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I am 33 yrs old, 5' 10", 163 lbs and have...

I am 33 yrs old, 5' 10", 163 lbs and have 36 GG's. I am pretty "frank", so continue reading at your own risk...

My boobs have been such a part of my life. I was teased for being president of the "itty bitty titty" committee through out jr high and only bought a bra b/c everyone else has one. My freshman year, I went back to school with a budding success.... somewhere over the next few years, they didn't stop! I LOVE them! & I HATE them too!

If I have one more person say, "why do you want to give up your best asset"... I am pretty sure, they might get my fist in the face! ;)

I live in Las Vegas where people get boobs by the dozen! Why in the WORLD would I want to have less, when mine are "so perfect"... (I hate that question too!!)

Last night I received an email from a childhood friend. Her 15 yr old daughter wants to have a reduction and she asked me why & what is my take... this is what I had to say about my own situation:

Honestly, my decision was a fluke... I never even thought about it, then one day I thought F@CK THIS! I can never find clothes that flatter me, it is hard to purchase ANYTHING, they make me feel heavier than what I perceive myself, etc. I want to buy a bra off the normal rack at normal stores at normal prices, I want to buy a bikini that doesn't gross everyone out for a normal price. I want people to see ME instead of my boobs.... I swear Boobs & me go hand in hand. I get so sick of people saying "why would you get rid of your best asset?"... Ummm... EFF YOU!!!

Add to the fact of medical issues.... back ache, neck ache (omg - halter tops are THE worse!!! & are also EVERY bikini top I own), migraines, the divets in my shoulders, etc. I see my moms divets and she has like 2 solid inches of grooves on her shoulders at her age from her bra straps.... I don't want that... nor do I wan old lady cone boobs!

I have had my 2 children... I have nursed them - their natural God given talent.... I am a GG, so there will hopefully still be plenty left over! That is my fear.... that they will take too much and I will be left with my "mom belly" and look pregnant! But I want a better self esteem and I want to be more than just a set of tits! So we will see...

I almost felt like I owed her therapy money after typing that...

My surgery is a month away and I look forward to being awake after surgery... My looking pregnant after fear is nothing compared to my fear of something going wrong! I pray for a smooth surgery & look forward to enjoying life with my 3 yr old & 7 yr old soon after!

*Adding 2 photos of "before"... a.k.a....

*Adding 2 photos of "before"... a.k.a. NOW ;)

Also realized my 1st post was "shortened/edited"... LOL My insurance is paying for the surgery, I just have my copay. Which further proved to me that I NEED this procedure!

As I was out this morning with my daughter, I...

As I was out this morning with my daughter, I realized I use my boobs for my purse sometimes! LOL B/c they are so "plentiful", I can hide things like my phone in there and you'd never know it!

I also realize that I love my boobs while naked. They really are nice! ;) I hope I will appreciate the updated ones like I do the "original" ones...

Have I mentioned I am ready for this to be done yet? LOL

I hate when I lose a post to cyber world!...

I hate when I lose a post to cyber world! =(

Is there anything anyone WISHES they WOULD have done before surgery? I am pretty sure I am doing a photo shoot of my hooters! ;) I have TONS of photos of them, so I might as well give them ONE LAST HORRAH! ;) As I am my husband... his bday is 4 days before surgery... so that is my gift to him! LOL

Just found out my co pay is only $77 instead of $250! YIPPY DAMN SKIPPY! =)

23 days and counting!!!! I am getting more and...

23 days and counting!!!! I am getting more and more excited!!!! I watched an 8 minute video clip on youtube last night. It was fascinating to see. Sort of amped up my excitement!!!!

I keep seeing my "ideal" size.... I work in a casino, so I don't want to randomly ask people... "excuse me? What size are you boobs?" Not sure security would understand my asking! ;)

In 2 more days I will not be allowed to take my beloved excedrin or imitrex. I am hoping the next three weeks, the migraine fairy will stay at bay.... I am also hoping mother nature will not show up the day of my surgery! AUGH! Can you imagine? I was set to start DAY of! Thankfully I was 3 days late this week... never been so happy to be late in my life! ;)

Starting to get even more people asking WHY WHY WHY? I am half tempted to link this page to my FB acct, so I can just direct them to this.... "mind your own effing business!". One sweet lady told me, she thought I was a D or something b/c I hide them so well.... Not sure wether to take that as a compliment or a back handed compliment! ;)

My back has been killing me today and my shoulder grooves are diggin' in. Just further confirmation that I am doing the right thing for ME!

