286cc/304cc, periareolar incision,31 yrs, 4'11",105lbs, 32B to 32 DD

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I'm 31, 32 A/B currently. Pre pregnancy I was a...

I'm 31, 32 A/B currently. Pre pregnancy I was a 32B but got to a 32 DD/E while breast feeding! My BWD is 12 and I'm looking at the Mod+ or HP around 275-300 cc silicone gel, under muscle, periareolar incision. It's a tough decision choosing size and profile! I have been preferring the mod+ look in the before/after photos. I'm petite/curvy but athletic and want to be balanced but natural. I have a 25" waist and 37" hips. I want to wear the same size clothing but fill them out better. I made rice sizers and am leaning towards the 275cc which fill out my old 32 D bras. (I worry about boob greed) but am an OCR racer and don't want them too big either. I have been stalking ladies on here but it's hard to find someone with similar stats. Their results vary so much too! My left breast is slightly larger and lower. I'm posting current pics....input greatly appreciated!

Rice sizers! 286cc.

I made rice sizers....I think they are about 286-ish. This is what I'm leaning towards so I have been hanging out with them on. I'm wearing my old 32 D Victoria's secret sports bra. I need some feedback! Also, will I really lose 10% going behind the muscle? Or does it depend on bone/muscle structure? I do a lot of upper body strength training so where would I lose 10%? More questions for my PS...ugh...I need to make a list.

How will BA affect my sporting activities?

I just ran a Tough Mudder last Saturday.... I run these kinds of races every month or so and it dawned on me! Will I be able to participate in all of the obstacles still? I mean I obviously need to recover a couple months....but what about after that? Last Saturday I jumped off a 15+ft ledge to a swinging arm and ended up belly flopping into water. It hurt my chest so bad! What if I had implants? Could I displace them? I didn't really think all of the possibilities through. What about wake boarding and hitting the water hard? I'm a sports enthusiasts and don't want to give it up. Can any of you shed some light on this matter? I would obviously baby my new girls but what if? I posted a couple pics from last week for fun. Some of these races are just muddy with monkey bars and weight lifting, while others have extreme cliff jumping and other potentially high impact obstacles. Thanks!

Wish Boob!

I find these attractive and athletic:)

I tried to find "wish boobs" from women that had similar looking before breasts, or used the size implants that I'm looking at.

Also getting a mole in my face removed

I'm getting a mole next to my nose removed at the same time as my BA. It's funny because I'm not even obsessing over it the way I am about my breasts. I'm sad because I like the beauty mark but it's just getting too big. Maybe I can tattoo a freckle back on when it's gone. Lol

Pre-op done!

I have decided on a range of Size!286cc-304cc mod+ silicone cohesive gel. Surgeon will determine size in OR. I have a huge sense of relief at this stage and and finally feeling excited! My doctor and I are on the same page with my final results and he loved my "wish boobs" collage. I asked if he would take a photo while I was still on the OR table so I could see them and he said "yes"! I couldn't be more happy with with my experience with everyone in his office. The countdown begins!

One more sleep! Goodbye Molly (the mole) and Itty bitties.

The big day is tomorrow at 9:00am! So grateful it's not too early or too late. I don't like to be hangry, lol..

I started talking my antibiotics (cipro) today as well as my Arnica Montana(for bruising and swelling). I also made my ice packs (1 part alcohol/ 2parts water). Thanks to my "brestie" for reminding me!

Everything is clean and I have plenty of yogurt for the antibiotics. I have chicken stewing for stock...making some homemade soup for tomorrow. I'm trying to stay really hydrated since I know I won't be able to drink anything prior to surgery.... no morning latte ;( but I'll have boobies! So, totally worth the sacrifice.

I'm not really excited or nervous yet. Just feels like any other day. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be ecstatic, or anything really, lol. I'm looking forward to the recovery (sounds weird, I know) but I haven't slept really since I had my 2 yr old little girl. I'm hoping I'll have some down time to be lazy and watch bad tv!

What's left to do...remove all jewelry, nail polish and bathe with antibacterial soap. Tomorrow I just have to bring ID and loose clothing that zips.

Thanks to all the ladies that have helped me get to this point!

Am I ready? I doubt it...lol, but I'll see you on the other side!

Antigravity yoga!

Last time I'll be able to do this for awhile...I use this every day.


Hello from the other side!

Arrived at 9am and was changed into a gown and socks after I was set up in my recovery room. I waited there with the hubby and the nurse started my IV. She thought something might have been wrong but I have a high pain tolerance and said it felt ok. (It ended up needing to be replaced/relocated) she was a doll and not really a big deal since I don't mind needles. I signed some more paperwork and eventually (around 10:30) Dr.Stile arrived and made his markings! He Kindly took a photo with me and gave me a nice hug after he explained some stuff to the hubby. Then the anesthesiologist came and made some silly jokes while giving me happy meds. These didn't take affect because my IV was still in wrong arm at that point lol. Hubby left and I went to the OR and was given oxygen etc. I should have been going under and that's when the anesthesiologist noticed something was up... anyway, we switched arms and poof.... a quick joke and then I was waking up in recovery.

The first thing I asked was " did he take a photo in the OR?" She wasn't sure;( I'll find our soon enough! I recover well so I left after 30 minutes or so.

The pain is very tolerable! Tightness on my chest bones and skin. But otherwise I've just been eating and hanging out. I went under muscle, nipple incision.

