41 Year Old, Infertility Probable Cause High Prolactin Due to Cc Implant and Internal Peri Nipple Scars. Larkspur, CA

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I hope I can correct this before it is too late. ...

I hope I can correct this before it is too late. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 4 and a half years. After recently seeing a fertility doctor to help investigate it turns out my high prolactin levels could be causing my body to give off the signal I am breast feeding. Ever since my implantation surgery I have had milk discharge from my nipples when they were pressed. The original surgeon was aware of this and didn't seem too horrified (as I was). I was seeing him because one breast (RHS) after 2 weeks of implanting was showing signs of being higher and capsular contracture. He recommended a drug called accolade and to massage the problem breast. He told me the other breast was fine and I could leave it alone. I had chosen 350cc saline implants below the muscle with a Peri nipple incision. The original surgeon pioneered this method to eliminate any scaring. Just a tiny line 4mm was visible on the very teat of the nipple. I did not have any drains put in either after the surgery. I think this was a bad mistake to choose this surgeon. He over filled the implants without any mention prior to surgery with and extra 20% so my implants were then 420 not 350. The end result was very artificial looking and there wasn't movement either. The side with the original CC did recover but the other side ended up with really bad CC which I didn't notice until about another year. I just tried to hide my breasts and would not allow anyone to touch them either. I felt very ashamed with what I had done, my breasts looked way better before the surgery. About a year later I plucked up the courage and arranged to talk to the original surgeon and see if he could help. He only offered to remove the capsules and replace the implant with an extra piece of material that he had engineered to help prevent CC forming again this would cost $10K. The original surgery was about $6K. I felt upset that I would need more surgery and more expense. It wasn't until I found this site I started considering the option of having my implants removed totally. Thank you to all the women who posted their photos and stories on here. Once I was diagnosed with hyper prolactin I then began looking into getting the implants removed ASAP. Fortunately my surgery was covered 90% by my insurance if I went with a doctor in my network. I found Dr Mohebali who gave me a consultation and scheduled the surgery very quickly. Initially he was skeptical about implants causing the high prolactin levels and suggested I see an endocrinologist to check for a brain tumors which can cause this also. But after seeing what my breasts looked like he agreed to remove them ASAP. He warned me I would be left with excess skin but I told him this is fine by me as long as I can fix my prolactin levels and have a baby. I did have a pregnancy when I was first married 3 years earlier but I had a miscarriage sadly after just two months. I really hope I will not be too late now to have a baby of my own.

8 Days Post Op and feeling much more comfortable

The drains came out yesterday and I had permission to shower today. No longer on any painkillers either. The Norco was good for a couple of days but then I puked, felt dizzy and had bad constipation. I switched over to paracetamol, I would recommend not switching immediately. To gradually reduce the heavy narcotics then add in the paracetamol because they don't interact.
The drains were necessary and perhaps if I had them originally with the breast implant placement surgery I would not have had such a high chance of capsular contracture.
Anyway, my breasts feel much happier now. The one with the least CC scar tissue is starting to be less inverted and looking more like I remember it. Plus I really enjoy feeling them jiggle and move. With the implants they never moved?!
I do my best thinking in the shower and decided if I catch myself feeling guilty, sad or disappointed in myself. For what I did to my breasts and my fertility, I will turn it around and see it as a reminder to love myself more.
The pictures don't really do my breasts justice, they feel so much better and I like how they move.
My husband, family, friends and co-workers have all be very encouraging and it has helped me to share with them what I am going through. I went back to work after two days but only worked half days. Avoiding heavy lifting (for 6 weeks) and following all instructions about not lifting arms above my head (for 2 weeks). I would not recommend work in or driving when on heavy narcotic pain killing drugs. They definitely impaired my judgement and memory.

11 Days Post Op and vast improvements.

I was given clearance to sleep in bed without wearing a sports bra if I wanted to. I have been able to do this for two nights and it is very liberating. I love feeling comfortable in my own body again. The pain is pretty much minimal now and I am still being careful with arm movements and not lifting anything heavy. But already my breasts feel better than they did with implants. I wish I had realized this surgery was possible before and that it was covered 90% by my health insurance. I had my post operative follow-up with Dr Mohebali two days ago and he was happy with my healing progress. It is reassuring to know everything is looking good. Plus I found out he removed a ball of scar tissue from behind my left nipple. This wasn't connected to the capsule. I believe it was this hard scar that was irritating my nipple internally causing the hyper prolactin and the galactorrhoea. I am excited to get a blood test when I am healed up to find out if the prolactin blood level has reduced down to a normal level, I have already noticed an improvement in my sex drive since removing the drains and the sports bra. I can only envisage this will continue as I heal and am better able to feel a closer connection to my husband without a hard implants creating a barrier! I feel very optimistic about trying for a baby again and enjoying life and the special time I do share with my husband.

Photo from 16 days post op.

Sorry for the delay in updating. Now my life is getting back to normal I forget to post. It is so nice to be able to shower again and since it has been over 3 weeks since surgery I can now move my arms normally (above my head if I want to, no restrictions). I still need to avoid lifting anything heavy, until 2 more weeks time. The pain is pretty minimal now, although my breast tissue is still recovering and the incision scars. I have to be careful with what bra I wear not to squash the incisions. I have been using a scar removal and body firming lotion day and night. It feels nice to massage them and to feel movement. Having the hard implants for 10 years was a big mistake. Looking forward to working out and yoga and taking better care of myself from now onwards. I have enjoyed going shopping and buying clothes that fit my new streamlined physique and not feeling limited by an artificial shape. I hope anyone considering having implant removal gains more confidence to do it by reading my review. It is scary more from a psychological prospective to go from large breasts back to small, for me I was highly motivated to correct infertility and I was prepared to accept however they ended up looking and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. I hope everyone else who goes through this has a nice surprise too. Good luck!

Prolactin now normal!

The implant removal surgery has corrected the high prolactin issue. Such a relief, not only do I feel better physically but mentally too. Living life with regret everyday due to hard ugly implants is sad, then to find out they may have caused infertility is heart breaking too. My husband and I are going to give IUI a try then IVF. Let's hope we are able to create our own family if not we will try to adopt.
It has been two months since my implants were removed and I feel very much used to my new proportions. I used to be a small 32B then with implant surgery I hoped to be a 32C. I ended up a very out of proportion 30DD/32D. Now without the implants I am 30C. I think in the past I wore the wrong band width so my breasts felt smaller. I am also working on my posture so my chest is more forward and shoulders back,

Dr Mohebali was very kind and efficient. He put me at my ease and his verbal eloquence gave me confidence in his abilities. He is reviewed highly and his staff were all very nice too.

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