OMG! 18 days and counting!!!!!!!!! I started...

OMG! 18 days and counting!!!!!!!!!

I started this journey on a fluke back in Feb.... I can't believe it is only 2.5 wks away!!!!

There is so much I want to do in 18 days.... You know, like lose 10 lbs, paint my house, clean out my garage, etc! LOL

I seriously just want everything in its place so I can rest at ease after the procedure... but lets be honest... I have two little kids, so there is no rest! ;)

18 days...... 18 days..... 18 days.... Astonishing!

Down to 10 days!!! And thinking...

Down to 10 days!!! And thinking WTF?????????????

This is normal thinking, right????

Time is getting closer and closer and CLOSER!!!...

Time is getting closer and closer and CLOSER!!! Last night was my last night to work.... I am off for one month now unless I need longer. I am officially making my "get this done before surgery" list! EEK!

I have ONE week now!!!!!!! =)

Holy crap!!! The day is here!!!!!! Pls keep my...

Holy crap!!! The day is here!!!!!! Pls keep my family and me in ur prayers!!!!! Starting to get nervous!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'll...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'll proper post tomorrow!

So yesterday was my surgery and I SERIOUSLY can...

So yesterday was my surgery and I SERIOUSLY can NOT express how EASY it was!!!! I left with ZERO pain and grogginess (sp?). Today & yesterday for that matter, I feel normal. The only pain I have is where the tubes are.... and that is only like someone is digging a spoon into my ribs.

The only downside has been sleeping in the recliner.... I am a belly sleeper... so this sucks! My left side was a little sore this morning but it was b/c I woke up several times though out the night with my arm behind my head!

My swelling is almost done *I think! I have been an ice goddess! ;) They look MUCH worse than they feel. My photos are on my phone, I'll see if I can upload them.... but again... look MUCH worse than they feel!

soooooooooooooo happy I did this! Words can NOT express!!!!

Already feel the weight off my shoulders!!! =)

Just added a ton of photos on here! It looks MUCH...

Just added a ton of photos on here! It looks MUCH worse than what it feels! It is crazy!!!!

Day 4 post op.... feels completely normal!!! From...

Day 4 post op.... feels completely normal!!! From time to time I'll get the nerve "vibrating/tingling" feeling... and on my left side, at the bottom, it feels like someone is pinching my skin from the inside... not sure if it is the way it was stitched or what??? Steri strips are finally wearing off thanks to showers.... One nipple/aeriola (sp??) is stitched CRAZY!!!! OMG, I can't help but laugh and hope it heals as normal as possible!!!! I am still wearing gauze pads b/c I get the TINIEST bit of "ooze/secretion" from my incisions (not an infection, just like if you pick a scab type of stuff).... plus I am worried how my numbed nips will handle friction against a bra??? Speaking of bras.... AUGH! When I am naked - the girls look TOTALLY different.... when I am dressed... They look the same from my view up above... my mom and cousin both said they look smaller to them, and in a few photos from today, they also look smaller... but they are still BIG! I hope that once all of the swelling goes down, they are perfect. We shall see!!! I am adding a few more photos.... I notice the difference each day, but I am sure the average person doesn't! STILL LOVING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

6 days post op... finally got some tenderness in...

6 days post op... finally got some tenderness in ONE side! LOL I seriously have had NO PAIN, so I was happy to have some sort of feeling! LOL But even then, NO BIGGIE type of pain... more like hormonal pms type of tenderness! I'LL TAKE IT!!! ;) All steri strips have been removed. I go back on Friday for one more follow up, then I think I am good for 3 months???

Just adding a photo from yesterday... no more...

Just adding a photo from yesterday... no more steri strips! Today I have a feeling only moms will get.... it feels like a "let down".... the oddest feeling! About to take a shower with my new girls and no more tape! Can't wait to actually live life normally.... I have a 3 yr old that loves to be held and that has been one of the hardest parts!!!!! The NO lifting!!!!

.... forgot to add.... I am still not sure he...

.... forgot to add.... I am still not sure he removed enough.... right at ONE pound.... which is about 1/2 of what he originally quoted. I am glad he didn't take the full 2 lbs, but 1 just doesn't seem like enough. =/

I tried on some older DD's last night and they fit! =( I was hoping to be a c/d... I also tried on some older bikinis and the XL from Targets are still too small. I was hoping to be able to buy off the normal rack... but looks like my rack maybe still too big!!! I know I still have some swelling left, but not much. Plus my photos show they are pretty big still.... *sigh*

10 days post op - Yesterday I went for a follow up...

