new pictures - 24 days post op - half way to being able to work out again!!

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I have always been relatively small but after...

I have always been relatively small but after having two children, the full b that I did have is now gone. Plus, I have worked very hard to lose all the extra weight that I gained while having children and now that I have met my weight loss goal and my body fat percentage has dropped over 10% I have absolutly no breasts left:( I just want to feel like a woman again and have that feminine curve again.
I am 5'5" and weigh 130 lbs and right now I dont even fill an A cup. I am getting silicone implants and I havent decided between the sizes yet but I tried on a 398 and a 421 and they both look good. Just not sure which one yet.
I have my pre-op on the 7th of march and I will be able to try them on again while my hubby is there and decide on a size. I am nervous for the actual surgery just because I have never really been fond on hospitals or doctors for that matter but I have all the confidence in my dr and I am super excited for my results.

Tomorrow is the Pre-op! Excited to try on the...

Tomorrow is the Pre-op! Excited to try on the sizers again and finally make a decision on size. I am now completly off all vitamins and supplements and preparing my home life for my surgery. I have two kiddos so I am trying to prep some meals to freeze and get everything caught up around the home so I dont have to worry about stuff after the surgery. I will update with some before photos soon!

I forgot to mention that I had originally wanted...

I forgot to mention that I had originally wanted saline implants because of cost and not having to get MRI's done later but my DR said that I have very thin skin over my breasts and he is worried I will see rippling in the saline implants but with a silicone implant I likely wont notice it. Anyone else have thin skin and did a saline implant?? Does anyone notice rippling with their implants?

So today I had my pre-op appointment and my hubby...

So today I had my pre-op appointment and my hubby got to come with so he could meet my Dr. and feel the implants and help me choose a size. My Dr. recommended a moderate plus silicone implant and around 450 cc. I tried on a ton over and over and over again until we finally decided on the 457cc implants. So its a done deal! They are pre-filled and the order is being placed. I will have the incision in the crease and they will be placed under the muscle. Guestimated to have a D cup when its all said and done. I am super excited for the surgery. I came home and ordered a zip front sports bra from walmart. I just need to have blood work done tomorrow or the next day. So now its hurry up and wait!

So in the few days following my pre-op appointment...

So in the few days following my pre-op appointment I have been freaking out thinking I chose the wrong size. Everytime I hear of someone who got the same size that looks huge on them I am like On crap I went to big! I am sure that everything will turn out fine but its just hard not to second guess yourself at this point because its paid for and theres no turning back. I dont think that I will be joining the club of "I wish I had gone bigger" after I get them. If anything they will be perfect for me or too big. I am a modest person so if they come out smaller than I thought I wont be bummed. I will just wear a pushup bra when I want them to be on display but for my everyday life I dont need them huge. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know about the emotional rollercoaster I have been on lately. Its now I wish the surgery was today so I didnt have another 8 days to anticipate what its all going to turn out like. I just want to be done with it and have my results.

So Monday is my surgery and I am super excited and...

So Monday is my surgery and I am super excited and can't wait to see my results. I have been showing my husband pictures on here of the results over the first couple weeks so he knows what to expect. I dont want him to say something negative and freak me out when its completly normal looking and nothing to worry about. I have all my prescriptions and creams and everything I will need in a basket so it will all be easy access during my first few days. One thing I forgot to do was get the non-safety caps from the pharmacy on my prescription bottles so I would be able to open them but my husband will be here with me so I am sure it will be ok. My zip-front sports bra I ordered online finally came in the mail so I have that to wear home from my post-op appointment the day after my surgery. So yeah! Everything is prepped and ready to go. I have actually had a super busy week and it helped to take my mind of things and now my surgery day will be here before I know it. My sister thinks my boobs will be huge but I am just tuning her out right now and telling myself that I took the time to do research and made educated decisions about my Dr. and the size I wanted and everything that goes with this process so I am just trying to keep calm and not stress. I have been out shopping the last couple days and checking out cute bras but not buying anything since I dont know what size I will be. Its going to be so fun to shop after they are finally done. I am sure I am going to love filling out pretty sheer lacy bras and cute tops instead of wearing super huge push-up bras. Anyway, I wont be posting again until the day of my surgery so until then its positive calming thoughts and cleaning house:)

Okay so I will start my story at 10pm last night...

