Tummy Tuck, Breast lift, and Circumferential Thigh Lipo!!! Patience is a Virtue in the healing process!!!

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Hi Real Self family! I would like to thank all of...

Hi Real Self family! I would like to thank all of you for the valuable info you so graciously share in this forum. I am about 3 1/2 weeks away from having a tummy tuck, breast lift, and circumferential thigh lipo. I am scared as you know what, however I am anxious for great results. I am especially nervous about the thigh lipo. Due to my enormous thighs I am really anxious for them to come down. I am exercise at least 3-4 per week, but I am convinced that my thighs have resistant fat cells that need to be blasted by lipo. I would like to finally buy a pair of pants without at least 2% stretch. Can anybody give me some pointers on what I should do preoperatively and post operatively to achieve great results. I keep searching on realself and the net for feedback , but the info regarding circumferential thigh lipo is very limited. All suggestions in relation to the mommy make over and the lipo are welcomed! Please help to relieve some of my anxiety!

Realself addict

The more I read...the I'm starting to have buyers remorse!

Oh my goodness!! I'm addicted to this site, however the more I read is the more anxious I'm getting. I keep seeing bad reviews from about my doc. Of which I hadn't seen before. I keep reading the horror stories of people spending all this money and going through all the pain and not be happy with their results. I read about plastic surgeons not giving their patients the results of which they paid for. Ex. Lipo done half ass!!! Uneven, not enough, did lower lipo on tummy and not enough on the upper. Wth!!!! This is scary!!!! I just want what I'm am paying my doc to do. I want realistic promises to be made and fulfilled!!!! Please help RS family!!!! My procedure is in 27 days and I am scared straight!!!! Can't sleep at night because all I do is think and read about plastic surgery!!!!

6 more days until my transformation!!!

Ok fan! I had my pre op appointment on Wednesday and I am so excited and ready for the new me. I am still very nervous about the surgery aspect but Dr. Banks assured me that everything will be fine. Her surgical team will be monitoring me very closely. I will post more before pics over the weekend.

It's about to go down!

Today is the big day! I'm all gowned up and waiting to have my IV inserted. Nervous and excited at the same time.

Post op Day 2

So far so good!!! The pain is minimal as long as I'm taking my meds. Oxycodone and dilaudid for breakthrough pain. Dr. Banks is amazing. So patient and kind. She called me yesterday to see how I was doing and told me to call her over the weekend if I need to. I am going to unveil tomorrow and take my shower. lol.

Post op day 3

Had my shower and feeling so much better! I took the pic before. I'm swollen so I cant see my actual results. But even with the swelling I'm pleased.

Post op Day 4

Last night was rough. I was swelling, felt tight, burning and tolerable pain. I actually skipped one of my breakthrough pain meds and that wasn't good. I sure paid for it. Otherwise today, the pain is manageable with meds. Can't wait for these drain to come out!!!! TUESDAY HERE I COME!!!

Post op Day 7!!!!

Hi real self family! Yesterday was day six postop and I had my drains removed. What an experience? It was painful but very short-lived. After I felt like it was day one again. I came home went to sleep and slept most of the day still taking my pain meds. Overall I am happy with the results of my mommy makeover! The circumferential thigh lipo is what I think it will take the longest to heal. I feel a lot of numbness tingling and sometimes burning in quite a bit of itching. Once I get up to walk it feels much better. Taking the meds is critical in the recovery process and I think I've been doing pretty good. the whole experience is not as bad as I thought it would be. Dr. Banks and her staff has been phenomenal!!!! I will post pics soon.....just haven't felt in the mood to take pics at this point because I am still very swollen even though I can see great results under the swelling ! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Day 11 post op...Swell Hell!!!! What a recovery process???? The real truth please!!!!