10 days post op - Yesterday I went for a follow up. I had a teeny tiny spot that looked like it was starting to seperate on one side. He put some steri strips on and called it a day. I think that was more for my benefit than it actually "needing" them, but still, I'll take it! Peace of mind!!! It was smaller than a line of floss where it was "seperated" and about 1/5 of an inch in length.

I have had a low grade fever for close to a week.... but I also started my period and have been fighting allergies and migraines all week too. He did give me an antibotic for a few days just to be on the safe side. There is a SMALL red spot around one of my nipples, but he said that is part of the healing process & not an infection. One breast is a little more tender than the other (almost like hormonal PMS tenderness). He said he didn't think I have an infection inside, but to be on the safe side - antibotics.... which I am fine with! Again - peace of mind!

Today I am going to try to go braless! LOL The joys of being big busted downsized!!!! But while I still have the firmness, might as well enjoy it... right???

Alright my darling dears.... 12 days post op and...

Alright my darling dears.... 12 days post op and the stitches are starting to poke out around my nipples...aka arieolas (sp?) to be "technical". I tried to use tweezers to gently remove... um ... yeah.... they don't want to budge. They are plasticy.... and I swear I thought they would come out with a little "help".... I remember someone saying something about their stitches poking out, but I don't remember what they said to do??? Anyone???? Buehler? ;)

Day 13 1/2 here.... Finally decided to put...

day 13 1/2 here.... Finally decided to put Neosporin all around and on my incisions.... living in the desert it is DRY DRY DRY!!! I have some pretty dried out scabs that i don't want to scar up. So I figured Neosporin would "moisturize" and "help" in more ways than one. Watch me get told differently! HA!

Adding a new photo of just one side to show my progress on the healing... I go on Friday for a follow up.

Starting to "hurt".... and by hurt, I mean... GET FEELING in my boobs! LOL It is such a weird sensation. I didn't realize how "numb" they have been until I actually FELT twinges of oddness... hard to explain unless you have been there, I guess.... they don't hurt, but they do have the tiniest bit of soreness.... mainly around the incisions.... still no pain pills... AT ALL.... that simply amazes me! =)

Btw, I know we have discussed this before, but...

Btw, I know we have discussed this before, but can't remember where... What is the best post "wear what ud like" bra to get? I got the all clear on underwires too! Thanks girls!!!

Well... tomorrow is my one month post op and my...

Well... tomorrow is my one month post op and my present is.... returning to work! BLAH! LOL Funny b/c I could have returned to work an hour after my operation that is how normal I felt! ;)

Last night I did go in to work (fine dining steakhouse) for dinner. I couldn't help but laugh b/c co workers were asking if I had been dieting or if I had "more" done than just my boobs.... When they asked if I lost any weight, my response was YES!!! A WHOLE pound of my boobs!!!! ;) It is amazing how big boobs makes you look THAT MUCH BIGGER!

My boobs are "softening" and starting to "drop" just a little. So no more porn star tits for me! ;) My new bras aren't digging in to my shoulders - THANK GOD!!! I can run up the stairs without holding on to them, I can walk with my shoulders back and proud, it truly is a GREAT feeling!

And an added bonus.... MEDIUM shirts instead of XL!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, some shirts obviously vary, but a MEDIUM????? NEVER ever EVER would have happened before!

I'll try to add some photos soon. They really haven't changed too much over the past week or two.

OH!!! One more thing.... I haven't had a knock.me.down.drag.out.migraine. yet either!!! =) DOUBLE TRIPLE BONUS!!!! ;)

I just realized ALL my photos are gone??????...

I just realized ALL my photos are gone?????? WTF?????????????

Well... 2 months out. LOVE THE BOOBS! ;) One...

well... 2 months out. LOVE THE BOOBS! ;)

One nipple is totally numb still, the other one is slowly regaining feeling. For some reason, my husband finds this hilarious and messes with me while sleeping.... He has been smacked more than once! ;)

Scars are still red, but they don't bother me in the LEAST! I am always slow to heal and scar easily, so I knew that would be par for the course.

Life is totally normal other wise and it makes me happy to say, I don't miss my girls!!! =) I have had 2 SUPER BRIEF moments when I have seen a GREAT natural rack and thought "DAMN! Those were like mine!!!" and the feeling of nostalgic lasts for maybe 30 seconds.... I quickly remember the pain, the weight, the XL shirts, the shoulder dents, etc and I am all smiles with my choice again!!!!!

