23 Y/o BA, Textured, Form Stable Gummy Bear Implants. Las Vegas, NV

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I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about...

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about the textured, form stable tear drop "gummy bear" implants.
At my consultation, my doctor said I have a very, VERY mild case of tuberous breasts and would "not be an issue". But insists on putting the implants over the muscle. (My guess is because they are textured and don't move so you don't want any muscle moving them.)
This is where it got me nervous. I am a 36A with little tissue and everyone I know has gotten under the muscle.
Now I am having second thoughts about what I should get as I'm sure EVERY girl does.
I've been on here a lot and people have said how they hate them, they don't drop, they don't giggle, they don't move, and they can't wait to change implants. Other women are in love with them.
I will have this discussion with my doctor at my 2 week pre op, but my mind is going crazy right now if I'm making the right choice choosing textured.

One week preboobies

I'M SO EXCITED!! I will be graduating from the itty bitty titty committee in exactly 1 week! My surgery is booked and it's finally all paid for! Started taking my vitamins and everything. I'm not nervous......yet.
My doctor and I decided that since I have a very very mild case of tuberous breast, I will not need any correction with my breasts currently.
He did, however, say that it will be best to do subglandular so I do not end up with a "double bubble." He said I will fill out nicely. Dr. Pancholi seems extremely confident that I will get the look I want, so I need to just let him "take the wheel," so to speak.

Hourglass figure
Full 36A

420cc Form Stable tear drop implants (Doctor said its equivalent to a 500cc standard silicone implant..)
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Surgery was at 7am!! Felt sick when I woke up but now I'm good to go! Feels like someone is sitting on my chest...haha *deep breaths*
Dr. Pancholi said he went ahead and cut my "bands" from my tuberous breasts. I couldn't be happier!!

Can't wait!!

To see my results tomorrow! It's soooooo hard not to peak

First day post op appt went well

Got that itchy gauze removed from my cleavage. I was going insane! My right boob is much much much more sore than the right (a burning sensation). I have feeling in both nipples, but I can't feel anything below them (it take it because it had to cut my bands. I will keep everyone updated on when the feeling comes back. I also am very probt to stretch marks. Dr. Pancholi said I can start with vitamin E oils after 1 week and will most likely turn white after time like all my other stretch marks.

For now, a picture in an XL bathing suit top from Victoria's Secret. Needless to say I'm extremely excited to be out of a size small!!

I can't wait until they start to drop a little more and "fluff" so to speak

My breasts feel like they're going to explode off my chest. I hope I'm not the only one feeling that way. Haha I also have extremely bad muscle spasms when I rise from a seated position even when someone helps me up. Hopefully that stops soon. I can't help but shake like a leaf when my muscles won't release. Any suggestions for a good over-the-counter muscle relaxer? The Hydrocodone just helps in the carefree department, not so much the pain department. Haha

Drop and fluff

Well my right side is taking longer to heal. I have finally found a comparison to the burning sensation in my lower right cleavage area....A REALLY BAD INDIAN BURN! My trap muscles feel like I've put them through hell at the gym because I'm still fairly tight in anticipation for the cleavage Indian burn. My 1 week post op is set for March 17 at 9am! I will definitely ask whyyyyyyyy I'm feeling this burn and if that's normal.

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1 week post op

I had my 1 week post op today! I mentioned how they're uneven and he said that's normal but that one is sitting a little high then the other. He told me I can start pushing the implant down. He demonstrated and it felt like my implant was going to fall out onto the floor. It is the right one which is the one that's my problem child with the "Indian burn" feeling so maybe that's why. I mentioned that also and he said it's because the skin is stretching and pulling in that spot.
They're finally getting to be more even though! It's not AS dies stick as before.
They replaced the original incision tape with a tape that is going to help with the scars but I can barely see them as it is!! I'm so happy!


Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while. I have dropped more and my burning sensation went away in my cleavage. I asked Dr. Pancholi about it and knowing him when I said the word "Indian Burn" he said "Well I am Indian so that could be why!" Then said it was normal. My right is still smaller then my left. Kinda wish I got a larger sized implant for that side but I did want "natural"...... Lol it's not too noticeable with clothes on...but as soon as the bra comes off and I look in the mirror..... My left has way more side boob then my right. Kinda annoying...

It's been a while

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3 months post op
Samir Pancholi

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