Amazing Results! Buffed and Shined! Liposculpture and Fat Transfer to Buttocks - Las Vegas, NV

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I went to see Dr. Stephen W. Gordon after visiting...

I went to see Dr. Stephen W. Gordon after visiting his website ( , I had already seen a Dr. in Miami for the same procedure , I have had breast implants in the past and after my consult with the dr. I instantly knew he was the experienced dr I felt would give me the results i seeked. I didnt feel that when I had my consult for liposculpture in Miami , I decided to see Dr. Stephen Gordon and after his patient , experienced opinion throughout the consultation I instantly knew I wanted him to perform my surgery. My procedure lasted almost 5 hours , two weeks before the surgery date the dr. placed me on homeopathic vitamins to help minimize my swelling and ensure a speedy recover after surgery. when my surgery date arrived I was the last surgery scheduled for the day, hours flew by, before I knew it I was being drawn on and we were having very detailed discussion of exactly what I expected, even pointing out flaws I hadnt noticed that he would fix. The before photos were snapped, and at the time I thought they were for an album but when I stepped foot in the surgery room I realized they were hung near by, Once in the surgery room I was sponged all over by the assistants, and laid down face up, i dropped quite tears as the anesthelogists walked me through what i would feel next (very relaxed) and the assistants told me everything would be ok. Before I knew it I was dosing off to a very deep sleep (awesome feeling by the way ) , when I awoke I was face down (because after the liposuction the fat was transferred into my buttocks) , my mother was my caregiver and she had flown to Las Vegas just to care for me during recovery. When Dr. Gordon allowed her to see me , she fainted , he was so caring and catering to her that when I awoke she was laying in a recovery bed across from me ! LOL Well his staff was so kind, my Dr. and one of his nurses drove us both home because my mom was in no condition to drive. My Dr walked with me upstairs to my front door, assisted me in laying down , attention that you wouldnt believe! I had read online that he had made house visit to other patients but yet I was still surprised when he dropped by the next day! My mom had stopped fainting by now (she fainted a total of 3 times within 48 hours because she was so shocked at my swelling and bruising which I had been warned about before surgery). I was extremely swollen and bruised in areas, the pain wasn't unbearable, the pain killers gave me relief for 4 hours at a time, I had to sleep face down or on my side inorder to not put pressure on my newly sculpted butt. First 2 weeks were tough, at 8 weeks I was completely healed. I did not carry around those little balls that drain blood, instead I had a small drain that leaked onto gauze I would change every few hours, First 2 days i drained the most after that it was just drops. a week later the drains were out. 5 days after surgery I was walking around the condo. Every day the swelling subsided more and more, at first I was terrified that my butt was too big but just like he said everything was fine once the swelling was gone! My stomach never developed any bumps or uneveness like I had read online prior to my surgery from other patients that had their procedure done with other dr's , My waist shrunk so much, I am thrilled with my choice in dr. His staff is amazing and so helpful! Body Contouring was the name of the procedure. I had fat sucked out of my lower back, flanks, tummy, inner and outter thighs and put into my butt, I have nothing negative to say, Best Decision Ever! Thank You so much Dr!!!! It's everything I hoped it would be!



I was terribly unhappy with my troubled areas such as my saddle bags & my tummy that wouldnt flatten. I tried hiring a trainer 3 days a week and attending a high intesity cardio class 2 days a week to no satisfying result. I had a consultation with a Dr. in Miami & the Dr. seemed to rush through my consult & rush me through my questions as well. I have had breast enhancment in then past and when I met the Dr. who performed my surgery I just knew he was then one I needed to trust in, the same emotion I felt when I had my consult with Dr. Stephen Gordon years later . I came across Dr. Stephen gordon's website after searching through surgeouns on google. His 25 years experience and good reviews on his website interested me so much that I just had to schedule a consult! During my consult I was so happy that I had found the correct Dr. for my desired results! He took his time answering my questions and offered solutions to all my concerns..He seems so knoledgeful and patient throughout the consult. Soon thereafter I met one of his assistants Lory, she was so flexible with my financing needs, she went the extra miles to offer different options on how to find and fund my surgery. She helped make my surgery a reality! Two weeks before the surgery the Dr. gave me a kit of homeopathic vitamins to begin taking to help reduce swelling and bruising after my surgery. The morning of surgery finally arriived, the staff was so calming, minutes before my surgery the dr. was drawing what he referred to as his map on me ... drawing what he needed to see to sculpt me to a extremely happy patient that I am today! Shortly after that I was taking my before photos, minute later my IV was put in. The entire staff was great even the anesthesiologist, he was keeping me calm until i was fast asleep. I awoke with no pain, felt a bit week. My mother who had been awaiting in the waiting room fainted at the sight of me, the dr determined that was no condition for her to drive me home and had his assistant and himself drive us home and help me comfortably into my bed. I was amazed to find him making a house visit to follow up with how I was feeling! The attention to detail was overwhelming. He was in daily communication to find out about my progress during the recovery process. I couldnt have picked a better dr.! Months later I went for my after photos & WOW what a difference ! Ofcourse i had seen my own photos before but seeing them on huis high defenition proffessional photos was an Amazing and stunning sight! I tell everyone who compliments me about how i achieved this body. I haven such a tiny waist now, a flat tummy, thin thighs round sculpted buttocks! I couldnt be happier! Body countouring is only as good as the dr you choose! be sure to choose the right doctor! Dr. Stephen Gordon


a satisifed patient with life changing and lasting results!

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