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I am now 3 weeks post op from my Cellulaze...

I am now 3 weeks post op from my Cellulaze procedure. I had two zones done and my procedure took a lot longer than most of the women on this site. I was on the table for 5 hours for the Cellulaze and than another hour for the MD to lipo the fat pockets at the top of my hips. He did the lipo for free (!!) as the decision was made that day to do it. I think the lipo did more to improve my figure at this point. My one thigh looks better than the other from the Cellulaze but I'm hoping at the 6 month point/by summer they both look good. I didn't have all that much brusing but it still hurts quite a bit to change positions and I think I'm walking like an old lady when I stand due to the pain. I have ordered the physical therapy tape from Amazon (Kinesio Gold tape) in hopes of relieving the pain when I change postions. I'm planning on using the tape under my compression garment. I have started back to exercising but I'm not doing any jumping/running yet as I think I'm still healing. The area is numb but getting better each day. I wear my compression garment most of the time but at night I put on my exercise compression pants which are cooler.

At the clinic where I had my procedure done, they measured me twice for the compression garment as she felt I should order a small. I wear a size 8-10 pants. I'm not a small. The women called the company and then came back in to say I was right and I should order a Med. size (which I did). The first night in my compression garment, my stomach hurt and at 3am I was very dizzy, with nausia, vomiting and labored breathing. I was on the floor in my bathroom, on my back, unable to leave the bathroom and deciding if I needed to go to ER. I was not in pain and the most distressing symptom was my labor breathing (I'm a nurse). I was trying to figure out if the meds were causing me these problems. I managed to get back to bed and decided to see if it was the compression garment that was causing me the problems, so I took it off and put on my exercise pants (which have a lot less compression) and that solved the problems. My breathing and the nausia/vomiting/dizziness subsided almost immediately. Those damn compression pants cost so much and the waist band was way too small. I cut the waist band out of the pants and they now work ok.
This procedure is fairly new on the market so I don't think most MD's have that much experience with it. I'm hoping all this recovery time and money will be worth it. Thank you for everybody that has shared their stories. They are very helpful in keeping me patient and not getting discouraged while waiting for a good outcome.

6 months post-op

I am at the 6 month mark and my cellulite is about 75% better. I can wear a short skirt or shorts and feel good about it. There is still cellulite at the top of my thighs and the skin on my buttocks is looser than it was but it's not too bad. The numbness is gone but I still have some red marks where the device was inserted. I'm putting Retin-A on the red marks and they are going away (tried other things and this seem to work the best). The recovery is difficult and long for this procedure and I'm glad I did it in Nov to be ready for summer. I am overall satisfied with the results.
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I had a procedure done with this doctor before and thought he did a good job.

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