I am probably still measuring at a DD and still have "big boobs"... but they are SO much smaller than before. I am tall and curvy and they fit my body. People that know me, compliment on how nice I look and how "proportionate" I look now. I have also been asked if he did any lipo while there b/c I look THAT much skinnier... back handed compliment, but I'll take it! ;) .... People that dont' know me, still say I have big boobs... and they can't believe that I had a reduction... b/c ... you know... i HAVE to tell them! ;)

When someone talks to me about them, I always am quick to put my hands on them while talking! I can't help but laugh.... like when you are pregnant, you talk about your baby and your hands go to your belly.... that sort of thing! ;)

My 2 issues since the surgery? RANDOM THINGS!!!

1 - something in my body EXPLODED during surgery.... as in allergies... that lay deep in my body.... never any issues until surgery. My eyes got SUPER swollen, red, itchy, scaley, watery, dry, etc. I have been diagnosed with angioedemia and contact dermatitis. For 2 months, I have been battling this and it SUCKS! I have undergone all sorts of allergy tests and they can't pin point it. It could or could NOT be surgery related, but it happened the week of my surgery.... great times! ;) Steriods are my friend! LOL (already off them, but they were the only thing that worked!!!) Still fighting it, but such is life! ... again, could or could not be surgery related, but my allergist thinks it was dormant in my body and something with the surgery set it off.... who knows???

2nd issue - I think I have scar tissue..... Last Sunday, almost 2 months to the day of my surgery.... I woke up realizing my left lower rib hurt.... thought maybe I slept wrong? On Tuesday, it still hurt, got to looking and I had a "ripple".... decided to go to Urgent Care.... who sent me to the ER to rule out a blood clot. The ER dr diagnosed me with a cracked rib and inflamed cartilage..... but the "ripple" starts at the base of my boob where my incision ends and "ripples" down into my abs... (well... where my "abs" should be). I am self diagnosing myself with scar tissue.... I have an appt with my PS this week, so hopefully I'll have some answers soon. B/c don't you think I'd realize if I cracked a friggin rib????????? =/ I never took the first pain pill with my surgery... and have yet to do so with this issue, but I think it hurts worse than my surgery did!!!!

See??? RANDOM! ;)

Still worth everything I have gone through....

Also wanted to add, my g/f that was questioning this b/c her teenager wanted it done... happy to report she had her surgery this week and is doing GREAT!!!! =)

Think that is all... I am going to see if I can get some of my photos back up! .... just did... can't remember what all I had up before, but I did add some... and I can't remember what days these were from, but think it was close to what I put! ;)

It has been a little over seven months now. Still...

It has been a little over seven months now. Still SO IN LOVE!!!! :) my "cracked rib" issue was just lymphatic cording. Totally normal, just odd. My size is right at 36 dd. my scars are fading nicely. My sensation is almost completely normal on one side and about 60% on the other side. I'm fine with that. They both "go on" if u know what I mean! ;)

I am amazed at the number of random strangers I have talked to about this. So many of them have this site now to check out. I appreciate this site and information and support more than words could express.

Thanks to you all!!!


Adding the 8 month photos... you can see my scars...

adding the 8 month photos... you can see my scars pretty well in these. Right side is a little more tender than the left at "that time of the month", but MUCH less than pre op for sure during PMS!!!!!!

Don't go back to the dr until one year mark! YAY

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Just a lil 4 yr follow up

Been almost 4 years. I have gained about 10 lbs, so the belly looks different, but the boobs stay the same. ;) They are more sensative with pms, but that could be my age too. 37 now.... still beyond thankful I did this. Wouldn't change it for the world! !!!!! I go braless QUITE a bit. Couldn't do that before! :) my scars are pretty big, but they don't bother me in the least!
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Can't rave enough about Dr. Resto!!!! Love Lori in his office and all of his surgical staff as well! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!! Only complaint - he is a Michigan fan! LOL Seriously though, I LOVE the experience I have had!!! A friend in the industry said that his "bed side manner" was horrible, but I don't know WHERE she got that from? He has always been SUPER polite, patient and professional. I never feel rushed, he always answers my questions, makes me feel welcomed and always a top priority. I have referred him out to numerous people already. Honestly can NOT sing enough praises about my experience with him & his office.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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