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I'm 30 yrs old 5'3 130 lbs, lots of stretch marks...

I'm 30 yrs old 5'3 130 lbs, lots of stretch marks goes above my belly, lose skin, lost 70lbs. Getting a full tt w lipo of flanks and mr. My surgery is on May 27 weds at 10a and my pre op is on the 15th Fri. Been working out cardio everyday eating healthy then I'd lose a couple lbs then on weekends for my cheat days we'd go out and eat and if I ate carbs I'd gain back everything I lost lol so frustrating, been doing it for months and I don't really care anymore, I'll still work out but if I gain a lb or two I won't let it get to me. Trying to reach a goal of 120 lbs but I probably won't get there unless I literally just starve myself. Anyway just sick and tired waking up everyday looking at my sad ugly looking tummy, tired of wearing undies and pants that I either have to tuck in or goes over. I just want to be able to look down w a flat tummy, no stretch marks or hanging skin and be able to see my vaginal lol which I haven't seen while standing up and so as my belly button I haven't seen for 13yrs. I feel so ugly and insecure taking off my shirt in front of my husband. I don't feel sexy at all, I feel like he'll get turn off by him feeling my rough and lose hanging tummy even though he says it's fine. I just want to feel normal. I feel bad spending so much money just coz I Want to make my tummy look better when my husband says we could use it on other important things, it's one reason why I held back numerous times but years after years I just can't take it anymore. I am so scared of the surgery and just want to make it out alive wake up safe and come home to my kids. Second concern is I'm praying all the money spent and risking my life, being helpless and having my husband take off work to care for me and our 2 kids that my results would be all worth it and last is pain and recovery. I've seen many results more good and some unlucky with bad outcomes which is really scary. Hoping I get a cute bb and low scar. I had a BA with another Dr but I went around as I wasn't happy with him, my other Dr. Made it seem like it's my fault, raised his voice during 3 visits and left me crying. Made me regret getting a ba. Anyways I've seen 3 other Drs. I've chosen Dr Stiles because he seems really kind and friendly, very warm. His staffs are all smiles and friendly as well especially Destiny she is so kind and has so much patience. I've called her numerous times and texts her even after hours always happy to respond. Very Beautiful office. I am hoping that Dr stiles stays kind and friendly through and even after my surgery as I'm planning on getting other surgeries in the future as long as everything goes smooth. It's so hard to find the Right Dr who you will not only give so much of your savings but your life and your results so I will put all my trust and faith in God and Dr Stiles. I have only told my husband, children, parents and siblings as I didn't really want to tell anyone. People tend to not understand and just judge you anyway. I will post updated pics closer to my surgery and and treatment day and or after.

Day of surgery

Came in I wasn't scared or nervous don't know why but I guess that's good. Nurse, anesthesiologist and Dr. Stiles was really all friendly and kind threw in some jokes maybe that's why I wasn't too nervous I was comfortable with them. They put me in a gown, socks, and covered me in a warm blanket, put in the IV then the anesthesiologist put some thing on the IV , they wheeled me in the OR saod a few more jokes and I was out. I don't even remember how I got home and or how I made it upstairs, so basically woke up with no pain:) they 1st and few days I slept alot but still woke up every 3 hours to walk around and use the restroom. Every time I took meds my family and I would watch a movie but then I would keep dozing off lol. Day 5 I ran out of meds for muscle spasms and then I was feeling a lot more discomfort, tightness, some burning and my muscles tightening, it was a Lil painful more uncomfortable but it was tolerable. My back was sooooo painful from hunchING over and when I try to stand a little straight feels like my tummy will pop. Honestly the pain isn't as bad as u thought. I guess the younger the fitter you are, you should be fine. I did workout almost everyday for 40 mins so that helped. Today marks 6 days went to my ps everything looked great, took out and stitch or staple on my back from lipo and one one drain and removed 1 of the drains, it stung a bit. I asked for meds for muscle spasms and I just took one right now hopefully I feel a little better and for pain I'm just taking Tylenol. I will update next week when I can take a shower and bcoz I still haven't seen my tummy. I will also take pics then.

