475 CC High Profile . 22 Years old . No kids.

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Hello! I loved being able to go on this website...

I loved being able to go on this website and seeing reviews. I've noticed that it was harder for me to search for an amazing Las Vegas doctor so I thought my review would be beneficial for those looking to get a natural breast augmentation in Las Vegas. I visited 3 different doctors but I decided to go with Dr. Lane Smith. It was no question, easiest decision I've made. Although I chose Dr. Lane Smith, I liked Dr. Camberio as well. The consolation was very smooth and he was very sweet but I felt like Lane Smith stole the show. He was very descriptive and I just felt safe with him for my very first surgery. My Surgery date is August 19th and right now I'm looking into 425CC in my Left and 450CC in my right. 33 DAYS. I'm so nervous....

Here are some pictures from my consultation

Wish PICS!

Perfect boobs, I think !

More "before pictures" do you guys think 450/425 is too big ?

I'm torn ????????????????

Doubt ? - 20 days till surgery

Lately I've been feeling like it's not worth it? I'm very very scared about this surgery. I don't know why .. I was so excited when I made the appointment but now I'm worrying myself . Sigh .

2 weeks ...

I think once I go to my Pre op appointment I will feel ALOT better.. This waiting game is not fun at all. A lot of ups & downs .. A lot of warnings to my relatives and people making me feel like I shouldn't do it .. Even my boyfriend , I guess that's good .. He even loves me with the small boobs lol but at the end of the day I'm doing this for myself & im thankful for everyone supporting my decision. I'm a smart girl I work hard .. I'm not doing this for attention. I'm doing this to make my self happy .. Not anyone else .. Blah I can't wait till my pre op appointment I think it'll feel more real at that time .. 2 more week .... I can't believe it .. Also here's more before pictures ! Thanks for the support ladies :) you've been so helpful !

I wouldn't say I'm scared of needles but I don't like them ...

Can someone please explain the pre op appointment ? How much blood do they need for "blood work" ? What happens durning the pre op? Just paper work ?

Scared & confused

BA Moved to Septemeber 1st

Kind of upset that I had to move my date. Due to personal reason but I GUESS i can wait a 2 & 1/2 weeks .. Blah ! Just a small update :)

The more I wait .. The more I question my size

I'm not sure what I want. I know I don't want 500cc because I didn't like how big they made me look. But I'm juggling between 400-475cc I know.. Huge gap but I like the way the 475cc looks I just don't want them to be too big. Please help. Also I don't know if I should high profile or moderate.. My doctor suggest moderate but I don't want them to hang too low .. I know it depends on projection. Just kind of confused. Ps I naturally have cleavage so I don't want too much cleavage.

I think I'm ready ..

I'm starting to become a lot more calm then I was before .. I'm so excited now & ready to get these babies in. I think I decided & locked down my size.

475CCs Moderate Profile Silcone.
Under the muscle & crease incision.

The best advice I can give ladies that are researching, trying to find a size to pick or what kind of implant etc etc. Trust your doctor and trust yourself. You chose your doctor for a reason, make sure he or she is overly qualified to perform your surgery because if they are, they will do an amazing job. Trust yourself.. I say this because we listen to what our friends and families opinions soooo much that it alters our decision. My friend told me I should ABSOUTELY go with 400cc .. She's not a doctor lol & if they were not big enough for my liking I would of spent all this money and wished I would have gone bigger. Just because 400cc may have looked good on her but it doesn't mean it will look good on you. Trust yourself and your doctor! Best advice I can give!!
My next post will be of my boobies!!


Surgery Day Tomorrow

I know I said I was going to hold out till I got my girls but I wanted to do one more post! Today I saw my nurse because when I spoke to my anesthesiologist on Thursday, I mentioned that I wasn't sure about my size. He communicated that back to my nurse & they recommended that I'd come in today to try more sizes on. Which I appreciate .. I wanted to do that anyway & im glad they want me go in feeling comfortable. My surgery is at 1:45. I'm feeling a lot of different emotions .. I'm a little sad but I think that has to do with personal things that have been going on. I'm just trying to be excited about my procedure .. I pray for a quick recovery. This website has been a boob bible for me and I'm glad there so much support. Well one last picture of my small boobies.. Wish me luck !

