I had more pain in my back from the very tight bandages in the first 24 hrs than I ever had from the surgery in the front. I was not sick or nauseous at all after waking up, that was actually a very big fear of mine because I had to get into a taxi to return to my resort! My husband wanted to rent a car but I was afraid we'd get lost so we didn't. The anesthetic doc assured me beforehand I would not be sick, said there was no reason to have those side effects any longer with what they have to work with these days. He was right, and again I was impressed with Dr. C's choices of who he works with. Administering anesthetic is another skill that comes with experience.

I can't recall the name of the pain killer prescribed (generic name) but it was the equivalent of Tylenol 3 I believe. I took them every 4 hrs the first 24 hrs and after that every 6 hrs for the next 2 days that was it. The morning of day 4 I was out and about and being a tourist, shopping and having fun. Just took frequent rests sitting down, like every hour or 2. Only thing I really couldn't do was open doors (some are really heavy) but my husband took care of that so it was a non-issue. I was also worried about having to raise my arms for the scanner at the airport when we left. Dr. C. assured me by that time it wouldn't be a problem (day 7 after surgery) and he was right.

The incisons are going to heal very cleanly. One is almost non-existent, I can tell already. The other not as well but that is my fault for stretching/reaching too far too soon I felt the pull when I did it. Awaiting scar therapy instructions from the good doctor as I write this!

Even more thrilled with my results now that 3...

Even more thrilled with my results now that 3 months have passed. Patience was a must through the early weeks, there are so many changes!

Dr. Cambeiro said I should be a 'full C' when all...

Dr. Cambeiro said I should be a 'full C' when all was said and done, since 6 wks PO I have measured as a 34D at 12 wks PO its still the same. What I learned on my first ever trip to a Victoria's Secret store was that 38B, 36C and 34D are all sister sizes! So I guess the good doc was right, I am definitely a full C.

4 months post op now and all I can say is I am...

4 months post op now and all I can say is I am even more pleased with my results, totally and completely satisfied. My PS's office called yesterday after I sent progression photos and told me my results were really amazing, and I think so too!

From 6-15 weeks I stayed the same, measuring as a 34D/36C but last week bras started fitting differently and when I measured I had grown a half inch. So I guess all those who say dropping & fluffing will make you bigger are correct. I honestly don't wish to get any bigger they are already more than I bargained for!

No issues at all, the odd zinger the last couple weeks, more side boob developing as they fluff and an incredible difference in softness since the start. My hubby assures me they look AND feel totally natural.

8 months PO - it only gets better!

Still feel like this was the best thing I've ever done for myself. No complications, no problems so far unless you want to consider the fact that they have grown again and are much bigger than I ever anticipated!

Once again I found my bras fitting differently and re-measured. That was about 4-3/4 months after surgery and I am now just past 8 months. Since that time I have measured as a 34DD. Actually, I measure a 34DDD with the tape but the 34DD bras still fit and feel the most comfortable so that is the size I buy & wear. Good thing, you jump up into the triple letters and the bras cost more!

They are truly as soft as a natural breast would be. The implants are high profile, Sientra round smooth true gummy bears. I've had some misgivings about the high profile aspect and the softness but not any longer. My PS did indeed make the very best choice of implant style and profile to suit my body. My advice to anyone considering this is to trust your PS in his choices and do not override them with your own when it comes to size, profile & style of implant. If you trust him/her to open you up on the surgery table then you should trust his/her judgement on what implant is best for your body.

Almost 1 Year Later - No Regrets!

Well, they still measure at 34DDD and I'm still wearing 34DD, just because they fit better in my opinion. I've had no issues or complications to date and for that I am grateful every day. My implants have softened to the max now and they are very pliable, natural looking and feeling. These were Sientra Gummy Bear implants, smooth rounds under the muscle. I think it is important to mention this because after reading about this type of implant in particular (pre-BA and again afterwards) I was against using them because I read more than once that they were stiffer than other silicone and would always be harder but this is NOT the case, I believe they just take a little longer to soften up. The lesser risk of various complications that is associated with Sientra is worth the trade off in time to softening in my opinion, and my PS convinced me they were a good choice for me.

