33 Years Old, and Getting All on 4 in Vegas

Petrified, book my appointment this morning with...

Petrified, book my appointment this morning with Dr. Golpa in Vegas. I have a curious mix of scared and excited. I have had terrible teeth all my life and I have reached the end of the line and it was this or dentures and I was having a horrible time wrapping my head around the idea of dentures at 33. Anyone who has had this done please let me know your experience!

I did it

Today at 7am as my appointment, I just back back to my hotel and I have to say I am full of hope after seeing her xamples and meeting the staff and Dr Golpa. I have some mild discomfort on my bottom bridge but the top feels pretty great all things considerd. I will be excited to see my teeth tomorrow

3 Days post and back home

I am swollen and look a bit like a who from whoville with jowls that compare to my boxer dogs lol but they are feeling pretty good. I am excited for the swelling to start coming down so I can get a real good feel for how they look. I also developed a bruise on my chin and under my top lip. Overall still no real pain though

8 days post

Well most of my swelling has resolved although I have a very tight feeling under my nose on my top lip and on both sides of my chin. Overall I am pretty happy with the way everything is looking. I have to admit this whole procedure so far has been pretty painless. Today was the first time I successfully flossed under my bridges although I have been using the waterpik pretty effectively I thought, the floss was pretty tricky I believe due to swelling on my gums until today. Eating is coming along pretty nicely basically anything I can cut with a fork for the first 6 weeks. I due have some tenderness when I open my mouth wide but I really think that is just the stretching on sore gums and bones. I realized I had several pieces of stitches falling out today when I was doing my cleaning routine so that seems to be happening right on schedule. The pretty dark purple/blue bruise I developed on the right side of my chin is slowly clearing. I have had some trouble with a lisp so really hoping that starts working itself out soon, I am trying to talk out loud alot to get in the extra practice before I return to work. Will post another update soon

8 days post

Wanted to include a new picture

1 month post

Well tomorrow marks 1 month since my all on 4. Overall things are pretty good. I have some gapping starting to form already between my gums and top bridge with creates bubbles and that's super irritating because it makes the bubble sound sometimes when I am talking and that's pretty awkward when I sit face to face and talk to strangers every day at work so I am hoping to get that sorted out sooner rather than later. I still haven't really tried to eat anything that wasn't soft, I am paranoid of over stressing my implants too soon. I still have some stiffness happening in the upper lip/under nose area and a very small amount in the front of my chin, although much better than before, the stiffness just started relaxing in the last week. I am really beginning to feel like an old pro when it comes to waterpik'ing and flossing now! I admit though the cleaning is a little more awkward and bothersome than I anticipated, for instance my husband took me out to dinner and then wanted to go to a movie but I insisted I had to go straight home and clean my teeth instead :( Maybe I am over doing it but I worry about leaving anything on them for any length of time....anyone have any experience here?? I do have very high remarks for Dr. Golpa so far because the teeth look very nice and I have never felt any real pain. The office staff is very nice I have to admit though I have called their office on a few occasions with questions and they were supposed to ask the doctor and get back to me and I eventually have to call them back 3 or 4 days later and they appear to have totally forgotten me which is frustrating for the kind of money you hand over having all this done.
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