50 Yrs Old, 133 Lbs, 5' 6.5", Pre-BA 34B, Natrelle Inspira SRF 385cc - Las Vegas, NV

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Recently turned 50 and I’ve decided to get BA. I...

Recently turned 50 and I’ve decided to get BA. I’ve always been small up top, currently I’m a small 34B, 5” 6.5”, 136 lbs, size 7/8, small on the top not only breasts but bone structure too. My Doctor commented how he can see my breast bones when I asked him about creating cleavage. I’m a little larger on the bottom and have always had what my husband calls a “J Lo” butt (I’m also Latina). I’m hoping that BA will even my body out as.

My surgery is scheduled for 4/29/16 and I’m very nervous, mostly about recovery as I’m no spring chicken. I’ve read a couple of stories of women my age but most are much younger. If I had to do this over again I probably would have done it younger as well. So far I really like my Dr., great bedside manner, took the time to answer our many questions, made me feel very comfortable, oh and I like the pictures of other patients of his that I’ve seen.

I’m going with 385 HP Silicone (Allergen brand?), I’m going to get more detail on them tomorrow and post. I tried on the size below and above and like the one right in the middle. My husband encouraged me to go with the larger of the three as he’s read 90% of women wish they had gone larger, however, I don’t think I’ll fall in this category as my goal isn’t to be huge, just proportional. Dr. said they would take me to a D. I’m hoping I won’t have too much of a gap between my breasts as when I asked my Dr. about cleavage and the gap he told me based on my build I would have a gap (at least he was honest) and he’d try to do what he could regarding cleavage.

I’m not sure how I feel about posting pictures, I may have my husband take some in a bikini top, still undecided. I have posted my wish look/boobs.

I’ve done a lot of reading on here but still have some questions. I was hoping I could post them and maybe someone who has experience in a certain area or had a similar experience that I’m asking about could help me out or point me in the right direction? I’m sure just about every question regarding BA has been asked and answered here, I just don’t know where to find them all:
* Pool - How long did you wait to get into a pool. We’re heading into pool season here (I know bad timing) and my Dr. said 3 weeks (obviously no breast stroke) but my paperwork from the surgical center says 6 weeks.

* Sun - Along the lines of the question above Dr. said when I’m in/around the pool that I’d be OK as long as I used sun block 50SPF on my incision and had a swimsuit on. But I’ve also heard (I think I read in the the packet of information from the surgical center) to wait 6+ weeks to go out into the sun. My husband said I should listen to the Dr. as he’s providing the care, but I’m confused by the two sets of information.

* Veins - On my chest above my breasts you can faintly see my veins, not sticking up but you can see them through (?) my skin. Does anyone else have veins like this and did BA cause them to be more noticeable or start sticking out?

* Sexual activity - I’ve read I want to keep my heart rate down for the first couple of weeks and once we re-engage we’ll have to be careful but how long on average do most people wait?

*Exercise - I currently work out 4/5 days a week and I’m going to want to get back to that as soon as I can. My Dr. said to wait a week and when I go back not to do any chest exercises or heavy weights, stick with non-bouncing activity, nothing too strenuous. What’s others experience here? I imagine with the popularity of BA in the fitness industry there would have to be some kind of post BA workouts available somewhere. Anyone know of any?

*General house cleaning - How soon were you able to start cleaning your house again? My husband and son have said they’ll clean the house but I know they won’t clean-up to my standards and it will probably drive me crazy.

* Menopause - Any women have any issues with menopause during or after BA?

* Anxiety - How did you deal with the anxiety as your surgery drew closer?

* Pre-surgery purchases - I’ve read a couple of must buy lists and have some questions about items that are suggested. Recommendations on ice packs that can be found at Walmart or Amazon? I see the Danskin sports bras are recommended but I don’t know what size to buy? My husband looked at them and said medium. I’m thinking based on trying one on over my bra and shirt large. Based on my build and implant size what do those who have actually bought these think?

Vitamin C – I’ve read taking vitamin C can speed recovery, anyone take it after surgery? How soon after did you start on it?

We’ve paid for the surgery, I’ve dropped off my prescriptions, cleaned most of the house, will buy final recovery items this week, any other recommendations?

Lastly, has anyone felt like canceling their surgery at the last minute? Not because you don’t want them, because you’re nervous about the surgery, recovery and results? I’d lose a $500 deposit but that’s it. Anyone come close to canceling?

Thanks for reading and a very sincere thanks to anyone who is able to help me. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as the day draws closer.

Pre-BA Pictures

Asked husband to take a couple pre-BA pics in a bikini top for me to show you what I'm starting with here. Don't know why I'm just not comfortable with topless right now.

Confirmed type of implant - Natrelle Inspira SRF 385cc

Looks like these are fairly popular.

Night before surgery

Running around trying to get all my last minute things done. Very nervous about procedure, am I going to big etc. I liked the look in the sizers so I should be OK, just don't want them to turn out huge. Still have my cold, Drs. office said as long as I don't have a fever I'm OK.

Hope I can sleep tonight.

Morning after surgery

Surgery went well, recovery not so well. I was in pain when they took me to recovery so they gave me some morphine, then I got nauseated and started throwing up, they gave me something for the nausea and I think it made me sleepy. My husband said they couldn't get me up. I think I stayed an hour extra in recovery. Threw-up on they way home. Once home husband got me situated, I ate a few saltines and feel asleep for the rest of the night.