Day of surgery

2 weeks post op

Removed my 2nd drain and got my staples or stitches on my bb. Bb didn't hurt but the drain stung a bit. I finally will be able to shower today and see my tummy for the first time. When I saw it was a little depressed, I still have quite a lot of stretch marks left. Since I know I had bad stretch marks from the beginning, I just want a nice Flat tummy and a cute bb and that the lipo of the flanks will improve my love handles without the muffin top. I'm feeling way better since my drains are gone and finally getting to shower after 14 days ugh I felt so gross. Also starting to walk almost straight so the bad back pain from hunchING went away about 70%. Also I was 127lbs right before surgery and a few days I checked, was so shocked to find out I put 9lbs. I know most is from fluid and pain meds. 2 weeks later I checked my weight and down to 126. Thank goodness. Now my only concern is from day of surgery up to 2 weeks I've never seen my tummy so can't compare but from 2 weeks which is 3 days now is my swelling. My swelling is so huge, my Dr said everything was fine at 2 was post op and all the weight will wear off but I've seen alot of reviews and so many of you have nice results at 2 days 5 days or 7 days w no or minimum swelling. I look like Barney, swollen from my incision up to my bb, it's like I'm a balloon or have a watermelon inside me. Pls let me know if that's normal and that the swelling will subside day by day or should I be alarmed that it's probably seroma.? I'll post pics of me at 2 weeks. Day 14, 15 and 16. I am a little less swollen when I first wake up but the rest of the day for the last 3 days I'm huge lower half of my belly all the way around to my back since I had lipo. I will say the first 2 weeks were hell overall and now it gets easier. Thanks

3 weeks now updated pics

I'm bow 3 weeks and 2 days out. I was really bummed first 17 days as I see girls who wake up flat and I've been swollen like a watermelon inside the bottom half of my tummy, it's been really a slow motion healing w the swelling for me. And now even though the swelling is going down slowly. I had Never woken up one morning being totally flat and I'm not sure if we are suppose to be flat in the morning. At 3 weeks I can finally fit my jeans and had so far drop a size down and I know I'll drop another size bcoz I'm still swelling on my lower half as you can see in yhe pics. It's very frustrating when u stand I still can't see me vag and when I sit I still have like that belly where I can't see my private part. I don't know if im just a really slow healer or of this is my outcome from my surgery and this is the best as it gets. I'm seeing my Dr next week for a month postop. I don't know what happens then but maybe if it's seroma he can drain it out and I can be flatter as even though I lost some skin fat and lbs I still have a lower belly which shows when I wear fitted clothes like in tights or dresses you can see the swollen lower belly. Does anyone know how it feels to get the seroma drained, of its painful and all and how long it takes. Alot of girls look good and flat so fast and here I am going on a month and I'm still not flat from incision to belly. Im happy even though I still have half of my stretch marks but as long as Im flat. I know its still a little early to tell so I have some hope. Hopefully this is just swelling that will all go away and if its seroma it can be fixed. I'll update next week after my 4 wKS postop. Speedy recovery to all and wishing us all great results.

forget to update on how I am feeling

At around day 17 I started sleeping on my bed on my side. First 2 nights was a little hard turning still tight moved amd turned very gently and now I'm feeling more myself. I did try to have sexy time w my husband. I'm glad I did the first time we were both gentle as we were scared to hurt myself but it wasn't bad and the following nights gets better and easier. I also have more sensitivity and sensational down there so I guess the lift was such a great help. I'm doing almost everything at home and been going out but haven't done any workout besides walking, can't wait to start again. I've lost 4lbs total since from day b4 surgery and dripped a size down in jeans even though there's still a time in a day where I'd eat something sweet or something fried. Anyways that's about it.

1 month postop

Today marks 4 weeks. I know I am flatter 1st thing in the morning and biggest at the end of day but so far I've never woke up or had a flat day. I went to my 1 month checkup today. Dr Stiles is always so kind and friendly so as his lovely nurse and the girls up front. I wish I had him for my last 2 surgeries but I now where to go to for any cosmetic surgery. Anyways I went in today Dr. Stiles told me he will put a needle to drain the seroma which will help me flatten faster tried to drain my seroma but nothing came. Said I should flatten in time and he told me at 2 months or 3 if I still had it and had fats or something like that he will do the lipo in the office awake and so I shouldn't worry, that's a plus so nice of him but I hope I will flatten out nicely on my own. I fit my jeans but it just irritating when I sit and it's like I still have that lower belly not so much when I stand but again I'll just have to be more patience. I can start doing all workouts expect for any ab exercises. Here are some pics I took today at 1month postop. No big changes really but definitely feeling more and more of myself. I'm about 90% standing straight.