Okay so I will start my story at 10pm last night when I had my last snack and drink. I was starting to get a little nervous but not too much. It was hard to sleep though. I was so afraid my alarm clock wouldnt go off or something and I would be late for surgery. I woke up multiple times throughout the night and checked what time it was and then I woke up this morning at 5:30, 15 minutes before it was set to go off. So I just got up and turned it off and got in the shower. Took a super hot shower and washed really well with a loofah.
We had to wake up the kids at 6:30 and get them in the car so we could leave. I had to be at the surgical center at 7:15 to start getting checked in and prepped. My hubby dropped me off and went home with the kids. Figured since he couldnt go back with me there was no point in paying for a babysitter so he could sit in the waiting room. They made me do a urine test so they could check if I was pregnant, then got me dressed in a gown, compression stockings with a hole under the foot (weird) and booties, a hair net, and a pair of hospital underwear. Surprisingly enough the underwear were little satin string bikini undies. Totally not what I expected. ha ha
Next they put in my IV and got fluids started and then asked me a million questions while I signed paperwork. Then I met another nurse and she asked me the same million questions, then another and more of the same questions. lol They really make sure the info is accurate. Then I met the anesthesiologist and he explained what was going to happen. Asked if I had any major dental work done? weird.
Next the nurse came back and started to talk me through the entire process and what to expect. This is when it really hit me. I got scared and started to cry a little. Feel like a baby for that but I have never had major surgery before and I guess my nerves just didnt all hit until that point. She comforted me and then Dr. Cambeiro cambeiro came in to draw on me and then next thing I knew I was getting wheeled back to the OR. It hit me pretty hard then too and my heart started beating fast and I was super nervous but luckily I got in there and everything just started to happen really fast. There were a lot of people and they were all doing different things and it was just chaotic and then......thats all I remember.
I woke up and my arms felt like I had just had the most intense workout of my life. So weird. I thought my boobs would hurt worse but no, the first pain I felt was my arms. They let me come to a little more while monitoring my vitals and then gave me some morphine for the pain. Well that was short lived. Turns out I have an allergy to morphine. I started to get all itchy and red on my arm and they stopped giving it to me.
By this point my husband was able to come in and I was super relieved to see him. He held my hand and helped me drink some apple juice. I get low blood sugar if I dont eat for a long time so I was feeling pretty yucky since I hadnt eaten since 10pm the night before. My blood pressure was low and I was shaky and pale. I was in pain and just not doing very well. They monitored me for a while longer and then released me. The drive home was awful! Everytime we turned a corner my body would tense so I didnt slide over and it hurt so bad. And bumps were rediculous.
So I got home and my husband helped get me fed and set in bed with my phone and water and other goodies on a tray next to me. I couldnt even recline by myself. I had to completly relax my body and let him lower me back onto the pillows. Tried to open the crackers he gave me, so didnt work. lol He went to get the kids and I was just sitting here wallowing in self pitty:(
Finally he came back and I asked him to turn on some music for me and thats when things started to turn around. It helped me to relax, my pain meds were kicking in and I was finally ready to start calling and texting people. Well since all that happened its been about 4 hours and my husband says I am like a different person. I still feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest but I am no longer in severe pain and I can actually breath now and get in and out of bed on my own.
So I am wrapped up in an ace bandage really tight right now so I cant see them but I have some really high cleavage at the top:) They are hard right now too. I rubbed some lotion on the top and felt this rippling feeling. Kind of hard to explain but I could feel the imlant. Cant see it though. No rippling visible.
So here is what I got! :
silicone implants
moderate plus profile
457cc's on each side
and a lot of stress and excitement:)

Just also got a card and adorable hot pink bra in the mail from my best friend and the card has a dr asking a patient "just two quick post-op questions. How do you feel and have you seen my cell phone?" lol Love it! Feel free to ask me questions and I will get back to you all as soon as I can. Thanks for all your posts and pictures. I think it really helped me know what to expect and not freak out too much along the way XOXO

Oh and I forgot to say how I had horrible cotton...

