Mesotherapy Made Thighs and Butt Worse - Do Not Waste Your Money - Lanham, MD

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Mesotherapy made my thighs and butt worse than...

Mesotherapy made my thighs and butt worse than they were before and I now have cellulite where I did not before. Although I have always been tone due to working out for most of my life I've always had some cellulite on my butt (the kind you can see through pants).

I went through five sessions of Mesotherapy and thought that, beneath all the bruising, I was looking better. After the swelling went away I (and my boyfriend) noticed I had more cellulite on my hips and butt than before.

The doctors who perform Mesotherapy say it is important to eat a healthy diet and to excerise to have the best results. Thats not true! During the treatments I was training for two half marathons and ran another a few months later(I am also a fitness instructor). And look at me, I have cellulite like never before.


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This doctor insisted there were results where I saw none; I trusted her.

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