I feel so much pressure on my chest, Dr and nurse said I would but I didn't realize it would be this intense. Pain has been manageable with Tylenol so far, haven’t had to take any of the hydrocodone yet. My Dr. said some of his patients use ice packs some don’t and he didn’t seem to recommend either, said it was up to me. So far I haven’t felt the need to use them. Anyone else not use ice packs?

Since I only at a handful of saltines yesterday my husband made me a nice healthy breakfast this morning, got me cleaned-up, did my hair (not very well but he tried) and we took some pictures. I still have packing in so they look bulky on the sides and underneath but I liked what I saw on day one. I don’t think I’m up to showering today but will make the decision later today.

My poor son (teenage) came in to check on me and then went to his father and asked him where I had surgery, he told him the location of the surgery center and he said no on her body, I think he's figured out I had BA. We just told him I was having surgery, I didn't think he’d be happy if he knew and it looks like he's not.

Nurses at the surgery center were great, especially the pre-op nurse, so nice. Everyone was great.
My husband has been a sweet heart, even brushed my teeth for me last night. Hurts so bad to raise my arms. I don’t know how some of you ladies go out the day after surgery.

So far no regrets.

Day two post-op

Had a rough night last night, had difficulty sleeping, how long do I have to sleep inclined again? Pain has been tolerable with Tylenol.

Took a shower today and got to see them for the first time without the sports bra and guaze. I was surprised by the lack of bleeding and I have no visible bruising outside of where the strip is over my incisions. Breasts are very hard. I put some coco butter lotion on them that fights stretch marks because my skin is so stretched.

Mostly laying around, husband wanted to take me for a drive today but I'm feeling good on the couch. Any tips on sleeping?

First Post-Op Visit

Had my first post-op visit yesterday. Dr. said everything is looking good with the exception of lifting anything over 10 - 15 lbs I can resume life. I see him again in 3 weeks and he'll give me instructions on massage.

Still get what I'll call stingers from time to time and I still have no sensation in my right nipple. Dr. said that should come back and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Husband and I had sex last night and after I felt very weird, difficult to describe other than my entire body felt anxious? Anyone else experience anything similar? Wondering if we jumped into that too soon.

Considering using a scar cream. I asked my Dr. about it and while he sells them in his office it didn't seem like he really recommended it. He did however say if I chose to use it to use one with silicone in it. My incisions are almost perfectly in the crease of my breast, he did a really nice job so unless my husband is pushing my breasts up he'd be the only one who would ever see them Any thoughts?

Here are some one week pictures

I didn't realize that I actually stand leaning to the right, not sure why I do that LOL. Here are my one week pictures, it's currently day 10 and it's funny because I can actually see a difference in day 7 and day 10, I'll post some more pictures at two weeks.

Two Weeks In

Today is two weeks and things are settling in nicely. Still have a little pain from time to time. I get a bit of back pain. With the expectation of working out housework I'm pretty much back to my routine. Here are some two week pictures.

My doctor., Dr. Reynolds

Just realized I haven't said much about my Dr. While my final review is still out I will say so far he's been great! Took his time with my husband and I and answered all our questions (my husband had a ton). Did a great job explaining the procedure, options, risks etc. He's younger and both my husband and I liked that. Was very confident in his work and shared personal statistics which us that put my mind at ease. He was great they day of surgery and during my first post op visit. Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Reynolds so far and I don't imaging anything will change. Oh, and both my husband and I think he did a great job so far.

His staff is great too. Amber who my husband emails is great in getting back to us very quickly and his MA Yolanda (?) has been very helpful. Overall great office so far.

Three weeks Post-op tomorrow and "sloshing"

Anyone else experience what I can only describe as "sloshing" in their breasts? After certain abrupt movements I feel a sloshing sensation in my breasts, I contacted my Dr. and they said it was normal. Feels very weird.

3 Weeks starting to drop, bought some new bras 34DD!

Here are my three week pictures. I went to VS yesterday and bought some bras, measured in at 34DD. Had you told me I was going to be 34DD prior to my BA I would have said no way, let's go smaller. Having them I think they're perfect which just goes to show don't pay too much attention to cup size. I told my Dr. I wanted a full C or small D, I'm very happy with his recommendation and glad I didn't go smaller or bigger.

6 Weeks Before and After Pics, sloshing gone, returning to normal

Here are some before BA and six weeks after BA pics I thought I'd post (same top, sorry about lighting changes). I still look down at my chest and thing they're huge (after what I started with) but my husband assures me they're not and that I could have gone larger.

Today is first day of wearing a non-sports bra which in clothes just looked like I was wearing my standard padded VS bras. In clothes the regular bras make them seem a little larger but not much.

Sloshing stopped two days ago and my PS said I could start wearing regular bras once they stopped sloshing. Looking forward to getting back to the gym and getting back into my normal active routine.

Still sleeping on my back, stitches haven't popped yet and breasts are still really hard. Anyone have any tricks on softening them up? My PS prefers pushing implants up from bottom up and not massage so I'm doing this once or twice a day. Then I see anna1989's massage technique she posted and how soft hers turned out and I wonder. Going to follow Drs. orders though.
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