Oh and I forgot to say how I had horrible cotton mouth for about three hours after surgery and I am bloated like all get out. I look 4 months pregnant! lol

So I had my post-op today and the Dr says...

So I had my post-op today and the Dr says everything looks great! No bruising yet and my boobs are high and tight but they already look awesome. I am so excited! I cant believe I finally have boobs. He said I can put creams around my breasts like Arnica and cocoa butter lotion but not to get it near the incision site. They have strips over them that I can take off in 1 week. Cant shower until tomorrow. Other than that he was impressed to hear that I was not in a lot of pain and at how much i was able to get around already and my range of motion. I feel great. I am starting to taper off of my pain meds, the vicodin and valium and hopefully after tonight I will just be finishing taking my antibiotics and taking tylenol for any more pain I have. I had a 36 d sports bra that I took to wear home today after he took off my ace bandage but its too big around the band area so he wanted me to try to find a 34 so it fits a little more snug and provides more support. went to JC Penney and found two that were on sale for $10 each. Zip front and they were 34c and fit great so I went ahead and got those for now. Still now sure if I will be a c or a d when they drop and fluff but I told the dr I wanted to be a full c or a small d so I think I am right where I want to be. I am very happy with them so far and cant wait to continue to see my progress.

Day 3 and I am feeling pretty good. I am only...

Day 3 and I am feeling pretty good. I am only taking 1 pain killer now instead of the two pills each time. Still just wanting to lay around and sleep most of the time but when I do have energy I am able to get around and do stuff pretty well. My boobs are starting to drop a little tiny bit but are still quite high and tight. I have to massage them by pressing down and holding for 10 seconds and stuff throughout the day. I finally got to take a shower today and it felt great. I asked my hubby to wash my hair but once I got in and started moving around I was actually able to do it myself. So my range of motion is really good already. I am kind of torn between wearing the 34c sports bra and the 36 d. The c feels really tight and almost uncomfortable so right now I have on the d. It feels more comfy. I think I will just switch them out. I think I am still pretty swollen wich is why the 34 is pretty tight around the band. I am also definatly still bloated and still havent had a bowel movement. Took some colace today. Hoping to get all that back on track. I have been sucking down water like crazy though and peeing every ten seconds it seems like:) ha ha So yeah everything is going well. I feel like they are small sometimes but I am not disappointed because I didnt want them huge anyway and I know that they will drop and fluff as they heal anyway so I am confident that I will be very happy with my final results.

Day 4 and I finally had my first bowel movement. ...

Day 4 and I finally had my first bowel movement. Overshare I know but the meds mess you us so much and now maybe my bloated tummy will start to go down. I feel great today. Still tired but I havent taken any pain meds since 1am and I feel fine. I am still using arnica cream and cocoa butter lotion and I have no bruising and I think they look great. No worries. Easy breezy! Hope it stays this way.........

So I just posted a few new photos. I am on day 6...

So I just posted a few new photos. I am on day 6 and I got sized at victoria secret just for fun. I am a 32 DD!!!! Holy cow! But I know that they size up so in regular bras I will be a D. I am really happy with my size. I think they look great on me and I think with my width of shoulders and all that they look quite natural. I am only taking the vicodin once a day the last couple days and I take a muscle relaxer before bedtime because it helps me sleep and I always seem to have more pressure and pain at night. I think its because I am laying down on my back? Not exactly sure but the muscle relaxer helps. Other than that I am pretty much back to normal. Still cant lift anything heavy but my husband is really good about helping me out. I tried to try on a regular sports bra at victoria secret today but it was still to hard to pull over my head so I am going to stay in the zip front bras for a while longer. I am still pushing them down for 10 seconds at a time about 6 times a day. The Dr told me to do this to help them drop but I think they are dropping nicely and dont look crazy high anymore. Overall I am very pleased with my entire experience. Cant wait for my best friend to come into town so she can see them:) She wants to get hers done too. Oh and they do look a little lopsided in the picture. Its slightly noticable that they are dropping at a different rate so one is more relaxed than the other. Must have something to do with being right handed? Not sure but I know they will even out.

