Boobs! 371cc silicone Moderate Plus Profile Inframmary Incision.. stats: 5'2" 125lbs Small B cup Las Vegas, NV

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APRIL 7th, i met with Dr. Bryson Richards for the...

APRIL 7th, i met with Dr. Bryson Richards for the first time. Doc did my chest measurement, and then he took a still video of me for the crisalix 3D visual of me before and after to give me an idea of how i would look with 4 different implant sizes. I was then given sizers to try on. I explained my desire to have more of a natural look rather than the cupped full on projection on the top part of my breast. I also am a fan of the side boob look. So we came down to 371cc Moderate plus profile which is the Natrelle (Allergan) Style 15. Doc said this implant would give me more of the side boob and more natural looking on me. He explained moderate plus is wider in diameter thus providing that side boob look, and it has less projection than the high profile. If i go any bigger than 371cc on the mod+ It will be too wide for my chest width. so the next size would be 400cc High profile. Thats if I wanted a fuller look, He suggested I go for the 400cc High profile which is Style 20. High profile was explained to be smaller in diameter but more projection (perkier). Keep in mind each individual is different. what 371cc may look to one person may look completely different on me. Thats where I have a dilemma. I am about a 33 B cup, I think? pretty much no projection on the top, and i do have natural ptosis (droop) of the breast. So I decided to have Dr. decide what would look better on me on the day of surgery when he puts implant sizers on with saline first before the actual implant. If 371mod+ looks too small for my body, we'll then go for the 400cc HP. i trust he'll make the right decision for my body type.


APRIL 20 I was lucky enough to be squeezed in soon after my initial breast aug consultation. this time it was only with Dawn, Dr. Richards' Assistant/coordinator. Dawn showed me pics of how 400cc HP looks on various females, (due to my fear of it looking overly projected). i was comfortable to say whichever implant soze doc goes with ill be content. The difference between the two is not far off 2 tblspoons from another. We went over the Surgery booklet embedded with the time and date of my surgery Exactly one week from preop (April 27), and signed a bunch of consents. Ask all your questions at preop. I was also given a prescription for Norco (pain med), Zofran (nausea/vomit), Valium (muscle relaxant), and Keflex (antibiotic). Keflex is to be started 1 day before surgery to be taken 4 times a day. Also NPO (nothing to eat/drink) 8hrs prior to surgery time not even water. I started taking Vit. C everyday since preop (1000) and Arnica pills (OTC at walgreens) to help with trauma/bruising. I am told to wear zipup clothing nothing to pull above your head. A driver may stay or be called when you've awaken from anesthesia on surgery day. No makeup, false lashes, weave, body jewelry allowed. I was also told to preregister online at the surgery center.


April 27 The highly anticipated day has come!! I was so nervous but anxious! Woke up, put my eyeglasses on n came in w my addidas track suit jacket sweats n slippers. Wait time was minimal i mean we got straight to the point, signed consents and soon enough was called back, and put all my belongings in a secured locker. Dr. Bowman the anesthesiologist went over a few things w me, then Dr Richards was there immediately w two implant sizes boxed and sealed. Natrelle 371 mod+, and 400 high profile silicone. The nurse took my vitals, and started an IV x1 successful attempt to my left hand. Every nurse/ doctor dealing w my case has asked me if i'm allergic to any meds which i felt reassured I was going to be safe. Doc then went ahead stood me up and placed pen markings on my chest. we exchanged before and after photos along w my wish pic photos so he can once more have an ideal sense of the look i was going for. Then i was brought back to the O.R. (tun tun tunnnn!) they stripped me from my eyeglasses so i was officialy going in blind. Great. i was squinting so hard to see what was goin on that doctor made sure i wasnt at all nervous lol. the anesthesiologist said he was giving me something to make me feel good, and soon enough, i woke up in the PACU w a nurse at bedside. im at home right now and feeling super heavy chested as these ace bandages r tight for a reason. ice 30 minutes on 30 min off intermittently, and round the clock, analgesic and stool softener, muscle relaxant (not taken at the same time) and as needed antiemetic which i needed cuz when i walked to the bathroom to void, i felt soo dizzy. While in bed im doing plantar flexion and dorsal flexion to improve blood flow to my lower extremities. Also you'd have to walk ever so hour to prevent DVTs (blood clots) frm occurring which can be potentially life threatening, so id advise to not be totally bedridden after any procedure. side noted: I am a registered nurse so i do know what im talking about lol. Tomorrow I have Post op in the morning where i finally get to remove the bandage. I cant wait! Anyway. going to get some rest. Will update soon.

7-10 days post op

so we went with 371cc moderAte plus profile and i Love them!!! LOVE DAWN N DR RICKARDS!

3 weeks post op

Just wanting to show how natural my boobies look 3 wks out, no padding all boobs!

1 month Post op

So its been 1 month since my surgery day already! Boy the time went by quick! I must say i really wanted "natural looking results", and i got them!

Almost 3 months post op

Just uploading an update per request, this is almost 3 months post op, SN: dont mind the shiny underboob, I apply bio oil daily at night
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

I have never been so content making the decision that Dr. Richards was going to be THE ONE. my first n only consultation was with him, but when I get that good intuition, I just knew, and i dont regret it at all! I love Dr Richards & Ms. Dawn who has guided me and assists doc through it all in the office. Dr. Richards is real with you. no pressure of sales felt. He is swift, concise, and knowledgable, not to mention he works with Your body type. For instance, Bigger is not always better, And I had a tough choice between implant sizes and profile, And we went w the smaller one (see BA review), and it looks so awesome! I absolutely love it! I recommend him to anyone seeking cosmetic enhancement with full belief that he will fullfill your desires.

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