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Growing up I always self conscious about my pooch....

Growing up I always self conscious about my pooch. Most of the guys I dated would always tell would be so hot if you had a flat stomach. Since hearing those words, I've been traumatized. I lost 50-60lbs. At my smallest, my pooch would taunt me daily. Although I've gained a bit of weight back, I think it's time to suck that bad boy out. I'm super excited and can't wait for April!

So I'm 5"4 and currently 145lbs. I saw two...

So I'm 5"4 and currently 145lbs. I saw two doctors, one male and the other female. I finally chose Dr. Nia Banks. The first doctor I went to was referred to me by my roommate, who got her boobs done by him. The visit was a bit awkward, I'm not used to showing a complete stranger all of my problem areas. My biggest fear is to have loose skin, and when he told me I had a bit of loose skin on my top abs, I was ready to pass out haha. He said he would do traditional lipo on my thighs and ultrasonic lilo on my abs. He said smart lipo was too expensive. Sigh.

I decided to get a second opinion, just to weigh out my options. I went to Dr. Banks this week and I was very pleased. She listened to exactly what I wanted. Unlike the other doctor, she knew exactly what I meant when I wanted bit off my letter thighs, so I can keep a coke bottle shape. She answered all of my questions and advise that I do smart lipo...smaller incisions, tighter skin etc. I was sold. She gave me a discount for my letter thighs and because I was doing more then one location... I saved even more.

I'm super excited now, especially like my friends want to do a girls trip in July and I can wear a bikini without feeling insecure!

So the more I think about it, the more I want to...

So the more I think about it, the more I want to push up my surgery. My friend's are talking about having a girls trip in July. I really want to be healed up and look/feel good, so I can frolic on the beach. My only issue is....the lack of support.

My family is completely against me getting this surgery. They say I'm too young and that my physical appearance shouldn't determine my self esteem. However, they were the same people who guilted me about my weight all of my life, ahem. So, none of them know what I'm getting done.

My friend's are super supportive. They've seen me struggle with my weight loss and they know how I feel about my evil pooch. I just don't want to inconvenience them by asking if they would drive me to and from my surgery. I am a very independent person, asking for help has always been an issue for me. I just hope one of my friend's won't mind if I switch up the date!

Hopefully by Monday, I can see if someone is willing to bring me and if my doctor is able to see me a little bit earlier.

So today I decided to call my doctor to move up my...

So today I decided to call my doctor to move up my surgery. I am now scheduled for April 5! I'm super excited. Now I feel that I will have enough time to heal for my potential girl trip in July and be rocking that bikini like no other! 25 more days!!

So after reading several recent reviews, I am a...

So after reading several recent reviews, I am a bit nervous about the pain. I'm wondering if I can get general anesthesia instead of local, because I am getting areas done. I have a high tolerance for pain, I think. Yet, having a cannula stabbing my insides is scaring me a bit. Guess I can always ask the doctor during my pre-op.

2 more weeks left until I get my tummy sucked out!...

2 more weeks left until I get my tummy sucked out! On so excited. I had a headache today and took aspirin...I have exactly 17 days left, so I hope that wasn't a problem (I can't take aspirin 2 weeks prior to the surgery because it's a blood thinner).

I began to buy my post op materials, like my bed pads and anti microbial soap. I'm trying to buy things little by little so I don't drop a whole lot of money all at once. I just need to start hydrating myself more and mentally prepare!

Next week I'm having a farewell party to my pooch and saddle bags! It's going to be soo much fun :)

So after some much deliberation, I decided to also...

So after some much deliberation, I decided to also get my inner thighs done. Chub rub is no fun! The first doctor I went to see said my inner thighs were pretty muscular, so there wasn't much fat to suck out. But as long as these pups don't rub...I'm cool. Hopefully my doctor will do it!

I'm so happy! My doctor said she has enough time...

I'm so happy! My doctor said she has enough time to get my chub rub aka inner thighs done!! Now I'm over the moon :-) I have exactly 1 week left!!

I finally completed my "first aid pack";
-arnica montana pills/geln => bruising
-scar-away => scars
- bromelain => bruising
- bacitracin ointment => for incisions
- maxi pads => leakage
- bandaids => leakage
- bed pads => leakage
- black yoga pants + hoodie => operation day outfit
- tylenol & percocet => pain meds
- xanax => anti anxiety
- antibiotic
- hibiclens => anti bacterial soap

I think that's it. Now to make my comfort pack, like I will be taking care of myself! Next week is the big week...can't wait

4 days until my surgery and I'm so anxious/nervous...

4 days until my surgery and I'm so anxious/nervous that I can't sleep at night! I paid my other half of my payment last week. I asked the patient coordinator if it was a good idea to starts taking the arnica pills before nor after surgery. She told me after because it may have adverse effects to some of the medications I'm taking on surgery day. So it's that time to take some measurements:

Natural waist:29"
Lower waist: 36"
(child bearing)Hips: 43"
Left thigh:25.5"
Right thigh: 25.5"

Hopefully I can get back to a 25" waist but anything smaller then what I have now will be awesome

Darn it! my last long post didnt post...i was...

