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My turn to share my journey! After 3 different...

My turn to share my journey!
After 3 different consultations I finally choose a doctor and booked my surgery date!!!
Dr. Cambeiro will be performing my surgery on February 12th, the earliest date they could squeeze me in, which I'm so thankful for since I start my new job mid-March.
Dr. Cambeiro seems quite booked right now since many ladies are looking to get their gorgeous new boobies before the summer season. I can't blame them.
I'm very excited about the timing too since I'll have them for summer, but more importantly, my implants will be in and settled before I start wedding dress shopping!
Only three weeks to go!
Not going to lie, I'm really nervous. I was supposed to get this procedure done in December 2016, 6 months before my wedding, but with this new job offer I had to move it up all the way up to February 2016. My hand was shaking when I was making my deposit and signing my surgery agreement.
There's no going back! I've wanted this for a long time, and gosh darn it I'm finally going to do it! No matter how scary the idea of surgery sounds. I have a wonderful fiancée who'll be by my side, and friends willing to veg out and watch movies on the couch with me during my recovery. Excited! ... But, right now, mostly nervous. The countdown begins. 3 weeks!

Wish Boobs!

My pre-op appointment is in 3-days! I've been gathering photos on Realself and Instagram to show to my PS. At my initial consultation I said I wanted to be a D/DD, but looking at these photos and posts, and wanting to be proportionate to my butt (40"), it looks like my implants will be closer to a DD/DDD, if not bigger. I'm sure my fiancé won't mind. ;)
I've also posted a photo of myself wearing a tight dress to show my current body. As you can see, I have a huge butt! I can also see that I still need to lose some holiday weight. D: Got to hit the gym hard before surgery. 2.5 weeks.

Pre-op Done! Next up, Post Surgery Bra Shopping

I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Camberio, and he seemed extra cheerful today! Not only is he a great surgeon, he's a really nice guy!
Any who, most of my time at the office was paperwork and signing my life away. Lol. The couple of dozen pages of paperwork I signed stated the possible risks involved with BA surgery, capsular contracture, infections, ruptures, etc etc.
After the paperwork madness, I was shuffled back into a room, took photos in the fancy photo room, and meet the doctor. He reviewed my chart and BA desires. When he came to the cc amount, which I said 500cc at my initial consultation, I requested to go up to 600cc. Concerned, he looked at my breasts again, and said 600ccs may be too big to fit in my breast pocket. He also said that he would rather have two beautiful boobs than two okay looking boobs, however he said it much more eloquently and technically than that. I felt nervous after that comment, because I'm already feeling boob greed with the thought of having 500cc vs the 600cc I had envisioned. MAYBE I could mention 550cc the day of my surgery, but for the most part I'm going to trust the doc on this.
After meeting Dr. Cheerful, I proceeded to checkout to make my final payment and to sign and acquire lots of paperwork, which included a blood work request form, Mentor booklet, supplies list, and dos/don'ts before surgery. The most important piece of information I took away from it was that I needed to get a good post surgery sports bra. So now I'm on the hunt!
Any recommendations for a good post surgery bra? I'm considering Brilliant Contours Dragonfly bra. http://www.brilliantcontours.com/shop/dragonfly-post-surgical-recovery-bras/dragonfly-pink-compression-post-surgical-sports-bra/

Comprehensive List of Supplies for Breast Augmentation

I started getting all my supplies for my BA surgery, and I wanted to share with you ladies what I think is a fairly comprehensive list of what you'll need.

Before I get into the list, I wanted to make a recommendation for a post surgery bra. I just received my Brilliant Contours Dragonfly bra and, oh my goddess, it is amazing. It feels silky on my skin, and will provide the right amount of compression post surgery. The owner herself answered all my sizing questions and had it shipped right away. Kudos to this small business for providing excellent service and delivering a superior product! Here's where you can buy it: http://www.brilliantcontours.com/shop/dragonfly-post-surgical-recovery-bras/dragonfly-black-compression-post-surgical-sports-bra/

Now on to the list...

