24, One Child, 5'9, 145lbs, Las Vegas, NV

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Been going through this process for about 3 months...

Been going through this process for about 3 months. I just had my pre op today and am feeling very nervous and doubtful. I didn't get to meet with my surgeon only the nurse. Honestly she was extremely cold and it made me not want to ask questions. I paid in full already but want to see my doctor again before surgery in two weeks.

I tried 485 hp inspira implants but was worried that was too big and was thinking of doing 397 moderate plus profile. When retrying the implants there was hardly any difference in them. One stuck out a little further. 1.4 centimeters. I'm really confused and not feeling confident about my decision. Any advice?

Before and some wish

Just some before pics and some wish pics. These are embarrassing to put up ????

Met with new surgeon today

I met with a new surgeon today and he really addressed all my concerns. Told me I would not end up with a significant gap(yay!) and also made me feel much better about the size I want to go with. Still slightly undecided but I'm not afraid to go with 485 or 520 cc inspiras.

His staff was SO accommodating. I wasn't able to make my appointment so I was going to cancel and they said it was ok to bring my son (didn't have a babysitter) they can get me in next week same day my original surgery was scheduled AND since I'll be giving up $300 non refundable fee from my original surgeon, the finance lady took off $300 from my price. They just seemed like they really wanted my business (unlike my original surgeon). They all stressed to ask as many questions as I wanted and that the main goal was that I was comfortable and confident in my decision. So it looks like I'll be changing surgeons! Honestly I think they would both do a good job but I'd rather give my money to someone who actually gives me the time of day.

Try on

I believe these are the 520cc inspira that I tried on over my shirt

Previous surgeon called.

I asked for a refund from my previous surgery. The surgeon called me personally and asked what happened and was a little upset that I had a bad experience. He encouraged me to go where I feel comfortable. I feel kind of bad to have to tell him that his nurse made me doubt the whole procedure when I could have just called to make another appointment with him to speak with him. I really do like this new doctor and think that with either doctor I would achieve a great result.
It's really crazy how one person and one interaction can change your whole perspective. My original surgeon seems like a really nice man so I feel sort of bad for doing this but...idk. I'm really nice so I feel like people should reciprocate my energy. Especially if I'm giving them $6k. Haha. I hope the nurse doesn't get into trouble though :/ maybe she was just having a bad day but she majorly killed my vibe.

Two days away

I am so nervous. I went to try on my size again. I'm getting 485 hp inspira. I really don't want to be too big. When looking at bras at the store I just can't picture myself being in a D or DD size bra. It just seems so big! Am I being silly? I really like how the sizer looks and I know they will be a bit smaller when they're inside me. Is it Norma to feel this much doubt?

Surgery done

Lots of pressure. Back hurts like crazy.
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