I've wondered the odd time if CC was starting on the right side, this side is slightly smaller and noticeably so to me so I always worry it is smaller because of contracture but there are no other signs or symptoms so I'm just being a worry wart I know. But, on the subject of CC I think it is important that we who have been told by the PS to continue with massage for life, do as we are told. My PS specifically outlined a very simple massage I was to continue once a day for lifetime of the implants. Of course I have skipped it many times due to forgetfulness but since I became fearful of CC I do it every day while in the shower. I also continue to take my Flaxseed oil, in fact I'm taking a full range of vitamins & supplements - this BA has put me on a journey to achieve maximum health, I am getting there and I'm loving it!

16 month later

Not much to update - I am still wearing 34DD comfortably and have no issues or complications to date. I have lost a small amount of weight and realized I don't want to lose any more or it will affect my chest appearance in a negative way, by making it appear larger. So I will focus on toning and tightening instead of weight reduction. I am staying healthy and overall feeling pretty great.

I was away for a few weeks on a vacation where I was constantly flipping from front to back to avoid sunburn. When I returned home it was really the first time since the BA that I was totally comfortable laying on my front and didn't feel there was something foreign in my chest! I believe laying on the front and putting weight on them helped in that manner for whatever reason, they feel softer and completely, completely natural now. I mentioned previously that the right side was slightly smaller and tighter which worried me, but it seems no different than the other now.

My biggest problem is dressing myself, I can't believe it! More often than not I feel like my chest is just too much 'out there' or I look fat & frumpy in what I'm wearing. I've had to change my style. I certainly spend more on personal care and clothing now than I've ever done in my life, and I'm interested in my appearance where I wasn't before. It's a tough age with feeling too old to wear some of the fashions I've always loved & been attracted to and at the same time feeling too young to wear others. I spend far more time trying on and learning about fashions than I ever have, and scarves have become a best friend. Obviously if this is all I have to complain about I am doing fine.

2 Year Anniversary Coming Up

Still happy, no issues, no problems, no concerns...life is good!

3 Yr Anniversary Coming Up

Still feeling great, no complications no issues whatsoever. I've lost more weight though, now back into a 34D down from 34DD. But I think by end of winter I'll have gained it all back judging by the weight gain the last inactive month ;)

The attached photo was taken at 30 months, I thought those interested in high profile implants may appreciate the side view after some time has passed to see how that compares. I don't think you would say at a glance that this chest has implants, the shape is fairly natural :)

30 months PO

Sorry, photo wouldn't upload when I updated earlier!
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Hard choice with so many good doctors to choose from out there, reviews really help narrow those choices and that is why I am taking the time to write one for Dr. C. I was a fly-in patient, that means I chose him and booked the surgery before actually meeting him in person. Huge decision, very scary! Why would anyone do that? Typically because of costs, I wanted my surgery in the US because it was cheaper by far than in Canada but I didn't pick this doctor because he was the cheapest out there because there were cheaper ones. I chose him because of his skill, credentials and his location worked for me. I trusted his credentials which are impeccable, and spent weeks reading, researching and digging deep on google before initial contact with his office for a consult. From there, a few weeks of email discussion and I chose to go ahead with it. They made it work in the perfect time frame for me, that too convinced me it was the right choice, if it wasn't meant to be it wouldn't have worked out so easily! I was prepared to cancel and lose my deposit ($500) if I didn't like him or what he presented when we met. In the end, I trusted my instincts and I don't regret that at all, my instincts were bang on. That was evident as soon as I met him in person. My results speak for his skill and mastery, as did my quick recovery. He was honest about what would work for me and I am glad I trusted his judgement rather than sticking with my own. He knew what size was perfect for me and told me exactly why. Since I did my research, I felt I knew that already and he confirmed it all basically, that told me he was honest and was considering my health and future not just making me happy in giving me what I asked for. I think there are too many women who ask and insist on more than they can handle, I just wanted natural results with as little risk and few complications now and in the future as possible. That is what I got. I almost canceled last minute after reading about staying away from plastic surgeons in the spotlight and he seems to be in the press a lot, but come on he's location is Vegas! Glad I went with my instincts, not his fault he's a natural for the camera, personable and involved in volunteerism in his community - he's also got a sense of humor it was one of the reasons I chose him in the first place, it makes him real. He is worth serious consideration if his location works for you.

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