34 Yrs Old. Too Much Eyelid Skin. I Want to Look and Feel Awake and Refreshed. Las Vegas, NV

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Even with Urban Decay eye primer (and many others)...

Even with Urban Decay eye primer (and many others) my eye makeup creases and it's hard to see my actual lid. My eyes look tired and I end up wrinkling my forehead to raise my brows to look awake which results in more fine lines. I am only 34 and thought I was way too young to consider this procedure. I have reviewed many photos on realself.com and consulted with Dr. Richards as well as posting questions on realself.com. I have found that it is actually very normal for people in their 30s you get this procedure. Dawn at Dr Richards office has been in the business for many years and explained how simple the procedure actually is and that I will be very happy with the results. She made me feel more comfortable in getting it done sooner rather than later. She explained the recovery process and it is much easier than I thought and I will be able to reap the benefits for many years right now rather than waiting 10 or 20 years in the future.

Surgery in 2 days: Here's some pics I took with my camera and lighting in my studio

I've added a diagram of different eyes. I've been so frustrated with my makeup creasing and I've finally understood why. I had no idea my eye's were "hooded" and there are specific makeup techniques to complement hooded eyes. Unfortunately it's pretty limited compared to "normal" eyes and defiantly NO shimmers. Yeah it sucks and I'm SO excited to have a more normal eyelid. I'm excited to look more awake and refreshed and be able to do many more things with my makeup!

As you can see from the photos that my hood comes all the way down to my eyelashes. The creasing is still present even with my eyes completely shut. I've uploaded makeup issues with hooded eyes as well.

I'm really nervous because I'll be awake during the procedure. I know I'll be disoriented with the meds, but still scary. I have also not found any reviews on YouTube or Realself from caucasian women in their 30's. All I have found are young asian ladies and older caucasian people in their 60's. The asian’s eyes are VERY swollen and tight after surgery and I'm really nervous. I know they usually have no crease to begin with so I'm hoping that mine is not that bad of a recovery. The assistant at Dr Richard’s office said as long as I can sit at a desk that I'll be able to go back to work the next day if I need to. That is definitely not the case with the asian eye’s I saw on Youtube.

Dr Richard’s has done my rhinoplasty and breast aug and I’m trusting his practice and knowledge on recovery (but I’m still nervous! lol).

1 day post (pics wouldn't upload yesterday)

Day of surgery:
This MUCH MUCH more simple than I thought! I was really nervous based on the asian's I saw I YouTube.

The surgery was a breeze. I took the 3 pills 45 min before I went In and was loopy by the time I got there at 8am. They did not use gas or anything to "put me out." He used a topical numbing agent before injecting me (well that's what they told me at my appointment. I was too "happy" to really know exactly what happened lol). I only felt the sting of the numbing needle 1x on each side and it was even LESS painful than a dentist.

I was awake the whole time and it actually wasn't weird or bad. It's like being at the eye doctor and they are switching the lenses checking your eyesight. Its not at all painful and actually very relaxing.

I went home and slept elevated and with frozen pea's on my eyes until 5. Then I took a Norco before any pain set in, then got Sushi and went to bed about 10 then woke up without my alarm to go to work. Yay!

1 day post:
...I woke up without my alarm to go to work. I only took Ibuprofen all day and felt great! I didn't ice at work but didn't feel throbbing or swollen so I forgot. I can't believe that I look pretty much normal! I wore my glasses all day and only my step daughter asked if I did a design on my eyes. She's a makeup artist so I knew she'd see something was up lol! We all went out for dinner after work and then went home to chill. I slept elevated on 4 pillows for the second night and frozen peas on my eyes. My husband and I woke up at 4:45am and couldn't sleep so we've been up since. I think we just slept too much. On to day 2!...

1 day post video

I cannot believe I'm back to work the next day! The recovery is MUCH easier and faster than I expected!

Stitches come out tomorrow

Surgery was Thursday and today is Monday so I'm 4 days post. I've been icing at night when I go to bed and taking it easy. I did do a very light ride on the stationary bike today for 30 min and felt no throbbing (yay!). So far it's only uncomfortable when I don't have ibuprofen to stop the itching from healing. I've been rinsing with water (pat dry) and using Neosporin. I have also been taking arnica pills and putting arnica gel under my eyes for bruising. Both eyelids and bruised and I have one black eye. I get the stitches out tomorrow!

5 days post: Stitches out!

It felt like plucking your eyebrows. Not bad! They said it will all level out. The lumpy puckering is from the healing around the stitches but that will go away.

Looking better everyday

Still pretty bruised but the bumps are going down

It's Friday! 8 days post

8 days Post

Makeup! Woo hoo!

I finally got to do my eye makeup! I used some color corrector concealer to try to hide the bruising but it's still there a bit. The bumps are smoothing out even more. I also started massaging my incisions yesterday to smooth them out as they heal.

Makeup! Woo hoo!

I finally got to do my eye makeup! I used some color corrector concealer to try to hide the bruising but it's still there a bit. The bumps are smoothing out even more. I also started massaging my incisions yesterday to smooth them out as they heal.

I LOVE the results!!!!

My makeup doesn't crease and I look awake!

No makeup

After: no makeup

Dr Richards is always amazing. He's done several procedures for me and I love his work.

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