All done ! 475/500 CC

Hello BA friends.. It's 4 in the morning & I finally feel better to write my review. I was in so much pain but it's because I'm not taking the Norco pain pills. I've decided to take only Valium for pain. I was regretting it a couple of hours ago but I'm glad I didn't take the heavy duty pain meds .. My surgery was great though! The nurses and the doctor and my anesthesiologist was amazing .. Here the first pic of my new girls sorry it's blurry. Also I've been icing so I think they are not as swollen anymore

Post op day 1

I feeling so much better today! Here they are. They have dropped so much already. My nurse said no massaging & the keep my bra on 24-7

Post op Day 2

I'm feeling great.. Mornings are tough. I think I know what "morning boob" means now! Lol I'm so happy I didn't take the Norco. I stopped taking Valium yesterday so now I'm only taking Tylenol 300 & Tylenol extra strength. My doctor said no massaging .. I don't have that band to push them down .. I feel like i should be doing something but NOPE lol .. The only thing that's kind of hard is getting up from the couch and my bed.. The only pain I feel is on my sides & my nurse said it's because that's where he had to create the pocket so I should expect some discomfort there .. I'm so happy with my size .. My doctor .. My nurses .. Everything is good!

I found my implant information card

I found my implant information card in my purse today! I'm 475CC in my left & right! Lol good to know :)

Update! Post op Day 3

So! Today I found out that both implants are 475 & that they are high profile! I told my surgeon to do what he thought was best so I'm not upset at all & I'm more than happy with how they look now. Here's a picture with a no bra and a tank top I bought from kohls! Again, I haven't been doing anything but they are dropping on their own :) I'm so happy. Also my anesthesiologist checked on me today which I thought was sweet! My pain is at a 2 & I'm only taking Tylenol for pain .. Im just so happy with my results!

PS: I don't know how to change my surgery date on here so my post op days are wrong.

1 week PO

I feel great! My doctor said I look great too. He cleared me to wear any bra I want during the day, I just have to wear my supported bra at night. I have a few pains here & there but from reading other reviews it seems normal! I do feel like they're a bit big .. But I'm staying positive .. Here's a before & after picture :)

13 Days PO

I'm feeling okay . I'm getting worried about this pain underneath the left breast . My nurse said its my pocket stretching but it hurts so bad .. It feels bruised .. I went ahead and bought 2 bras from VS. I know a lot of people my think it's too early but I needed something for work! So I got the non wire very sexy bra... I'm a ( drum roll ) 34D! I honestly hope I stay at this size & i drop a lot more .. Here's another before & after .. In the picture you can see how much I've dropped so far .. If anyone knows what I can do about this pain ... I would appreciate some advice .. Oh & help with the overly sensitive nipples !!

I'm not really sure if people look at my profile but I'll keep uploading at least for one more month..

Here's my update! I am 23 days post op. I feel great! I've attached pictures of my incisions ( beware) I broke out really bad I think because of the antibiotic cream I was using .. I stopped using it because of my break out. If anyone knows anything that will help please let me know. But I'm great & I'm meeting my doctor in about a week for another post op appointment .. They look huge but I can hide them in clothes so it's not tooooooo bad .. I'm not regretting them but yea a little big lol

9/3 - 9/13 - 9/27

4 weeks tomorrow ! Man time went by fast! Here's a comparison photo :)

Hello! Long time no talk ;) 6 1/2 Week Post Op!


I love my progress. Still a little high but I'm in love. I even have days where I wish I went bigger but I'm good :) I saw my doctor today. Everything's great. My left breast is still a bit high and may be forming scar tissue so now I have to increase my massages on that one. My scars healed great! No scar gel No scar sream just regular old fashion body oil with vitiam E in it. Here are some pictures!!!

