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I have been working out now for almost 3 years...

I have been working out now for almost 3 years working hard on my legs to build up my booty and it has been working. But when I get my waist the size I want it my legs look to lean and hate wearing heals because I look to muscular. When I get my booty the size I like it my arms and stomach are to big... I tried waiste training with a corset that had metal bones it helped but only short term. I decided that I had done everything that I could do so decided to go with the BBL.

Got my blood work done

Went and got my blood work done at Global lab network and it was around $175 I was in and out in about 30 min didn't take long at all.

Before picture

Love my legs. Just want a super small waist and a little more booty.

Wish Pictures

I love this girl Danii Banks love her curves.

Dr. Smiths office

Perfect Massage

I just went and got an amazing massage. I figured since after surgery I will be laid up and I should go in to surgery with my body feeling great and everything in order I would go see Debbie I have gone to her for years I love her she is at Body Spa west here in Vegas it's amazing how you can really feel you tendons going back to where they belong and how "fixed" you feel after she has done working bet magical hands that can go deep when needed but not just so you feel like she is doing something she truely is a master and fixes bodies


Got all my prescriptions today for my surgery on Monday. Start taking some of them on Sunday night. They were about $115 with out insurance.

Anesthesiologist just called...

Getting more and more excited! The anesthesiologist just called to confirm my surgery time on Monday morning I will be there first surgery needing to be there at 8:15. The anesthesiologist was very helpful and gave me a few things to do before Monday. He wants me to take a few steam showers to clear my lungs also stay away from cigarette smoke and Dusty areas. He told me to make sure Monday morning I took one of my nausea pills with a little bit of water and I can also brush my teeth Monday morning before surgery. He reassured me that he was very experienced with over 20 years of experience and a clean safety record along with being board certified and working exclusively with Dr. Smith.

BBL dream/nightmare

I stayed up to late on RS last night I had to much on my mind I guess. I had a crazy dream/nightmare about my surgery day. It's kinda funny... I was there and that anesthesiologist was about to knock me out when I was still describing what I wanted to the doctor then I remember as I was about to fall asleep the anesthesiologist left and I was like wait I thought he was going to be here the whole time then somebody else came to watch me then I remember being awake while they were doing the procedure then waking up in recovery and being sitting down on my butt and was like oh my gosh why am I on my but then realize they only did light bill of my stomach it was such a weird dream lol I'll probably have more crazy dreams like this since I have 3 more sleeps till surgery time. Here are a few wish pics I love I found on some other RS profiles

It's really happening now!!

Waiting for the nurse to come in and start my iv. The room is nice and warm and I got all changed into my sexy outfit....

Night of surgery...

I just got up and did my walking. You have to get up and walk every two hours. I am also taking my pain pills like clock work. I went a peed finally after surgery I had a catheter which hurt like hell taking out when I went to the bathroom at home I just Peed in a cup instead of getting one of those sheweenies I really didn't think you would be the easiest to aim and a cup worked out great

Day After

This morning I went to the doctor here are some pictures.

Keeping track of medicine..

I wrote down all my medicines and label them with letters so I could keep track of them easier I wrote down the letters with how many times I needed to take it each day so I could check it off as I took it I think it really helped I also write down what time I milk my drains... If you have a hard time drinking water you could definitely also write down how much water you're drinking but I definitely drink a gallon a day.

Manual lymphatic drainage

I just had Gericho come to my house and he massages my neck and shoulders it was great!! I was able to stand by the stairs and he stood a few stairs up so he could massage my neck it was great. I am going to have him come back next week after I talk to Dr. Lane Smith to make sure it's ok I get a full body lymphatic drainage massage ... To help reduce swelling Gericho always gave me a great pointer dating celery and parsley juice are great for information definitely going to make some tomorrow ad a little apple and lemon should be really good!!

My Vagina...

O m gosh my vagina is so swollen!!! The nurse said it was normal it was probably going to be worse before it gets better it would also turn black and blue. I might post pictures but if you are curious just message me and I can email you the picture.

Chin chapped!!

My chin is so chapped I'm guessing just from laying on it so much . I have been using bag balm on which is helping. I love bag balm for anything chapped and moms can use it for diaper rash.

Picture update.

I haven't taken my garments off since my post op appointment the day after. But here are some pictures with my garments.

Emotional Morning

Yesterday morning was very emotional I woke up at 4am with killer knee pain my knees have really been bothering me when I lay down for some reason. I only had two pain pills left so after trying to get comfortable for about 15 and whining / crying I decided I would go ahead and take a pain pill then I was able to sleep for until 2pm which when I woke up that late I couldn't believe it. But I felt like something extremely heavy was just sitting on my lower back. It took me a few minutes to finally get up then for some reason emotions just took over and I cried. It really really sucks not being able to sleep in any other position then on your stomach. I had a massage today so tonight my knees haven't been bothering me as much as they were but it's still not easy to sleep.

I really haven't had many visitors one reason I just don't want to put on pants right now I just want to wear my garment. Tuesday after I go to the doctor and I am thinking they'll take out my drains maybe I'll have more people over since it will be easier to put on pants.

I feel like I'm in this weird state where I don't want to be alone but I only want to be around a select few of people and those people are busy and can't spend every moment with me which is life but sucks.

The first week is about over I am looking forward to going to the doctor Tuesday to see what he has to say and I am hoping I can get something that will help me sleep. Because being in pain and not sleeping but a little at a time isn't fun at all. Plus the pain not even really being from the surgery but from bot be able to lay on anything expect your stomach.

Feeling great!!!

Woke up this morning feeling great!! Just made he bed and about to shower.... Trying to get all of this tape off is not fun.... So I am doing a little and little at a time.... Can't wait to take everything off and take some pictures and see what's going on and feel clean!!

Before the garment goes back on

I took a few pictures before I put my garment back on it felt so weird not having my corset on I didn't want to spend too much time out of it.

Week post op

Loving how flat my stomach is looking!! He took over 2,000 ccs out of my stomach. The booty is looking good! Can't wait to watch it change over the next few weeks and months.

Healing right along.

Just started putting bacitracin zinc ointment on all of my incisions ... Washing my garment I feel so free just having my corset on I will probably wash it in a few days it just feels to weird to have it off right now. I am still trying to get all the sticky off my my booth from the bandage... But I am feeling really good just sleeping is so hard with having to be on my stomach it just kills my back. Going to sls the doctor about cutting out a lounge so I can set up ... But makes me nervous don't want to kill any fat on my hips of booty.

2 week post op

Feeling great!! Got a size smaller binder/corset. Got ready tonight to go out to dinner. My favorite spot! Gordan Ramsays inside the pairs... I always set at the bar just going to stand at the bar tonight ha ha ...

Just about healed...

I'm feeling great!! Been walking but making sure not to get my heart rate up it can cause bleeding in the lipo areas is what the doctor office said but was needed to be more active to hope to start getting better sleep.

Losing weight

Results are starting to show. I started dieting and it's really making the results pop!!

6 months later

I had my lipo touched up and I am loving my results I have lost about 10 pounds since surgery
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