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Good morning. ive been following these stories for...

good morning. ive been following these stories for some time now, and Im ready to share mines. Since I can remember, I've always had pretty large breast. In middle school I had the biggest boobs and they were so uncomfortable to run with! Even with a sports bra I had to hold them down while in gym class. Fast forward 15 years, now I am a 40 G and still holding my boobs down while at the gym. Even after having my daughter, 6 years ago, my boobs were bigger then others but a DD which I thought was the perfect size, but then they just continued to grow. Last year I was walking around in a 40 DDD bra and was upset because I was spilling out, so i decided to go get measure. I was in such shock and disbelief when the store associate said 40 G!!! I didn't even know they made bras that big????. From that day, I knew a breast reduction would be right for me.

My process

Once I finally decided to look into getting the breast reduction it didnt take long for my doctor to approve. She gave me a referral for a plastic surgery consultation. After that it took me about a year before I actually went (not sure what took me so long). Within the first few minutes of meeting my surgeon he agreed that surgery would work for me, now we just needed a date. July 12th is my day. Just a little over a week!!!! I'm nervous, anxious, and excited. One of my friends had a breast reduction from a FF to a D and she said she felt much better before she removed the bandages.

6 days away

So I am less than a week away!!!! Ive already done the mammogram, and i go in for one more appt with my surgeon tomorrow. How long were you ladies out of work after breast reduction surgery?

1 Day before "D" day!!!

Tomorrow is my big day! Im so nervous, anxious, and excited all in one. I postef my current size G photos and will update later this week after some healing.

post op day 2

all went well with the breast reduction. i havent removed the bandages yet but i can definitely tell the difference. I ended up having to stay over night because I got very dehydrated and my blood pressure dropped very low a few times. but other than that I am just fine. Just a little tired. Thankfully the pain is very manageable. Haven't had the need for any strong medications. I did have to go home with drains but they will be removed tomorrow.

one week post op

So I was able to have the drains removed last Friday. So far the healing process is going just fine. Patiently waiting for the stitches to come out so i can start my scar treatments. Thank God I still haven't had much pain at all. I've been able to get by on Motrin 800. Ive been getting really tired at times especially if I start to do a little to much. Hopefully that goes away soon.

almost 3 weeks post op

Its been almost 3 weeks since the surgery and I'm still feeling good. I went to try on a few new tops today (yay!!!) but the surgical bra isnt all that sexy but overall im still happy with my results. i cant wait to be able to workout again.

almost 3 months post op

Feeling sooooo great. Almost 3 months since I had the breast reduction. I finally started exercising today! I am having a slight concern about discoloration around my nipple area. please let me know if this happened to anyone else. does the color return?
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