4'10 397/421 Mod Plus Silicone Implants - Las Vegas, NV

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So tomorrow is the big day!!!! I'm calm but...

So tomorrow is the big day!!!! I'm calm but anxious ???????????? I didn't consider having an augmentation until I lost the weight I gained from pregnancy and with it my breast tissue. I got into fitness very consistently and as my chest got more toned the less fat in my boobs. I worked as a dancer for 4 years and although my breasts never stopped me from pulling in good money, I always hated the way they sagged when I bent over. I even started feeling self conscious being on top during intercourse lol… I quit dancing in September 2015. So it feels good to know that Im doing this to for myself and my own personal happiness. My boyfriend is very supportive, and has said he doesn't care if I did or did not have them done. He just cares if Im happy. I chose to have Dr. Bryson Richards here in my hometown of Las Vegas to do my procedure. He was the first Dr I talked to, and they say shop around but I liked him instantly. He's very down to earth and talked to us like a normal guy. His opinions were genuine and honest and we booked with him right after the consultation. Im still inbetween which size I want…My main desire is to be more full, but not ridiculous. Dr Bryson did a 3d image showing a very rough example of how I'll look with 397cc but I'm thinking of going 421cc because I've learned theres hardly hardly a difference. Tried on sizers for 450cc and definitely to large for my liking so I'm thinking to go inbetween. Dr Richards is going to bring both sizes with him tomorrow morning so I'll make the final decision with his guidance.

Post Op Supplies

I been reading a lot of your guys post op experiences. In my surgery folder it states to ice 30mins on/off. I went to Walmart to buy some ice packs and found this in the sporting goods department and thought "wow that's perfect! " I can wrap it around my whole chest and it can even be cut if you want.

Had my surgery this morning!!! Feeling really...

Had my surgery this morning!!! Feeling really good. I woke up groggy but quickly got more alert. My throat is a lil sore from breathing tube but I did eat a breakfast sandwich when i got home and didn't feel sick at all. I did have some tightness and discomfort when I got home but quickly tool my pain amd muscle relaxer medications. Im sore with some back discomfort (almost like you feel when you wanna unhook your bra at the end of the day) but not bad… I am able to use the restroom on my own without discomfort. I ended up getting 397cc in my left breast and 421 in my right. My natural boobs were slightly different sizes so this helped make them symmetrical. Ive been taking it easy… going in and out of groggyness but I think its due to meds. I go tomorrow morning to have my bandage removed and officially meet these babies

Day one was really rough… thank goodness for my m...

Day one was really rough… thank goodness for my meds. I was doing great when I got home. Took one pill and had a nap. Woke up sore so went ahead and took 2 instead of one plus a muscle relaxer. I was good to walk around the house and go to the bathroom without assistance, walking was recommended by the anesthesiologist… later in the evening I went to Walmart with my boyfriend and it proved to be too much… I guess the anesthesia completely wore off cas I was in excruciating pain. When I got home I took 2pain pills and a muscle relaxer as well as ice.. The ice was useless ..I don't know if I was numb or if it just couldn't penetrate the bandage enough. I even tucked it inside over the layer that was over my breasts. I really didn't sleep well at all… I was up within 3 hours in pain and took more medication. This morning I got my bandages off and place into my post up bra. I was extremely happy with my breasts even tho they aren't settled yet.

29 One Child, Lost Volume in Breasts

?Dr. Richards is not only an amazing doctor, he is an amazing person. He has a very down to earth and humble demeanour about him, that has been one of the best things about my experience with him. My results are perfect...I really couldn't be happier. My breasts were perfect from day one and I'm only 12 Days post op. I'm very happy that I found Dr. Richards and I would make the same choice all over again no doubts. He was the first and only consultation I went to, even if you are shopping around for doctors I encourage anybody having a cosmetic procedure to at least go meet Dr. Richards one time.

4'11 122lbs 397ccL/421ccR Moderate Plus Silicone

So hey Real selfers! Im almost 2months post op! Saw Dr Richards last Tuesday and I'm cleared for exercise! Which makes me very happy because I had thickened up a tiny bit. I went to Victoria Secret and had myself measured. Im a 32ddd ????. But I guess a 32dd would also work depending on the bra. I didn't buy any bras (got my 7 for 27 panties tho lol) but Tried on the 32ddd and it felt perfect and comfy. My breasts are extremely soft and look perfect. I really believe it was due to my breast being saggy and having that as a pocket for my implants. They never sat usually high they looked normal from the moment my bandage came off. This lil lady is very happy. Having a lot of fun

4 months

Still very happy. Haven't regained full feeling back, so my nipples look goofy sometimes but its only been 4 months. Gonna take more time to fully heal up. Having a lot of fun and feeling awesome. I love my boobies. Only thing that sucks is buying bras… I'm a 32ddd and Victoria is the only place I can find bras but they are like $60 ???????????? sometimes I can fit into a DD so if I find a bra I can fit at any other stores I buy it! Lol Target has this brand called Xhilaration and they come in s/m/l… my favorite by far and they are wire free!
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Richards is amazing. He talks to you like a friend, his opinions are honest and genuine. His surgery coordinator Dawn is amazing, you feel like your talking to a girlfriend .She has no problem talking to you about all concerns and she also gives genuine opinons. I couldnt be more satisfied with his services.

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