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I've been dealing with having large breast for the...

I've been dealing with having large breast for the majority of my life. It's hereditary on my mother's side. My little sister is going through this also. After having my daughter and my multiple attempts of trying to live an active lifestyle, my breast became a burden. They have been hindering me from achieving my weight loss goals because I can not find a good sports bra in my size and when I double and sometimes triple up on bras it's not comfortable at all. I'm dealing with what most women with large breast are dealing with. Back & neck pains, bad posture, grooves in shoulders, rashes (especially during the summer), and the inability to workout the way I want because of the lack of support with bras and the pain after. Even with these issues, I still wasn't in a rush to get the surgery. I knew I needed it done, I figured if I lose weight my bra size would go down. After many attempts and losing 20 lbs, my bra size went nowhere. So I made an appt to see a surgeon. My initial consult was months ago, but I didn't make it because I didn't have a referral from my Dr. I figure he would tell me to lose weight. So I decided to leave the issue alone, until one day when I was doing my daughter's hair I couldn't sit in a chair for no longer than 10 minutes without it feeling like someone kicked me in my back. I tried using pillows, taking breaks, but nothing worked. I had to constantly take breaks. Laying down on my back has become painful also. I couldn't take it anymore.

I made a Dr appointment in hopes that things would go well.. And they did. He remembers the time I complained about my back hurting, and by just looking at me you can telling the procedure was needed. When I went to be examined he lifted one of my breast (which was funny yet uncomfortable) and said "Oh yea, you need a reduction, it feels like I'm holding ten pounds". So he wrote up my referral, and what I consider my Golden Ticket a letter to my insurance providers letting them know that this is a medical issue and the procedure needs to be done. He also listed a few of my symptoms even one I didn't notice and that was that my breast were pulling me forward. So he faxed it in to the insurance folks and within a few days they approved my referral to see a PS.

Tomorrow is my consultation and you don't know how anxious I am. I've been doing research on breast reductions for years and even more this year when I decided I was ready to get it done. I found Dr. Banks under my providers list of surgeons and from then to now I have stalked her site, and her before and after pictures. I am impressed by her work and would be glad to have her do my surgery. I'm just ready to start my new life being healthier and more active and no longer in pain. I won't find out if I'm approved for the surgery til days later so my fingers are crossed. I'm thinking that my luck is on my side due to my Golden Ticket from my doctor and soon the pictures and info the PS will send off.

I'll definitely be back to post about my consultation tomorrow.
Cross your fingers for me ya'll..

My Consult

Today was my consult and it went pretty good with a minor bump that I hope will not hinder my surgery. She told me that about 1000 grams can be taken out of each, which I think is more than enough for my insurance to approve but she said that it would be best if I had a paper trail. But I'm like what else is there for me to do? I might be overweight but I'm active, heck in a few hours I will be getting up to prepare to run a 5k. So no need for physical therapy when I'm working out on my own. I already have gotten x-rays before and my PCP wrote my providers a letter stating that hey her boobs are huge and this is a medical issue. I think my PCP letter and the photos and amount that need to be removed should be well enough, but hey you never know. Anyway, she said the surgery would be a bilateral reduction with a possible free nipple graft. My boobs are that huge to where I might need it, but she said since I'm still young she will see if she can reattach it to some blood vessels. She asked me if I had any questions and I told her no, only because I've been researching for quiet sometime. I already know about the procedure, the preop, post op and recovery. I even set a plan before I even went to the appt on how I was going to get things done after surgery. I'm a super pre-planner lol. I told her "I AM READY!!" this is hindering me from working because I can barely stand for a long period of time or even sit long without pains. So she said it would take about 6 weeks for things to go through.. the authorization.. the physical/blood work and the surgery. I had no choice but to comply. So she took my pics and sent me to the front desk to discuss dates. Come to find out she had a sooner date of November 11.. ONE MONTH FROM NOW. I took it!! I know time will fly and it gives me more time to get things on order because I will actually be taking care of myself during the days when I recover so I will spend this time planning out meals, pulling out comfy clothes, just making things ready so I don't scramble around. I just hope my insurance approves. I read another story of a woman with the same insurance who had no paper trail getting approved so I'm hoping the same goes for me. So I have all my info, my dates for surgery and post op are set and she gave me the Percocet & Keflex prescriptions to fill a week before the surgery. I want to see if I can tone up my sides a little and workout during the month but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. I'll call to ask. So all my info is getting sent out on Monday to my providers, it takes 3-5 business days to find out if I'm approved. I can just log on my account and find out. I'm not going to do much until I find out that first because there's no point in getting blood work next week if I don't have an answer. She just want the results 10 days before the surgery. Sigh I was anxious before the appointment, now I'm super anxious. My fingers are crossed.

