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I had liposuction on my lower abs and flanks after...

I had liposuction on my lower abs and flanks after having two kids. I'm 27 years old and worked out 5 xs a week but couldnt stand my love handles! They just would not go away so I had the procedure done April 2010 and what a HUGE difference. Not too bad with pain, swelling on myself lasted forever even to the day of my revision because I did not leak the fluids for too long after the procedure. Anyhow, I WAS happy my results until I noticed an indentation on my lower right back side. I also had some fluid retention or swelling on the top of my butt cheeks for some reason even though that part was not lipo. So I waited te 6months until my revision and I am exactly 1 week out after my revision...I REGRET THIS!! I just wanted the indentation fixed so the doc grafted fat into that area however seems like he missed the hole and injected the fat above it and now I still have the hole, even more visible and another above it with a ball of fat in between (what he injected). It looks terrible! I look deformed.

keep in mind that my doc is actually a good doctor but apparently just not for revisions. So he saw me today a week after the revision, and says there is no way he grafted the fat to the wrong area but there can always be a possibility that the fat migrated slightly above the hole. BS! I thought. Anyhow, he said I have to wait and be patient until most of the swelling goes down. if i look like this right now I dont even want to imagine what i'll look like in 3 months or so. I'm very disappointed and feel I should've never had the revision done. I will not do this again (revision) if I stay with indentations...I just cant anymore. I'm too afraid of another mess up and tired of wearing this darn garmet.

NOTE: I massaged throughout the whole 6 months prior to revision and now again after the revision. I'm just lucky my abs turned out good....


A lot of my swelling has gone down so soon but the...

A lot of my swelling has gone down so soon but the indentation is still here. Luckily, the ball of fat has gone down as well but its also still here. I'm hoping the ball of fat can just completely disappear but obviously the indentation will not. I dont know whether to get another revision in 2 or 3 months or just leave the "hole" alone. Either way I'm still disappointed because I look worse than before. :(

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My doc is a good doc and very nice person but this huge mistake makes me doubt in him so I have mixed feelings about him now.

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