So worth it! Pre B cup-> 550CC mentor silicone memory gel HP inframammary incision - Las Cruces, NM

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Im 24. A medically retired military police officer...

Im 24. A medically retired military police officer. Retired at 24! I know shocking huh? But it wasnt my choice. I wish to still be serving, I had so many goals I wanted achieve within the ranks of the Army. I deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months, where my life changed. The one person I trusted.. the one person who told my parents HE would bring me home safely, destroyed my life. I am a rape and assault victim. --The military found me unfit for any job and booted me out the door. Prior to the assault, I struggled with my weight but managed to keep it on an even level. After the assault I let go- I gained the 34 (plus more) pounds back that I had lost. My body didnt feel nor look right. I met the man of my dreams, and found the joys of working out. Im at a healthy inshape 143! But my breasts just arent the same. They used to be perky-young looking. Through the stress and weight loss, they have started to sag and deflate.

Oh sorry for my novel! I do not have kids, My husband and I are unsure right now if we want any. Ive saved my deployment money and now will have them paid off during my preop on April 22nd!

Im not even sure what size my breasts are. Looking at all the reviews, it appears I fall into the "B" area, but I tend to wear a 34 double 2inch padded C cup. Where I still wiggle. I want to feel confident in my own skin. I want husband to be able to touch my breasts and me not feel so insecure!
Surgery is set for May 7th.. Nervous, Anxious and ready to have a Whole new me.. Both body and breasts for my husbands return from deployment.

Today was my preop appointment! I paid them off...

Today was my preop appointment! I paid them off today!

I was able to ask all the questions I had wrote...

I was able to ask all the questions I had wrote out. Which basically related to working out. Im also taking fish oil and borage oil supplements. I can take the fish oil up to the surgery day but have to stop the borage oil 1 week prior, as it does call blood clotting. I was asked during my consult that If I went ahead with the preop appt to find other women who were similiar to me and had implants to a size I was wanting. I brought in 4 pictures which were D to DD in size ( what appeared to me) Full round lucious boobies!
He was very happy to see that I knew what I wanted, and jokingly said need a bigger implant. His laughter really put me at ease. We were looking at 450CC ( silicone mentors) during consult. He remeasured me and I was at 13cm, so I could fit a 550CC. Hes a surgeon who doesnt like the implants peeking out and being seen from behind so that was great to hear. I dont want overly done or gaudy looking breast. But I dont mind the round looking ones.

ive been looking at other women whove implanted 550CC and some look very very good, and others look like to much, some look to small. I hate not knowing, what itll do to me, but I trust my doctors decision, going based off the pictures I showed him. I havent done the sizers and was urged not to do the rice sizers as it will only confuse me more. So my breast are in my surgeons hands.

May 7th seems so dang far away! But Ive had alot of stuff happen this week, that will keep my occupied. I have to drive to Iowa from Texas for my cousins funeral :( ( Air Force Veteran) who took his own life this week. very unexpected to see such a young soul be taken away...

With a new change to my lifestyle "diet" Ive lost 5 lbs this week, so Im really excited that I can drop another 5-8 lbs before surgery. Im currently 5'6'' and 139. I started my weight loss journey in February at 161. So whole new body, breasts and mind for the husbands return home.

4 days and a wakeup.. This surgery hasnt been on...

4 days and a wakeup.. This surgery hasnt been on my mind at all.. :( I got back from my cousins funeral a few days ago, and think that is why. The air national guard came down and did a military ceremony.. As a veteran myself.. it touched my heart. It was very beautiful.

I can not believe my surgery is so close. My "friend" who was suppose to fly down decided to tell me last minute she had made other plans. Im so thankful I have friends here! Shes so eager to have "sleep over" even if I sleep the entire time. lol

Ive been taking multivitiamins, fish oil and other workout supplements still. I was told to stop taking my borage oil on the 1st as it can cause blood clots.
I still have to buy a wedge pillow.. and pickup my last prescription tomorrow-- Then grocery shop the day before to have fresh fruits.

Got to talk to my husband the other day, and he for a second made me want to second guess me doing this surgery. He was very worried that Id be flaunting off my chest, and getting attention of other men... It was a nice time for me to reassure him why I WAS doing this.. and how much I loved him.
Anywho, Today I got around to youtube videos to watch womens journeys.. and decided to start my own Video blog. I will attach it below

Video Blog

Video Blog

Tomorrow is the day! Had a rough week with the...

Tomorrow is the day! Had a rough week with the loss of 5 soldiers from Ft Bliss who were serving in Afghanistan. My prayers are with their families at this time.