Anxiety & Pain

I was told by my insurance that I should get an answer by Thursday on whether I'm approved or not for surgery. It's driving me crazy because I'm such a pre-planner. I stop myself often from making my list of things to buy and making arrangements with my daughter's daycare etc. I'm trying to remain positive though in hopes that what was sent was enough for an approval. I'm still going to keep looking at videos and read up on things even though I'm waiting. Just trying to refrain from planning ahead.

I'm also dealing with some upper back pains that radiates across my shoulder blades and down the middle of my back. Ugh!! I'm so tired of this!!


So I called my insurance folks and still, nothing has been processed. I'm losing my marbles with not trying to plan things out. I called the PS and the front desk guy told me to go ahead and get the blood work done, and I shouldn't wait around for the approval. I'm still remaining positive but you know that dark cloud lurks close by. I'm just going to do things as if I got the approval because I hate to rush around. It's not much I have to do, just gather a grocery list, do laundry, push the big a** recliner chair in my room, get my daughter's daycare situation in order yada yada.. I'll buy what I need once the approval comes though. Time is ticking..

Someone is Bullsh*tting around

For the past week I have been calling my insurance provider and they keep saying they have nothing from the PS about my surgery. I call them and the front desk guy (who has an attitude) keep saying it takes 5-7 days for it to process. According to my provider it doesn't. It takes 24 hours for the info to show up and 72 hours for the authorization. He's talking about "it's pending". Breathe Andrea... Just Breathe. Not only that why is it my responsibility for my blood work to get to ya'll? He couldn't even explain that correctly to me. I'm suppose to fax what to where? OMG!!!!!!!! Over and over I keep telling him that this mess is getting in the way of me making the proper arrangements for this surgery. If nothing happens this week then something isn't right.

Need More Documentation

Ok, I just got the word back and my insurance needs documentation like how long I have been dealing with this, what kind of meds I have been taking to get relief yada yada. However they still want me to move forward with the same date, so tomorrow I go to the doctor so he can send out a more detailed letter to my provider. It's started to feel like this is surgery is slipping out of my fingers. I knew it wasn't going to be this simple. Thank goodness I have pictures of the rash I had last month, I will show him that and discuss with him fully the information he needs to add so it is approved. TBC.

Going To The Dr Tomorrow

So tomorrow I'll be heading to my Dr. so he can submit a letter since my provider needed more documentation. I'm just going to have him add all the issues I've had and how long I've had them. It already states in my records of back issues. I did get x-rays years back also. I might have to call them to fax my results over if they have them. I really don't need physical therapy because i do yoga and work out so I don't see the point in wasting time or money in that. Either way tomorrow is GO TIME. After my appt, I'm going straight to get my blood work done. I haven't given up yet.. The clock is ticking..

So I called my provider..

They keep saying they have not received anything from the surgeon, if they did it would be in the system... It's just a bunch of back and forth right now. I'm about to call the PS to get some clarification. Less than 2 weeks left, I'm going to get my blood work and physical today and the PS is saying I need further documentation but what kind if my provider is saying they have nothing?


New Insurance, New Consult

So it's been quite some time since I have done an update, and unfortunately no surgery yet. A few things occurred that hindered things, and one was my mother getting into a car accident. She broke her femur, and needed me to help out so I decided to put trying for the surgery aside.

So now things are semi back to normal, shes home bound, my kid is at the age of using the microwave, and I am now with Kaiser Permanente. Getting the surgery wasn't on my mind at the time I went to see my GYN fir my first visit, but she was the one who took a look at the girls and suggested I had the reduction.. She put in the referral the same day as my appt, and about a week later I got a call for a consult. I've read in various post that a class was needed before the consult, but I guess I lucked up. So now my appt is tomorrow, I'm hoping to leave with good news. Only thing is that I have a new job I've been at for now 3 months. My boss know about my back issues, and how I want the surgery. I told him I would wait until December for the surgery if I had the option, but really.... If they gave me a sooner date, I have to go for it. I plan on looking for a new job anyway so while I'm healing, I'll be job hunting lol. Ahhh fingers crossed guys.. I'll be back tomorrow with an update.
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