I need tips on scar therapy

I just need help with choosing the best scar tapes or scar gels. I've seen a lot but need advice from you girls which is actually helping you guys. Thanks

6 wKS update

Not much difference, still have pooch from incision to bb, swelling looks like its going but down very slowly. I stopped wearing my cg 2 days ago felt weird but it's ok I didn't swell bad without it. There will still be times my lipo of flanks would burn or sore and same with my tummy when I sit or get up from lying down or sitting sometimes I will get the tightness, soreness and burning but it's not bad. I am still patiently waiting to see Flat. I drank last weekend and I paid for that and blew up for 3 days. I started zumba at 4 wKS was a Little hard at first coz everything is still tight got got better day by day. I'm planning to start on T25. Hopefully it doesn't hurt my tt.

8 weeks update

I'll be 8 weeks tmrw. I've been so unhappy and been so patient but tmrw makes me 8 weeks. I've never been flat, morning I will be less swollen but my lower bulge/pooch never goes away. It's not bad in pics but up close I look pregnant on my lower belly. No more saggy extra skin but it's so unflattering, its huge and swollen feels weird that I feel like im just touching fat meat from the meat section or something. makes me sad and I keep thinking if all this was was worth it. Is it normal that I still feel burning and sorness on my flanks where I had lipo everything I get up from sitting or lying down and I still get tightness on my tummy. One concern I have is when I sneeze or cough it still hurts like how it was in the beginning, I know that pain went away probably after a month and I threw up a few times around 6 or 7 weeks. I don't know if it's from that. I don't see my ps till 8/4 another 2 weeks. Hopefully I get answers and that this gets fix. I'll post pics of today and it's taken in the morning, you'll see that the swelling on the bottom or bulge is always there no matter what time of day, gets worse at night

4 months update

Haven't updated for a while but I've been doing cardio and eating clean but my lower pooch just won't go away or go down. I don't look bad w clothes on and even without but when I'm in a fitted dress it shows a belly pooch and when I sit I still have that lower belly or fold. I'm happy but I just want to be flat. My last visit when I had told my Dr. My concern he talked about doing lower tummy lipo and it will make me flat so during that 1 month. I did T25 for 3 weeks and I had dropped 5lbs got more tone but again that lower pooch didn't Wana go away. So finally today I just did my lipo, was a scary feeling since I'm awake and was pretty scared of feeling pain. Took about 45 Mins but the lipo itself was literally like 7 mins. There was some slight pain but I took it like a man lol. Dr said I will be happy. I already am happy w my results but now I can't wait till the I see my final outcome. I love Dr. Stile he's sweet kind and real. Nicest staff and remarkably beautiful place. Wish I would've met him b4 I did my other surgeries. Anyways my meds are kicking in and I'm getting drowsy now. Here are my pics you'll see I look good w clothes and that I didn't need lipo but it only annoys me when I try to wear something fitting and it shows and when I sit. I'll update in a week I don't even know what I'm thinking or saying right now lol

23 weeks

I'm finally flat took a while. I was pretty impatient bcoz of other people who are flat right away or within a minth or so I was swollen for a long time, swelling took up to 5 months to go away now I'm finally flat. I still got stretch marks but way better than before my tt. It's an amazing feeling to have a flat stomach, no more extra saggy skin hanging or my flab over lapping my panties, no more side buldge in jeans either. Wish I could've done this sooner but no regrets at all. I'm happy w my decision and my results and I'm happy with the doctor I chose Dr. Frank Stile. He always been sweet kind and friendly throughout everything. Best Dr, friendly staff and a amazing beautiful Office .

comparison b4 and after

Just a comparison of b4 tt and after at 5 1/2 months postop. Not perfect, wish I had all my stretch marks gone but I knew mine was bad to begin with so I happy I'm w my results and that I'm finally flat. Also I am at 118lbs now.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

DR Stiles was very kind friendly and warm. His office if Beautiful and his staffs are all friendly and always smiling, shows how much they love their job

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