23 Y/o, 5'10, 160lbs, 500cc, Silicone, Submuscular, Moderate Plus Breast Augmentation. Las Vegas, NV

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I am finally writing a review 10 days post-op. I...

I am finally writing a review 10 days post-op. I have been reviewing posts on real-self for about 3 months while I was debating on getting breast implants. Hopefully my review will be as helpful as others were to me ;)

23 y/o, 5'10, 160lbs, initially a 34B, 525cc/475cc, Moderate high profile, under the muscle, inframammary incision,
DOCTOR: Lane Smith

I currently live in Las Vegas and chose Lane Smith to do my procedure. Honestly, he was the first and only doctor I made a consultation with after countless hours of research. When he made me feel very comfortable during my consultation, I was confident in my choice. Dr. Smith has his own surgical center/team on site and the total cost included everything (pre/post op appointments, a surgical bra, anesthesia, ect) except my prescriptions (which costed about $10 each with my insurance).
I applied for an alphaeon credit card because there is a 0% interest rate if the balance is paid off within a year of the purchase. I have never had a credit card, I only have a car payment, and was instantly approved for $4500.
I went into my consultation on 12/23/15 very open minded. I realized no matter how many pictures I looked at or how many reviews I read, every body is built differently. It was very hard for me, a non-expert, to decide how many cc's were right for the look I was trying to achieve considering my height, weight, the width of my chest, ect. I went into my consultation a size 34B and I explained that I was getting implants because I wanted to achieve cleavage and fullness using the smallest amount of cc's (even after everything I read about eventual boob greed and post-op concerns of not going big enough, I was very confident in my decision because I do workout a lot) the nurse recommended 500cc. Although it was hard to truly imagine what the implant would look and feel like INSIDE my body, it seemed large so I tried 450cc which was a bit more comfortable.
When I met with Dr. Smith he explained his medical background and answered almost every question before I even had the chance to ask (making me feel confident about his experience.) He suggested a high or moderate profile.
I put down $1000 deposit and scheduled my procedure for 1/26/16 (the soonest available appointment which was 4 weeks out).
I did A LOT more research between my initial consultation and my pre-op. I literally lost sleep because I could not decide what size I wanted to go.
I went to my pre-op where I resized and felt confident that I wanted to go no larger than 500cc. I paid the remaining balance of $5200 and started prepping for surgery. I was told the anesthesiologist, Dr. Crowley, would call me the weekend before my surgery to let me know what time I would need to arrive.
On the day of surgery, I waited for a call from the office to confirm my check in time which ended up being around 2:30pm. I took a pill for nausea as instructed, headed over to the office, checked in, and was taken into the prep room where the nurse started an IV. Dr. Smith came in and took before pictures. I told him of my expectations one last time. I told him I wanted to go no larger than 500cc in my smaller breast unless he thought it was necessary to do so considering he was the expert.
I went into the room where I was going to have surgery and the next thing I knew I woke up with a full chest. 525cc right and 475cc left.
I decided to take 10 days off from work because I am I waitress.

I will write another review about what I have experienced since surgery with more pictures also ????

All of the staff was WONDERFUL throughout my experience so far. All of the girls I have dealt with at the office are down to earth and very nice. Dr. Smith and Dr. Crowley both made me feel valued as an individual instead of making me feel as though I was just another patient. I am new to the area, but when I mention his name I hear nothing but good things and will continue to recommend him to others!


THE DAY OF SURGERY: my breasts felt very tight and the right breast felt more painful, swollen, and numb than the left (bigger implant on right side and I am right handed). I took my antibiotic, Valium, and hydrocodone as prescribed because I was in a lot of pain with a lot of tightness (i lift weights and I stopped working my chest and back muscles about 2 weeks prior to surgery in hopes of loosening the muscles if possible.) I slept propped up on the part of the couch that has the extended leg room.