-Zip front sports bra
-Zip up hoodie
-Zip up or button up shirts
-Sweat pants
-Zip up or button up dress
-Compression socks or sleeves

Medical Supplies
-Pain killers (doctor prescribed)
-Arnica Montana Tablets (supplements that help reduce bruising and swelling)
-Ice pack (or bag of frozen peas for swelling)
-Bio oil (rub on breasts post surgery to reduce stretch marks)
-Scar cream (for incisions)
-Anti bacterial soap (to shower with before surgery)
-Heating pad (for your back)
-Bendy Straws (to help you drink lots of fluids!)
-Laxative (for constipation from pain killers)

Food and Beverage
-Frozen Meals (Trader Joe's is the best)
-Premier Protein Shake ($24 for 18 pack from Costco)
-Bai drinks (delicious antioxidant drink, $24/18 at Costco)
-Canned Peaches (for constipation from pain killers)
-Soft easy to eat foods: bread, Jello, pudding, soup (no bananas! That'll make you more constipated!)

Feel free to add to this list in the comments section!

Tomorrow is the day!!! Goodbye itty bitty titties!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Tomorrow is the day! Got a call from my doctor's to move my timeslot up an hour, so I'll have boobies an hour earlier! Yea!!!
Goodbye 34B and hello to vavavoom DD/DDDs!!!
Catch up with you ladies on the other side!

Today is the day!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I woke up in a pool of sweat after having crazy nightmares last night. I'm so nervous. Have two more hours to go before I can go check in. I stayed up late so I could wake up late.... That didn't work. Have to find something to do other than pace around the house.
All my supplies and make shift bed/couch is ready for when I get home. I want this to be over. I'm so impatient.


Got done around 1pm. I think the doctor ended up squeezing in 550cc. Felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest right after surgery.
5:30p right now and I have some pain, but mostly ***a lot of tightness***!!! Waiting to take another muscle relaxer.
I only get nauseous when I move. I've been able to eat rice cakes and a protein shake.
Photos tomorrow.
Love having you ladies for virtual support. Thanks for all the love and good wishes.

The pain is real

Omg. Felt like I hit rock bottom last night. Was vomiting up all my water and medicine, including my anti nauseous medicine. Was/am in agony from how tight it feels, and having to sleep on the couch was difficult. Was up a half a dozen times last night because of the pain. Finally got some sleep when I went to go sleep on our memory foam bed, but when my fiancé helped my up, it hurt sooooooooooo bad, because our bed is too low. Now back on the couch trying to mediate and stay calm. Really need another muscle relaxer, then I have to attempt to get this ace bandage off to get my sports bra on. Hopefully that will help with the pain.

Ace is off

Finally got the ace bandage off

Boob Blues... Little pain, lots of tightness

Man the "boob blues" is real. Not being able to do anything for myself, including pulling my pants down to pee, is making me depressed.
I've been dependent on my fiancé. My mom came over today since he had to go back to work.
Luckily I've had mild pain, but I have a lot of tightness. I switched to Tylenol extra strength for pain, but have been downing the muscle relaxers every chance that I can.
I don't know how some of you ladies are doing it, getting your clothes off to take photos, when I am barely able to left an arm to get some water or food in my face.
I also bought a recliner off of Craigslists yesterday, begging the person to provide same day delivery since I had surgery. They were at my house within 4-hours with the recliner. Omg, I could not be happier. Slept like a baby last night. So if you are getting a BA, GET A RECLINER!


Took a shower, with the help with my fiancé, and it felt so good. Put on some bio oil. My chest still feels tight, but at least I'm not stinky. Lol. Looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Day 3 - So Much Better

Tightness turned into more of a buzzing tingle, but that's probably because I've been taking the muscle relaxers every 6 hours. I was off the pain killers the day after surgery, and have only taken Tylenol Extra Strength a few times between muscle relaxers when I couldn't stand the tightness.
My mom took care of me today. She washed and styled my hair. She's the sweetest.
A few Realself members said that the third day is so much better, and it's true. If you can stick it out until then, you're going to be just fine.

Day 4 - Post Op Appointment

Went for my post op today. Doctor says everything looks great. Nurse showed me one massage I'm supposed to do 3x a day. Basically I'm supposed to press the top of my implant down for 10 seconds, doing a few sets each session. Feels odd, but man I want these babies to drop because they're practically at my neck. This is in addition to wear the white band across the top of my chest.