--As suggested I bought a body pillow, and feel it will be alot better than the wedge or bedrest pillow. I also got my entire house cleaned, grocery shopped and prepped some food. Im still trying to finish off as much water as I can within the next 2 hours, and then sleep.

Have to be at the surgery clinic at 10:15 and surgery is at 11:15. :)

Wish me luck!

Went into surgery at 11:15 and got out around...

Went into surgery at 11:15 and got out around 12:15. I woke up in recovery crying because the pain was overwhelming. They gave me some pain meds and the pain slowly disolved. I was wide awake and asking my nurse all about her surgeries :) she didnt mind. I sat up and stood just find without any nausea or dizziness. Got wheeling out the car. The seatbelt was a little rough and the 30 mile drive was a bit rough with pumps. My pain was coming back once I got home. I took a valium as soon as I woke up from Operating room and then took a Vicodin when i got home. My pain was gone! Just some pressure. I wasnt tired, but ended up taking a 20 minute nap. Was able to eat applesauce and some lettuce ham wraps.. The implants are very high but that was ok knowing they will drop, but hopefully not to much! :)

Post Op Day 1 :) Couldnt sleep but 20 minutes...

Post Op Day 1 :) Couldnt sleep but 20 minutes after surgery. Then passed out at 1 am, woke at 3am because of pain. Took Vicodin and went back to bed. Woke at 8. I was able to shower fine i think because of the constant stretching of my arms/chest the day of surgery. My friend and I left the house to go shopping and get me to walking around. I was getting a very heavy pain in my breasts, she gave me a valium and we left. Came home and hour later and had to take a vicodin to ease the pain. Now about to nap Here are some more pictures in the same swimsuit before Gosh i cant wait to start massaging! Next Post Op appt is this Friday the 10th of May 2013

I tried to ween myself off the prescriptions.....

I tried to ween myself off the prescriptions.. Like taking Vicodin not as much as bottle recommends, and I STRONGLY urge women not to do that. I was in soo much pain.. and my breasts were very very hot! I just took a valium and Vicodin an hour apart but no more pain, just discomfort as it feels my implant is in my armpit. Anyone know when it leaves your armpit area?

Removed my steri strips today :) No more pain as a...

Removed my steri strips today :) No more pain as a few days ago, just a fullness/pressure type of feeling.
Sometimes swollen if I exert to much.

Stopped wearing the post op bra, and wear a skinfully bra SO comfortable.
I do weekly youtube videos so you can follow me there if youd like ( )

My next appt isnt until end of May when I learn to start massaging.

Been updating on Youtube.. Left side is taking its time to drop..

:) If you want to see weekly progress Im doing videos on Youtube

So far, I just had my 3 week post op Appt. I am clear to workout at my own limitations.
I am clear to wear any bras I want.
I bought a 34DD online for $5 bucks, because I measured myself.. Knowing I was still fuller uptop.. I fill out the bottom perfectly, but my boobs are pouring out.. so now I think Im either a triple D or E?!
Someone please fill me in. :)

Ive noticed numbess on the bottom side of my breast, doc says its normal with all the nerves and the larger implant.

Left implant is still quite high.. Learned to massage today and taking FULL advantage of it.
Other than that, excited to be wearing real bras! and back to working out

1 month post op today

Finally find a decent bra.. I know once the implants are dropped it will no longer fit because I fill the cups out completly, BUT I needed something more supportive. Im a 34DD, but may be larger once the implants drop fully.

My left side has dropped a bit more slightly, but its still uneven to my right. After seeing pictures in the swimsuit, I noticed my right side still has to drop some too.. Grr all boob at the bottom still.
Ive been massaging both the implants and my scar tissue with Vitamin E, and using silicone scar strips. Slowly disappearing.

That vein/muscle thing i had on my left scar area showed up on my right breast but is now gone from massaging. The left side only shows if I reach and stretch over my head, but doc said itll go away with massage.

Heres a few updated pictures..
Las Cruces Plastic Surgeon

I had a consultation during my "2 week break" from deployment back in 2011. The doctor was in Minnesota-- He was nice but seemed a bit to eager to want to Liposuction my mid section when I just asked about it-- Only have 1 1/2-2 inches of fat in my belly button. My mom used him, but I wasnt ready to commit. After researching PS in El Paso area, I had only heard horror stories about some of the surgeons botch jobs, and being so close to the border enstilled more fear into if I should wait to do this. I found out about Dr. Martin on here. A few of the womens reviews really made me want to book a consult with him. I was very intimidated by him when we met. Maybe he was just having a bad day.. Or maybe my insecurities about my breasts and body and showing them to some guy (who I knew was a PS) but it was hard for me to do. Very informative. April 22- He was so cheery today! And was so informative. Very helpful to all my questions. He really put my anxiety at ease.

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