POST-OP DAY 1: I visited Dr. Smith's office for my first post op check up. The nurse examined my breasts and said everything looked good.
This was the first time I looked at my breasts without the bra and i felt mixed emotions. My first thought was that they looked very big for what I wanted but I reminded myself of the swelling. Also, my nipples and incisions did not look crazy so I felt better lol.
The nurse said I would not have to massage my breasts for the first 7 days, I would need to wear my surgical bra 24/7 until my 7 day post op visit.

POST-OP DAYS 2-7: I rested a lot during these days, sleeping on the couch at a 45 degree angle. I continued the medication regularly and drank lots of water and Gatorade. I used ice which helped with the pain a little. My breasts were very tight and I felt the air pockets in both sides. I also experienced tightness and a sharp pain in my right side from my nipple to my back when I stretched or moved a certain way. Both breasts felt hard and numb, worse in some areas than others. I had my hair washed in the kitchen sink and I sat in the tub and sponge bathed so I could keep the incisions dry. Honestly, I was too afraid to take my surgical bra off by myself during the first week because of how painful and sensitive my breasts felt so I worked around it. Everyday got easier but overall everything felt un-natural. I was very emotional during these days due to a lack of sleep, the medication, and the constant unfamiliar pain I was experiencing.

POST-OP DAY 8: Today I had my appointment with Dr. Smith. I went into the room and the nurse removed my surgical bra, the surgical tape, and 1 stitch from each incision. As she was applying the ointment to my scars, I felt the dissolvable stitches under the skin. This made me feel nauseous. I then got up to look at my breasts for the 2nd time since surgery. They looked very big and I honestly felt like I was going to pass out lmao. She had me sit down and she brought me a wet towel and apple juice. EMBARRASSING but I was in so much pain I honestly couldn't care much at that point lol.
When Dr. Smith came in, I addressed my concerns with the right breast. I expressed that there was a sharp pain, the breast felt more swollen, and it felt very numb and uncomfortable. He gave me a simple explanation of his technique during surgery and told me since my right side was more dominate the muscle on this side was tighter and with the larger implant in this side it made sense to me and eased my mind.
He instructed me to massage my breasts 1 time a day for 30 seconds. Also, wear a supportive bra during the day and he gave me a clip to tighten my surgical bra which the nurse suggested I wear to sleep.
He said the breasts were sitting high as desired and said that I was off to a near perfect start.
I headed to Walmart for a cheap bra. I had nooo direction as to what side I needed. After trial and error I think I needed a 34DD but I settled for a wirefree 36D and put the band on the tightest hooks because thats all I could find ????. This bra was very snug but I assume it is supposed to be to create the support I need? ( I never had this problems because I barely had boobs so I am LOST).

POST-OP DAY 9-11: I massage my breasts first thing in the morning. They are so tight, numb, and sensitive that I kinda dread having to do it but as soon as I'm done they do feel a little looser.
I don't know if it's because of the size of the implant or if it's the amount of muscle I had in my chest but I feel very tight still. Also numb in certain areas along with pressure idek how to explain it anymore Lol. The nurse had told me that my nerves were stretched and assured me that everything would go back to normal but it feels so weird to me.
I have been struggling with the bra thing. I keep adjusting myself because I don't know how much support is enough, maybe I am overthinking this too much. I have been applying bacitracin ointment to my incisions about 3 times a day. I still feel the dissolvable stitches underneath the skin it's gross. I started trying to sleep on my back but it seems the way I had been sleeping was more comfortable and I knew I wasn't going to accidentally roll over so I'm still doin that.
My boobs still look really big to me but everybody else says they look proportionate to my body. They look even bigger without a bra on. Maybe it's because I'm not used to seeing boobs on my body. I am actually slowly starting to adjust to the size and I figure maybe it's better that they're a little large right now, after they drop and the swelling goes down I am hoping they look perfect.

So it is currently Day 11 post-op and from here on out I will keep updates more frequently. I'm open to questions or advice so please feel free!
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

All of the staff was WONDERFUL throughout my entire experience. All of the girls I have dealt with at the office are down to earth and very nice. Dr. Smith and Dr. Crowley both made me feel valued as an individual instead of making me feel as though I was just another patient. I am new to the area, but when I mention his name I hear nothing but good things and will continue to recommend him to others!

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