Question: did anyone experience a sharp pain when stretching ? My incision is underneath so I wonder if it's my muscle pulling?

Pictures !

2 month update !

I'm so happy I went with my size & didn't listen to others telling me to go smaller! I CANNOT imagine myself smaller than 475cc! I'm doing great! & I feel great :)

Random picture, why not post it ??

I was thinking about doing an update after I meet with my doctor in the next couple of weeks. But I'm doing great !!

3 month Update with pictures.

3 months December 1st!

Here's a long update since I'm always so short and sweet! Lol

I tried to get as many pictures as I can!
As you can see my breast are healing & dropping at a different rate. I've been trying to look up 3 month PO pictures on here. The pictures help me see how much they usually change and what to expect. I also want to incorprate new massages. So if you have any suggestions please let me know!! I'm not too nervous about it though, this recovery process has been a very easy one, thankfully! I do think because I am right handed, it's delaying the process just a little. I meet with my doctor on Friday but I wanted to update y'all since it has been 3 months!!! Time is moving!

My scars are great! I didn't use any scar gel or scar strips just plain ol' Vitamin E & Shea Oil. ( I do this as one of my massages).

Sometimes I do feel like I could of gone bigger when I wear clothes, but once I strip down, I feel like I could of gone smaller lol! But I'm so happy with my size! I think it was the perfect match. Especially for my body type.

I've been doing some light lifting. Truthfully I've been scared to work out. This is something I'm going to ask my doctor about on Friday. Running is still VERY weird for me, I think I need to get a better sports bra.

Speaking of bras, I've only bought two since my surgery! I'm like the opposite when it comes to shopping for bras. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! BUT last time I saw My doctor he told me to stay away from bras right now. ( another question I'm asking on Friday) ANDDD I'm waiting for a semi annual sale. :D I know I need to get resized but I'm not sure if I'll go bigger. The bra I have on in the picture is the " Sexy Tee Wireless Bra". By Victoria's Secret. I love this bra so much because it's super comfortable.

*Here's the link if you're interested.


As for my pictures, I most likely will not post a nude picture. Although I know this site is safe ( for the most part). I just do not feel comfortable posting a topless picture. But definitely not saying its bad. Trust me, I wouldn't of gotten the research I needed with out them. However, There are plenty of women on here that have amazing results that you can view if you have a problem with it but I just wanted to get that out if the way since I've gotten messages.

Again, my stats are:

Height: 5'3
Weight: 140lbs ( in the process of losing lol)
*Anna1989 is my motivation haha!

Surgery Date: Septemeber 1, 2015

Under the muscle
Inframammary (crease) incision.
475 CC Smooth shell. Round. High profile

Current Bra Size: 34D

Thank you again for all of your support. & im also glad I'm able to share my story!
Thank you for listening .. Or reading!

Happy holidays.

VS Sizing

Today I went to VS. I wanted to see what my size was since the last time I've been fitted was 1 month after my surgery. They measured me a 32DDD / 34DD. I didn't buy anything yet but of course I took pictures. I'm thinking about going back & buying the two. What do y'all think.. Too big?????

Hello .. Is anyone there ? 10 month update

Hello everyone,

My apologies for going MIA. You start getting used to these things ( boobs ) & you forget that you even had the surgery!

My friend just asked for progress photos and it dawned on me that I kept them all stored on here and then realized I haven't been on here in forever.

Sooo here I am. :)
I am 10 months post op!
I feel great. I love my size .. No boob greed over here. Gained a lot weight during the process so now Im on another journey of getting my weight down! Sometimes I have weird pains , when I do not wear bras so I have to remember to wear bras at night! I listed my bra sizes below!!!

VIctoria Secret : 34 DD or 32 DDD depending on bra
Sports bra: Small / Medium
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

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