Breast Augmentation Before and After Natrelle 550 silicone

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I have been using this site for a while now, and...

I have been using this site for a while now, and all of you ladies and your stories have helped me soooo much. I have wanted to have this surgery since I was 12!! When I was growing up my best friend at the time and I made a promise to each other way way back in middle school to get breast implants if our boobs never developed. Well neither of us did and she ended up getting her boobs done years ago. I have been pretty nervous about the whole thing, but finally I am ready to get what I want!! Woooohoo! My boyfriend tried to talk me out of it back in November but he totally supports my decision. I think he just wanted to make sure I thought about it thoroughly, and made a good choice. I love that man!! Sooo yea I am a pretty hollow 34/36 A/B (depending), 5'5, and 138lbs currently. I really want to see an increase to a full 34/36 D. I believe I will be getting Allergan's Natelle 410 silicone cohesive gel implants, but I am not sure what cc I will end up with. I want anatomically shaped implants for sure, maybe high profile, not totally sure yet.. Any suggestions!?

Pre-op with Dr. Scot Martin

So I went to my pre op appointment today, and it looks as though I am going with a 550cc round silicone cohesive gel implant by natrelle. I am hoping to end up as a 34/36 D, but a DD would be great. The doctor said that I would get the best results with the round cohesive gel silicone instead of the form stable "gummy bear" implants as I do not have a lot of tissue to start with. I am getting very excited!! I am however feeling super nervous and my older sister really started freaking me out. She said I should not ever do silicone and may end up with an autoimmune issue because of the toxicity from the silicone. I am pretty lost on this as the saline implants also use a silicone casing. Does anyone have any information on this? Or does anyone have any experience getting autoimmune issues after getting silicone implants? Anything you have to say to ease my fears would be great!
Thanks, I'll update ya'll tomorrow with post op photos and stories!!

Ultra High Profile

Does anyone have experience with the ultra high profile silocone gel implants? My doc recommended a 550 cc uhp and I'm worried they will be too big... I want to go from a 34/36 A to a 34/36 D ideally :) and the big day is tomorrow!! I can't wait for 11 o'clock to get here already!!

Day of: Time to get me some :) boobies!

Ok.. Alright ladies.. I'm officially in the waiting room. I am so excited, and sooo ready for this part to be over with!! It's hard to imagine waking up with big beautiful boobies!! Dr. Martin is such a gentlemen and really knows what he is talking about. I am sure the results will prove it :) I'll see you ladies in a few hours. Muah! Good luck to all of you having your surgeries today!

I did it!! Boobie bliss!!

Wow my boobies hurt!! But nothing I can't handle :) here are a few photos. Oh and Dr. Martin is the best boob man ever!!! Love that man!! And I can not thank my best friend Amanda near enough. She showed up with fresh green juice from the local juice bar, and water. I can't tell you how thirsty you will be, that's something that you will just have to experience for your self :) she seriously was my angel today! I'll post more photos in a few days.

Day after!

So I am in very little pain. I woke up with a little stiffness but after I got up I felt great. I am taking the Vicodin and that helps. Really though they feel great! And Dr. Martin says they are looking great. I have no bruises, and the incisions are very small. Dr. Martin is a boob master :)

1 week post

Sorry for not updating for a while, I've been really busy with my classes. They are moving along nicely and I have been in very little pain. I wish they would drop already. And I really hope they get bigger cause they still look smashed or pressed down. Sorry that a couple of the photos came out upside down :/ but I've been off pain meds for ive five days and I finished my antibiotics yesterday. Does anyone know if they will get bigger?

Two weeks post tomorrow

So I have been wishing and praying and hoping these babies would drop already and I think the process is finally happening. I am experiencing pain and stiffness in the mornings for sure. And my right Breast seems to hurt overall more. The side nearest my armpit is very sore on the right breast. I assume it is normal. And think the pain must be from them dropping and my muscles and skin stretching and relaxing. I hope this process is speedy :) at least for me. No photos for now but soon!!
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