I still don't know which size he chose but that's fine with me. It will be a extra surprise for later! However, I was surprised that I had no bandage for my mole.

Anyway, I feel great and took a couple pics. The last one shows my fat arm because I had fluids going into it, lol!

Boobies: day of surgery!

Sneak peek! Height: 4'11" Current weight: 109lbs BWD: 12 cm Starting size: 32 a/b Natrelle style 15(mod +) silicone cohesive gel, 286cc or 304cc. Not sure which he used yet. Periareolar incision and under the muscle (dual plane) Already love them on day one! ???

Allergic to surgical tape.

I noticed some clear-ish seepage on my surgical bra and noticed a red spot on the edge of the tape. I called my PS and emailed a pic. He said it looks like an allergy and to come in the next day. Within a few hours in turned into a full blown blistered burn. I removed a little of the tape myself to prevent it from worsening until the next morning. I went straight away and I was immediately seen. I was given an ointment and new bandage. He removed the rest of the tape and I was not having any other issues. Thank goodness it wasn't reacting on my nipple incisions! I get my stitches removed tomorrow, yay!

Hope everyone else is smooth sailing!

One week post-op

I got my outer sutures removed 3 days ago and my inner sutures out next Thursday. I was taught my first set of massages and they are feeling softer already! He ended up going with 286cc on my left and 300 on my right.
Everything is settling nicely and quickly. I really have had minimal to no pain. I am sore a little on my sides and really don't have bruising. I'm so glad I have the nipple incisions! I would think there would be so much more pressure going under the crease. I'm still not allowed to shower! Not until week 2! I'm so jealous when I read others reviews and they can shower already. I'm feeling great and think they look great aside from the blister I got from the steri strips allergy.

I've attached a few photos and a chart that will help illustrate why sizing is confusing and not all size D's look the same. And why People thinking of having surgery should go in knowing what they are asking for.

Trying on old 32D bras.

A few pics from today. I know the girls aren't settled fully, but I was curious how my old bras fit. They were a little tight and fit different than before....but my breast are still firm. Time will tell!

2 week post-op, internal sutures removed!

I had my internal (pull through) sutures removed today! It was a crazy feeling...the side the doc removed was pretty painless. The other side wasn't painful but I could feel it being pulled through every internal loop as if there was a tiny grain of sand stuck at the end. Ewww...made my tummy churn thinking about it.

I'm finally allowed to shower and I feel human again!

From what I can see, my incisions look nice and they feel smooth. I'm looking forward to my steri strips falling off so I can see them. My scab from my allergic reaction also fell off in the shower and looks way better!

Now I just need to massage these girls to soften them up!


First time I've seen my scars! I think they look great after two weeks but I bought these silicone strips to use now that my steri strips fell off. There is a strange wrinkle on my Arreola from the steri strips that will hopefully smooth out soon.

Overall I'm really pleased with my results and I know it's still early so I'm trying to be patient for the final result. I'm not use to my Arreolas looking so large and my nips are a little droopy/low. I hope my implants settle and fluff more. I would like less upper fullness and want my Nipples to rest higher up. *fingers crossed

And....they are getting much softer! They look squishier than they feel though.

Night lift bra!

I Ordered my nightlift on Amazon on Thursday and it arrived Saturday! Sizing was confusing because my measurements would have put me at a DDD but I knew this was crazy. I ordered the bra size that fit me best at VS. (32 D).
Bra seemed to fit spot on and I slept in it last night. It's incredibly soft and comfy even though it looks like a Torture Device. I felt like I got so much more support on my side boob than in the surgical bra especially while on my back.
I also felt that the upper clips could potentially get my implants to Drop and Fluff faster.

*fingers crossed

One month!

Went to get professionally measured at Nordstrom since my old 32 D bras from VS are too small. I'm officially 32 DD at Nordstrom and Victoria Secret. I bought two unlined, lace bras from Nordstrom and feel so sexy. I tried to buy some new ones from VS but they were sold out of my size in the unlined styles. The push up styles are just too much boob!

I'm cleared to do most anything and wear everything. I'm just have to continue with my massages and I go back to see Dr. Stile at the 3 month mark.

Mondors cord!

It looks so gross! I think mine is worse because my incisions are on my Areolas. So the cord goes the entire length from my nipple to my crease! It should resolve on its own so I'm not worried yet, but it is a little tender:( its only on the right breast and you can only see it when I fully extend my arm up.

Almost 2 months post-op!

Today was the first day I went back to obstacle course training! I was so scared but it went surprisingly well. I was able to do most obstacles... though not as efficiently. I'm not as strong but I did most things without noticing a huge difference. The implants feel odd when doing pull up type exercises and the only thing I struggled with was the 8ft wall (pulling my weight over it). I have also put on 5 lbs :( I know I'll get back into the swing of things and I'm not having any issues with antigravity yoga.

My mondors cord is almost gone but I can feel it a little still.

My incisions are beautiful! I'm so thrilled (thank you Dr. Stile)!

They are very natural feeling and looking. I'm so pleased with my decision and the size. I can't wait to be 100%again. I was so worried about displacement deformity especially with the type of exercise I do, but they don't look bizzar when I flex.:)

I hope the other RS ladies are just as happy! ?????

Side profile: body proportion.

Per request...sarah093 these are for you! Hope they help:)
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