I am now post op day 11and I cannot sleep. And just really concerned about the realistic expectations of this recovery process. I am overly concerned because I'm now thinking that this recovery is going to be much longer than expected. My thighs are huge.... Bigger than before the surgery. ????they are swollen , numb, tingling and just plain huge. The were big to begin with but now they are even bigger. I have been surfing the net for some honest reviews and most people are saying that the recovery for the lipo is long. But to be honest .....it's either people are not being very specific or they just don't take the time to write a detailed review. I'm scared that I won't be able to go back to work next week??? Wednesday will be 2 weeks since my surgery. My legs are so huge and they start swelling instantly as I start walking around. And my walking is way minimal compared to my normal activity???? what should I do???? Any advice??? What's going to happen? In 3 months Are my legs going to be swelling up like this then too. How long is this going to last .... When will I see results??? I know I'm only 11 days post op, but this is nothing like what I anticipated. The first 5 days I thought was tue hardest and that it would get better. The only thing that has gotten better is the fact that I am no longer taking the Percocet and Dilaudid. I am taking just Advil when my legs swell so much that it becomes to uncomfortable. I agree with some of the reviews..... I'm sure i am going to love my end result.....buttttttttt this process is absolutely no joke! Not sure I would have done this had I known before. Probably a good thing I didn't. Lol. I know I'm rambling..... But on to the next.... The tummy tuck and flank lipo!!! My lord.... That too is so swollen..... Sometimes my belly feels like it's about to explode!!!!????????The struggle is real!!! I am sooooo swollen there to.... Sometimes I wonder if I'm really on the "Flat side"! My flanks are parallel to my hips...... Swollen!! I keep looking at the pics on real self and wonder how these women look so good and their post says they are post op day 5,6,7,8,9 10...... Who knows if they are telling the truth? It could really be 6-12 months post op. Lol. I just wish to know realistically what I can expect 2 weeks, 1 month , 3 months from now. Now I starting to wonder if when I saw my friend at 1 month post op.... Was she really telling the truth about I when she actually had the surgery??? Just looking for answers at this point.... I wish I was forewarned. ????????????
Not to mention the dreams / nightmares and my overall emotional state!!! ????????????????????????????????????

2 1/12 Weeks post op! What an experience!

Good morning real self family! Well today is two and a half weeks postop and my tummy area swollen kind of hard and most uncomfortable in the morning. Overall every day seems to be getting much better. Each day I say there's a different experience from my legs to my tummy, to my flanks, to my breasts. Let's start with my legs. I had circums to my tummy, to my flanks, to my breasts. Let's start with my legs. I had Full thigh lipo. In the beginning stages They felt like to large bricks,numb, swollen ( looked like orange peels) , tingling, and soreness. however each day seems to be getting better I have less soreness the bruising is going down and I can actually feel my legs when I walk. So I can only imagine that time goes by it will get better. By the way they do look smaller and I'm only hoping for them to get even smaller with time. Onto my tummy tuck. Well it's getting better. It doesn't look as flat as I thought it would immediately, however I'm almost to 3 weeks postop and it is looking better as time goes by. I wearing mine compression garment 24/7. Other than when I take it off to take my shower during that time I wash it and dry it and put it back on. I just ordered my stage to compression garment from make me heal.com. I paid $80 for it. My PS also sells them and was offering to sell me one for $180!!!!! Can you believe that??? She has lost it lol. Anyway I got my monthly and wearing the compression garment with the monthly has been such an inconvenience. It is much easier to use my P eez without having to take the compression garment completely off due to the monthly. Hopefully only have another day or so before I'm off and back to being able to wear the garment, drink as much water as I want, Go to the bathroom often and not have to worry about taking my garment off each and every time. I started using the silicone scar tape. I got the Mepitac silicone tape. I'm also using palmers rose hip oil, my bio oil and fresh aloe on my scars. I don't know if I'm exaggerating but it seems my scar is almost flat already. Main concern is the swelling. it seems as if I swell more at night and than I do during the day. All in all.... I'm just swollen and can't wait for the swelling to subside. I am watching what I'm eating but even that is soooooo frustrating. I'm afraid to even put a chip in my mouth. I don't want it to be like this. I am eating healthy, but I do want to be able to cheat a little too. After all I am human. But then I have my husband like a monkey on my back reminding me about how much money I spent on this surgery. Huh!!! I have lost weight but cannot really tell in my clothes because of the swelling!! I'm still not ready to post pics because when I look at some you guys pics.....I'm like wth.... My tummy is not as flat as theirs and we had surgery around the same time. Sad face!!! Anyways hopefully some of the swelling will subside after I have my Veleshape on Thursday! Anyone have any experience with the Velashape? My doc says it will be an hour long appointment. On to the breast. I had a breast lift. The healing has been non existent pretty much. Other than the sensitivity of my nipples.... I have had no pain whatsoever from the my breast. They look great and I am so happy not to have long sagging lifeless breast anymore. Lol. I would say they are a small c now. Before I was a full c... Only because when I put those long saggy breast into a c cup it used to fill it out. Yuck! Now my breast are nice round and perky... Sitting nicely in a c cup bra!!! Yayyyy me!!! So that's all for now folks! Any tips or suggestions please let me know. My suggestion to you guys is that everyday is a process that brings new experience. This is definitely a roller coaster ride! So hang in there!! Thanks to all of you that have been following me and giving your support, prayers, and advice!!

