30 Yrs, Waited Long Enough, Goodbye 40E Hello 38C, Love the New Girls - Lansing, MI

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After to close to 38 years of having breast a size...

After to close to 38 years of having breast a size D and larger, it was time to do something to get rid of the pain and the bid boobs. For the last 34 months I have suffered with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders and been through over two years of PT, nerve blocks of the Faucet joints in the neck and final sent to a neurosurgeon who recommend a neck fusion due to the deterioration of c5-c7 disc in my neck. After researching a neck fusion I sought a second opinion and asked the question if my large breast, a 40E could be contributing to my pain and would I benefit from a breast reduction. The answer was yes and suggested they highly recommended a BR before considering a neck fusion.

I had four years previously sought the advice of a ps who told me what kind of documentation it would take have insurance cover a reduction. I was very careful to make sure that I carefully documented all the MRI's, CT Scans, Nerve blocks, PT, OMM manipulation, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, nerve blocks and finally the rash between the breasts and under them and had pictures of the deep groves in the shoulders. In Dec. 2013, I met the ps showed him the documentation I had accumulated and he said there was no question, the BR was a medical necessity and he was sure insurance would cover it. On 3/18/14 I had my BR, lift and lipo on the sides. I have severe allergies, so the surgery was a challenge. I am allergic to most narcotics, have difficulty with anesthesia and I am allergic to adhesives, which meant he could only use stitches, no tape, no glue or anything over the inclusions. The ps said he was confident that he could help me. I had the surgery in an out patient clinic, with no drainage tubes, the surgery went well. I did have issues with recovery and came very close to having to be transferred to the local hospital for observation due to the anesthesia. Thankful, my husband was allowed to bring me home and took great care of me and I didn't need to transferred to hospital. The anesthesiologist did tell the doctor and my husband, I should never have another procedure done at an out patient clinic due to my allergies and sensitives.

This website and the ladies on it have been so helpful and supportive in helping to understand the recovery. I sorely underestimated the time it would take to recover and how little I was able to do the first two weeks. I went back to work after 4 weeks, but only part time for an additional 3 weeks. I am now in PT to help retrain my muscles to the new positions since having gone from a 40 E to currently a 38C. I still have swelling on the left side and just last week the T junction was finally closed. My ps said give it another 8 weeks, before I will come close to my final size. I love the new smaller girls and my neck and shoulders are significant better! I love being able to start to wear sexy bras and not grandma ones.

I am thankful to work with DRs. and to have them notice the change in my posture and recommend I seek PT as I was having issues with extremely tight muscles and being back at work wasn't helping especially being on a computer. PT is helping considerable to adjust to my new posture and help loosen the muscles. I have waited a long time to have this procedure done, my only regret is not having done this 20 years earlier.
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