Day 5 - Better Each Day

Wow, can't believe it's only day 5, because I feel really great! Took a shower and got dressed by myself. Did some light cleaning up, like picking up the trail of clothes and food bowls my fiancé leaves throughout the house. Lol.
I finally had an appetite today, so started eating more food. It included a protein shake, chicken and rice, and a chicken salad.
I continued my "massage", which I show in the posted video. It seems more like a gentle shove, than a massage, like "come on boob, drop already. " lol.
Decided to have some fun and do a before and after in my favorite bikini top. Even with my boobs sitting high, they are looking good! Super excited for them to fully drop and fluff.
Gaaah so excited to go shopping for new bras, clothes, and, most important of all, for my wedding dress!

Day 6 - Dropping Slowly

I can see that my boobs are dropping ever so slightly.
Took a shower and was finally able to shave my legs, since I'm going out with my ladies tonight. Shaving my armpits was a different story though. It was hard because of the range of motion, but it was also because the implants are still high and are partially sitting in my armpit area. My legs are smooth, but armpits will have to wait.
Been applying Bio-oil after every shower and it feels so good. A little bit of oil goes a long way.
I love massaging it ever so gently onto my breasts so my skin can absorb as much of it as possible. Maybe I'll make a video to show you ladies what I do, because it feels so soothing on these currently hard implants.
I'm having a girl's night tonight, so I decided to wear a comfy T-shirt dress from Forever 21 so it covers up my sports bra and white band. I would have loved to have worn something sexy, and low cut, but it's still way to early in my recovery to not wear my sports bra and band. I spent way too much on my tatas to ruin them. Soon though.

Day 7, 1 Week! Surgical Tape Removed

My Bio Oil Massage!
So my boobies are a little achy from going out last night. We went to a bar/club, but all I really did was sat and chat with my gals while sipping my orange juice. I felt a lot of downward pressure from just sitting for way too long, 3.5 hours to be exact. I was so relieved when I got to crash in my recliner and knock out for the night.
Took my surgical tape off from my incision under the boob. At this point I can't tell what's the incision and what's the purple marker.
I've also posted my bio oil massage video. It makes my currently hard boobies feel so good. Check it out.

Day 8

I'm doing a workshop this weekend which requires a lot of standing and moving around. Was in the workshop today from 11am to 9pm with a 2-hour break. My boobs are achy, and man did it feel good to take my sports bra off.

Compare Before and After

Day 9

Relaxing after a long weekend workshop. Boobs are achy and I'm glad I'm able to relax on my recliner.

Day 9/10 - Photo Overload

The system was acting up yesterday night so I couldn't post all my photos. Someone also requested more photos, and I thought it would be helpful see what they look like in clothes. It's not like we walk around naked all the time, unless you're apart of a nudist colony. Lol. So here are the photos with lots of before and afters.
***Remember they are still sitting REALLY high, so they look "small" in clothing, but I expect that they'll look much more voluptuous in clothes once they drop***

I have a cold - how to reduce chest pain?

So the long weekend workshop caught up with me. I'm sneezing and coughing up a storm and it F-ing hurts in my chest muscles. I feel like I'm about to sneeze my implants out it hurts so much. Any tips or tricks to reduce the muscle spasms when sneezing and coughing?? I tried holding my boobs when I do but it doesn't do much. Advice needed please!

Day 13 Photos

Still have a cold, but my boobies look good. Just don't want to cough or sneeze these babies out of place.

Quick Photo Update

Took these on day 15, but haven't had the time to update. Been working, even though I'm sick.

Day 17 Photo Update

Finally starting to get over this nasty cold. At least it doesn't hurt in my chest anymore when I cough.
There's this weird pressure on the right side of my right boob that I can only feel when I pick something up of the ground, like my fiancé socks off the floor. (Men, such messy creatures. Lol). It doesn't hurt, it's more like a tingling pressure. I'll ask about it at my next post op.
Boobies still sitting REALLY high and not much difference between week 1 and 2.

Day 18

Today my boobs don't look so dang high. Probably because I sneezed and coughed them down from my stupid cold?!? Lol.
Incisions aren't sitting right underneath my boob flap anymore, but tiny further down on my body. Idk how to probably explain it, but you'll see in the photos.

Day 19 - Shopping

I went to my general doctor today toconfirm that my 8-day long cold wasn't bronchitis or pneumonia. Thank goodness it wasn't!
Afterwards I decided to go shopping. Actually I went to Ross to get a table runner, but ended up shopping for clothes. I have no self discipline. Lol. So I tried on a bunch of sexy things that showcased my new boobies. Didn't buy any of the super sexy dresses, just tired them on for photos. Lol.

