24y, 32A. 5' 300cc or 350cc . - Las Vegas, NV

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New to RS. I am 24 years old, just a hair taller...

New to RS. I am 24 years old, just a hair taller then 5 feet weighing 105 lbs.
I am hoping to get my BA before my birthday in September. I have spoken to a few surgeons and for the look I like, I was informed 300 to 325 cc'would do. A part of me would like 350 cc's, but I am afraid it would make me not look proportional for my height. I am also debating between moderate and high profile. Any suggestions?

My Dare to dream Boobs

A few of my dream boobs.. Ever since i realized my boobs were not going to grow more, I started dreaming. I was leaning towards the 300's, but lately started thinking maybe 400 is the way to go.
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