Darn it! my last long post didnt post...i was still whoozie from the meds. Now I have to remember what I said.So I am an early bird. I have to be places or exactly on time. My brother knows this, so we got to the office 45 min early. Well according to the instructions, I should've been there30min early, but the patient coordinator just to make in by 8:30,no big deal

I was taken to the examination room, to take my vitals, and to get changed into my robe. They gave me a heating pad, it felt so good. I was given 1 pill of each of my medication. It took maybe 25-30 min for me to get sleepy, but mind you I was laying down. Dr Banks did the markings (and she did a part of my waist whoohoo) I gess she want to smooth everything out.When the nurse cam to walk me to the operating room...Boom it hit me. I could barely walk.

Making the incisions weren't bad, but injecting the tumescent was the most pain part. I can take pain, but trust me this felt terrible. I think they used both of my xanax because I wouldnt handle it anymore. That's the last thing I can truly remember. I vaguely my PS telling a nurse to call my brother and something about a wheelchair. So like I was getting my stomach inner/outer thighs, she used the same incisions at the pelvic area for my pooch, and outer/inner thighs. I have a belly button incision and lover inner thighs!
According to my brother, I almost fell down stairs (my place is on a hill so there's plenty to climb) Everything is a blur. I remember laying bed pads on my bed..and like i sleep like a maniac, the pads shifted and my leakage is on some of my sheets/ comforter.

From what I can see, I didnt bruise except one little one on my hip bone. But my tummy is bruised. I cant tell like I can't take the garment for 2 weeks.I need to call my PS to see if I would need a new garment after 2 weeks, but as for now, I'm glad with the results :-)

PS: Post op: 4/26

Day 2 (yesterday) was a challenge for me. My belly...

Day 2 (yesterday) was a challenge for me. My belly is swollen and is super tender! I don't have a compression garment for my thighs, but it still hurts a bit when I have to move around. I'm taking care of myself, but if it wasn't for my brother dropping/picking me up, I would've died (yes I'm being dramatic) I wish I was coherent enough to know how many cc's of fat they removed. They also put on these goggles things on my eyes so that i couldn't see what was going on >:( Oh well, I can ask during my post op in 3 weeks.
Like I mostly slept all Friday and yesterday, a "nurse" would've been useless. I' not sure if it's the meds or because my body went through a lot of trauma, I hardly had an appetite. I forced myself to have oatmeal so I can take my antibiotics, some pasta for dinner, fruits and frozen indian meal for lunch. I wasn't ravenous, but I know my body needs sustenance.

My hoo-ha (lol) is swollen, I'm guessing that's where all of the fluid resting, but I've been peeing every second it feels like. I usually put my feet up and try to watch a movie, but then I get sleepy.

I'm kind of scared taking a shower tomorrow, I'm so swollen and tender, I might cry. My dressings over my FIVE ( unlike most people I've seen on this site she used the incisions on my hip bones to get to my lower abs, outer and inner thighs. She also made 2 holes at the bottom of my inner thighs and one in the belly button.) Hopefully I didnt mess myself up by using bacitracin on my wounds so early.

Yesterday I was a mess. I put down bed pads and of...

Yesterday I was a mess. I put down bed pads and of course i leaked through my sheets and comforter. I took a nice quick shower, but I did not feel light headed or anything. My tummy is super swollen and tender to the touch. My inner thighs are also swollen and tender but my outer thighs are ok. If my outer thighs are swollen, I'm amazed because I already like the results. My A symmetry is gone.
I've been taking care of myself, and other then removing and putting my garment back on, I haven't had much trouble.
My appetite came back a little today, although I through up a little bit. I haven't used any of my nausea pills so I'm glad.
I'm super bored and lonely right now. The weather is gorgeous and everyone is outside. I'm stuck watching netflix because I want my body to rest for work tomorrow. I'm happy my roommie is taking me out for froyo because she knows how the healing process can drive people nuts.

Yesterday, I went back to work. I work with...

Yesterday, I went back to work. I work with animals and it was such a hard day for me. I own my own company, so I can hardly ever take a day off. Driving was a pain, I was tired and a bit whoozie. I only took tylenol, but I was ready to take a nap after my first client. I (barely) finished my day and still had errands to run, but I was swelling up and I went home instead. I knocked out for 2 hours and didn't want to do anything when I woke up. I hope today is better. Not to mention is getting HOT outside and I work outdoors :-(

I'm having a sad day! I'm so swollen..I can't fit...