Almost 4 weeks post update! And 3 week Velashape recap!

Hey real self family! Well it's almost one month post surgery. At least it will be one month on Wednesday and I guess I will say I would I'm recovering pretty well. I'm back to my normal routine except for exercising. I have not started exercising yet. Although I should because I don't feel like I've lost anymore weight since the first two weeks. I am pretty much holding it steady. Sometimes with the swelling it's hard to get all of my water in, however I'm going to push myself this week. Also plan to start my 10 day green smoothie cleanse on 3 December . I will definitely lose from doing that. I'm still worried about my tummy......there's puffiness and I'm not sure if it's swelling or if it's fat above my belly button. I'm worried that even if I go back for lipo of that area will the skin be loose and not tight enough where it wouldn't flap over my belly button. This whole transformation and healing is somewhat nerve wrecking! So going back a week......I had my Velashape appointment last Thursday. It was pretty good. Tory was great. We had great conversation throughout my entire session. Not sure if I really notice a difference. It felt good except for when the device heated up too much in one spot. I won't be back for follow up treatments due the cost. For my legs and flanks will be $ 550 per session. Can't afford that!!!! Anywho..... I will be scheduling an appointment with Massage Envy for a lymphatic massage. I will let you know how that goes. I will post pics by the end of the week. Have a great week family and Happy Thanksgiving!!

One month update today! Breast and Tummy Tuck!

Well Real self family! Today is exactly One month since my surgery. I've been walking straight up since about week to i've been walking straight up since about week 2. I'm still swelling daily not as bad as before every day gets much better. The more active I am the more swelling I get. Also the flutes the type of foods I eat I noticed does affect how much swelling I'm having and also the water intake. So it's much better to try to drink as much water as possible. I go for my lymphatic massage at massage envy on Monday. The office coordinator at my ps informed me yesterday that she's offering me three more vellashape appointments. I am so happy for that because I'm still not happy with my flanks. I don't have that hourglass shape yet. The tummy is somewhat flat considering the swelling, but I will admit I'm a little anxious to see my final results. My PS assured me that I will be happy with results by 3 months post op. Can't wait. Still sleeping in my recliner because it is so much more comfortable. I can't wait till I can sleep flat in my bed again. I hope that will be soon. I can't right now. I tried and the swell hell awoke me. I think laying flat induces the swelling. Any who... I went out on Saturday night with out my compression garment and had a good time, but as soon as I got home I got back in it. Other than that I wear my Stage 2 garment 24/7. I'm not playing with that. According to all my reader has and my doc.... The CG makes a big difference in the success of my outcome. I will post a few pics for those of you requesting. Even though I'm not that comfortable with my body as yet.

Castor Oil pack Post op 4 1/2 weeks

Hi RS family! I decided to do a castor oil pack to see is it will help with the swelling above my belly button. And voila! I really think it has. I followed the Edgar Cayce instructions and payed in my recliner for about 4 hours with 2 heating pads. One on my back and the other on my tummy. After that I tried to sleep in the wrap but end up feeling too constructed at about 4 in the morning , so I took it off. But I can definitely feel the difference. My tummy does not feel as tight as before. I will include pics of the wrap and after I took it off. Otherwise everyday gets better....I guess??? Still have the belly and flank swelling, and occasional burning sensation in my legs. My incisions on my breast and tummy are flat and healing very nicely. Today I go for my lymphatic massage at Massage Envy. I will let you know how that goes. Bye for now!
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