25 Years Old I'm a Dancer with a Great Body but I'm Ready to Be Even Better - Las Vegas, NV

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So I'm getting liposuction on my tummy and back...

So I'm getting liposuction on my tummy and back I'm getting my waist sucked in and I already work out 4 days a week so I have some abs but Dr.Richards will be adding more abs in.. I know I will be swollen for sometime but at the end it will be worth it .. My goal is to take it off and keep it off Im ready for my journey . Definitely will be staying in the gym and eating healthy is the key

13 mores days until my big day !!!

alright everyone I have 13 more days till my surgery ahhhh I'm so excited !!!!

Ahh 13 more days till my big day !!!

ok everyone 13 more days it's almost time .. I'm definitely nervous but not as much as I thought I would be ..

Tomorrow is my Pre-Op

Omg tomorrow is the pew-op and that's when it will hit me this is for real . I'm so excited but for now here's some more pictures till then

Ok 2 more days

Ok now I'm really nervous cause I have 2 days till my surgery ... Wish me luck

Today is the big day !!! I also have a surprise

Today is finally here my big day !!! Surgery day yayyyy.. So I'm ready to get my liposculputure but heres the big sunrise I'm also gettin my nose done .... In about 1 hour I will be leaving to the surgery center. !!! See yall soon

Time to do this

Here we go about to go.in wish me luck

Omg freaking God I'm hurting

First day pain is a bitch ... Thank God for my family to help me up and down ... All bandaged up like a Christmas tree ... Going to see my doctor in a few hours today see the out come so far ... Thank you to everyone that follows me .. This was 100% worth it

Here's a pic

Couldn't really stand up was on pain and dizzy

4 days after my Surgery !!!!

Felt weird to shower doesn't even feel like I'm in my own skin !!!! But can really see changes and it's only been 4 days ... My right side is having a tingly slight burning shockwave party of its own that apparently the rest of my body isn't invited to !!!! I'm glad it's all on one side lol !!! Other then that I feel amazing only literally 4 days after surgery !!!

8 days in post op

8 days in and no more pain!!!! I'm still tingly like no other and numb but hey they got one thing right beauty is pain ... And then you get pain killers lol joking haven't taken any pain killers in about 3 days now .. I'm so happy everything is coming along just wonderfully ... But I'm still waiting to get my Brazilian wax !!! That's the only thing bugging me about right now lol

Here's my 3 week update

Still super swollen in about a week and half I will be only 50% swollen .. I can't wait till the swelling goes all down

Here's the pictures for 3 week update

Sorry they didn't post with the first review

2 month and still shrinking

I'm so happy its been 2 months now and I'm loving my body

Hey thought I'd share after all these months

Well I'm still a little swollen but thought everyone would like to see my new body

I thought Dr.Richards was great very confident in his work and that's one thing I like he's the 7 doctor I have seen and he is the one I set my surgery date with so I'm very happy with my choice .. He's very easy to talk to he explains everything very well he's about his patients not like most the doctors

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