Day 20 - Post Op

Went in for a 3 week follow up with my doctor before I fly out for work next week.
He says my right boob is higher than my left, and I need to start using my left hand more for activities i.e. dishes, opening doors, picking up things, etc. I also need to push/massage my right more than my left. Other than that he said I'm looking great and he'll see me in 6-weeks.
Bonus, I got a free bottle of Scarguard ($65) for writing reviews on my doctor, one on Realself and another on Google. I was going to do it anyways, but now I got a freebie for it! Woohoo!

Day 21 - Can't sleep in bed

I tried the Scarguard last night, and the smell is strong! It smells like if nail polished were spoiled. My bathroom and bedroom smells funky now. However, I don't mind if it's going to do it's job of getting rid of these scars.
Last night I tried sleeping in bed for the first time since the surgery, and my boobs hurt so much in the morning!! I slept on my back with some pillows to prop me up, but I'm moving back to the recliner until I have to leave for my work trip next week. It makes my fiancé and i sad, because we really miss snuggling. Any tips from you ladies for sleeping in bed without boob pain?
Last, it's getting warm in Vegas, and trying to cover up my sports bra and compression band is tough. I think I found my solution with this summer scarf. Woohoo!

Day 22 - VS Sizing

Had a girl's day and decided to get sized at VS while my friend shopped for underwear. They said I was a 34DDD. I asked to try on wireless bras, but they don't make/sell 34DDD in wireless bras so they gave me the sister size of 36DD to try. It felt funky wearing the bra, because my boobs didn't fill out the bottom of the bra. Drop and fluff already boobs!!!
I really wanted to like it and get it, because I'm going to hit my 6-week mark while I'm away for my first travel rotation at work (I work in the cruise industry), and won't be able to buy a bra until May if I wait until I get back.
I guess I'll just wait and tough it out with sports bra. No one is going to notice with my uniform on anyway. Additionally, I don't think the sizing was right... I rather get sized again somewhere else. I measured myself at home and used an online bra calculator, and it said I was a 32G. Ugh. Any reliable places to get sized? I heard Nordstrom is a good place to go.

Almost 4 Weeks

Flew out for work training this week, so haven't had the chance to update.
Traveling was rough because of having to lift my bag off the baggage carousel. I didn't want to ask a passenger because the loud speaker kept announcing, "do not handle other person's belongings, etc," but then I couldn't find an employee ANYWHERE. So I lifted my bag off the carousel myself... Although it was a tiny carry-on, no more than 20lbs, I think I hurt my chest. ;( Then I also had to carry it into my training ship (I work in the cruise industry) because I couldn't roll it in the dirt, and everyone else had their hands full with their stuff. I thought I could handle it, but I felt, and still feel, a dull pain in my left chest. I'm freaking out! I feel like an idiot, and I'm going to feel like more of an idiot when I go to my PS and tell him. I'm so upset with myself! And I won't be able to see him until Tuesday, and I'm dreading it because of how embarrassed I am. But I won't be able to see him for another 6-weeks, because of work, and I rather get it checked out instead of being worried about it while on the ship.
Now that I've vented that out, here are my update photos...

1 Month Quick Update

Went to Dillard's a few days ago to get sized, and was a 34DDD/E. They have a sizing event going on, and they have the most beautiful bra to size you! See the photo.
Any who, can't believe it's been a month. My boobies are still a little high and firm. Went out last night in a low cut dress and my boobies looked obviously fake because they were high and had no jiggle to them. My fiancé pointed it out to me...
Looking forward to my 3-months mark when they have fully dropped and fluffed and will be squishy.

1 Week vs 1 Month

Almost 2 months

Quick photo update

Dr. Camberio performed my breast augmentation surgery, and I couldn't be happier! I had consultations with three other doctors in Las Vegas, but Dr. Camberio stood out from the rest with his kindness and knowledge. He completes over 500+ breast augmentation surgeries a year, and has been named a top plastic surgeon in the United States multiple years in a row, so you know you're in good hands. He provided a lot of input on type of implant and volume size, to ensure I got the results I wanted. Surgery day was seamless, and I was feeling better after just 3-days. A year of post op appointments are included in the price of the surgery. Each post op appointment has been wonderful. The staff members are amazing! They are kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. I'm so happy with Dr. Camberio, the staff, and my results! Thank you!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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