I'm having a sad day! I'm so swollen..I can't fit into any of my pants and it's super nice out. My legs are bruised and swollen, so a dress is out of the question. I went to my doc and it said I gained 10lbs. I know it due to the surgery...but it still bothers me. I don't have a boyfriend, but I'm seeing someone. I don't want him seeing me like this. I forbade him from seeing me after surgery, even though he was very supportive. I'm contemplating buying maternity clothes.... Sigh

I have survived the first week! I'm a little less...

I have survived the first week! I'm a little less sore and swollen. My boobs have become huge!!! They are spilling out of my bras, but I'm not complaining Lol. I hope my boobies stay that way. My tummy is back to my pre op measurements, and my thighs are .5 hopefully I can start seeing some real results! I do swell up after work, I am a dog walker after all.

Am I the only one bruising a week after surgery? I'm finally seeing some bruises on my inner thighs and it's getting hard, but I figure that's just scar tissue. With my surgery fees I get velashape. I'm not sure how many sessions, but I saw a group on for 2-4 sessions and I'm seriously wondering if I should get it.

I can't wait to get my CG off! It's soo annoying. 3 more weeks of this crap and I can be free. And one more week till I can start working out again...and I cant wait

It's been 11days since my surgery and I'm feeling...

It's been 11days since my surgery and I'm feeling so much better! My legs are still super swollen and sore, but it's nothing compared to the first couple days. I had to buy spanx because my thighs were swelling pretty badly. I don't know why my doctor didn't give me a compression garment for my thighs and abdomen. But the spanx is working out great!

I decided to go ahead and buy that velashape groupon. If it doesn't help reduce inches, it'll still be a good massage for my inner thighs. I don't think she took a lot out of my inner thighs. I have stretch marks so she was afraid that if she took too much out that I will get loose skin. So I hope velashape helps. But maybe she can take out a smidge more! I see her next week for my first op appointment!! My mom just told me that her cousin invited us to his house in the Dominican republic in June..I want to be beach ready! Plus I may see some of my family in Haiti while im there ( I'm Haitian FYI) soon excited

So far so good! I measured myself today and...

So far so good! I measured myself today and finally seeing some is the difference from my original measurements so far:

Natural waist: -1 inch
Lower waist:-2 inches
Hips: -1 inch
Both thighs: -0.5 inches

So far so good! I measured myself today and...

So far so good! I measured myself today and finally seeing some is the difference from my original measurements so far:

Natural waist: -1 inch
Lower waist:-2 inches
Hips: -1 inch
Both thighs: -0.5 inches

I had my first post op yesterday. Everything looks...

I had my first post op yesterday. Everything looks good according to my doctor. My inner thighs may need a revision, but my PS said to give it 2 more months before I get all freaked out. Until then, I'm headed back to the gym! I'm headed to my first spin class in 4months.
I went out to a bar with my friend and I know my arms have gotten bigger and lost definitive (this was due to lack of weeks of working out, not the surgery) and this guy made fun of my fat arms. Sigh, it did hurt my feelings, but I'm not rushing to get it lipoed because I know I just have to work them out. So I hope if I get back to running and lifting weights, my inner thighs will also get slimmer. But overall, I'm happy! My pooch is almost already gone and it is still swollen and my saddle bags are gone. Time to go workout yay!

back to my compression garment next week sigh

I just had my 2 month post op appointment. As I suspected,my right side of my pooch is fuller than my left so I'm getting a revision next week. So I will be in that awful garment yet again for a week! I'm not too happy about the amount of fat removed from my inner thighs and my Dr said she'll do it again but at full price!!!!! Normally PS give you a discount! I am not a happy camper today

Not to bad

Today I had my revision on my lower abs. When I first got my lipo, I was so doped up on xanax and pain meds that I only remember the pain of the lidocain before the incision. This time, the lidocain still felt uncomfortable, but the tumescent fluid injection was just fine! No pain at all, woohoo!! It was a breeze, I didn't take any other pain med or xanax, so I was talking to Dr Banks the whole time. She was very nice. I got to know her a little bit more. She said I would be bikini ready after this. The swelling will go down in 2 weeks, I only have to wear my compression garment at night and I can workout again on Monday. I can't wait to see how my tummy looks in 2 weeks, I really hope my pooch would poof disappear finally. I also get my Velashape treatments in 2 weeks.


3 months still swollen

It's been 3 months since my lipo and one week since my revision on my pooch. I can see the difference from my post op pic, especially around my waist. But my pooch is still swollen on my right side because of my revision. I guess I'll have a lopsided tummy for my trip in little over a week.

next week going to the Caribbean

beach vacation

Hey everyone! I am currently on vacation, but I wanted to check in again. So after my revision 2 weeks ago, my tummy look so much better. I still have tiny pooch,but I have to wait 2 more months before I see my real results. All in all, I am really happy with the results (tummy and outer thighs). As for my inner thighs, they look the same/ larger then pre-op. I decided to workout and train for a bikini fitness model instead of getting lilo. But best believe, if these things r as jiggly as they are right now, I will get some extra lilo!
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