So I took the little strips off my incisions on...

So I took the little strips off my incisions on day 7 and let me tell ya; that sucked! Those things are so incredibly sticky and your pulling it off a cut thats healing so you dont want to just rip it off and pull open the cut. My husband was like rip it off like a bandaid and I was like no way! So i soaked it with neosporin and slowly massaged it off. The whole process took about 30-45 minutes. Total pain in the butt. Anyway, now I am dealing with another issue. I feel like theres air bubbles in my left breast. Not sure what the deal is with this but I am going to call the dr today and ask about it. I googled it and read that it goes away on its own but I'm still going to call and double check. Its only on the left side though not the right. Seems like my left side is being the problem child. Its more sore than the right and its taking longer to drop than the right side. grrrr.

So everything is going great. I am getting used...

So everything is going great. I am getting used to my new look. Still interesting to shop for shirts or try on old shirts in my closet. They all fit so differently now. I went out to a bar for the first time since my surgery and I dont care what any man tells you; men love boobies! lol Some may say oh I dont like big boobs and whattever but yeah I had so many guys drooling over my boobs it was funny. Not the point of getting my boobs done but a funny side effect:) lol The bubbles I was feeling are all gone now. They still feel a little firm and I am not sure when they will be getting softer but I go in for an appointment in a week so I will get some more details on that and have more info on how well I am healing and stuff. So far my incisions look pretty good. One looks like its healing better than the other but they are both improving so I am not worried. My left breast is still a little higher than my right but they are both shifting lower and into place. My husband keeps telling me that they are getting bigger so I guess they are dropping and "fluffing". lol I am able to move my arms pretty much however I want with no pain now. The only time I notice any discomfort is when I stretch and its pulling at the incision area. The incision area is the only part that hurts at all and its more of a discomfort rather than pain. I am putting neosporin on the incision to help it heal and washing it with antibacterial soap while in the shower just to keep it clean. I went to the gym to train a friend and can tell that I am super weak and have discomfort when I try to use my chest muscles. No, I didnt actually do anything. Just put no weight on the machine and showed the motion. I totally babied myself too and she knew what was going on so she was understanding. Anyway, I love them and they look great on me I think. I have broad shoulders so they fill me out nicely without being too large for me since I am a sporty girl and didnt want them to be large enough to be in my way. I have really been wanting to work out but I am holding back because I want to fully recover without any issues so it doesnt take longer. Oh and I have been dropping weight too. I am down 3 lbs:( This is not good because it means I am losing muscle. Hopefully that doesnt continue too much more before I am released to start training again. If you have any questions just ask. Not a while lot of new stuff going on here:)

Oh and I forgot to mention that all the lotions...

Oh and I forgot to mention that all the lotions and creams that I have been using to help with bruising and to moisturize to prevent stretch marks and all that have made my skin go all out of wack. So I broke out with little pimples all over my chest. So to all of you out there who have sensitive skin, this may happen to you too:(

So I had my follow up appointment yesterday and...

So I had my follow up appointment yesterday and everything is going well. I am healing well and they are dropping and looking great and getting a little softer. Dr. Cambeiro gave me some new massage tips to do a few times a day. I have to squeeze them quite a bit and just massage them all over. still kind of hurts to squeeze them like that but if its going to help them fully recover faster I am okay with it. I am loving my new look and its funny because they are really close to the size I was when I was nursing my children so they look very natural and nice. I am super happy with my results and I do not regret my decision to get them at all:)
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