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Hello ladies I'm 23 5'5 and a 36J praying for a 36...

Hello ladies I'm 23 5'5 and a 36J praying for a 36 c...hoping to get a breast reduction covered by my insurance. Currently I am jumping through hoops just to see if I can/will be approved; which includes loads of doctor visits and physical therapy. I'm almost done my 3 months of pt and my next visit with my PS is Sep 20. It's very stressful and painful but hopefully everything works in my favor! As this journey continues I would to have the support of a wonderful community!

Last Day of Physical Therapy

Today was my last day of physical therapy! I'm so glad! Unfortunately for me physical therapy wasn't working for me...it actually made my back pain worse. Anywho my next consult with the plastic surgeon is on Sept 20. On top of everything I am 1 month free of nicotine! Im am just hoping and praying everything goes right and my doctors can get an approval; they both(primary care and surgeon) said they definitely recommend the surgery. I'll make sure to upload pics later...

It's almost time!!! Consult #2

It's almost time for my second consult I'm really praying everything goes well! My physical therapist, primary care, and my plastic surgeon said they will recommend the surgery for me definitely...so it's all up to the insurance company (Maryland Medicaid) I guess. One thing I loved about this journey is the support from women I've had. I'm just one of those gals who thinks women doctors in some instances work better with women because we understand each other's pain...I know men are very knowledgable of our pains but a woman understands more... Anywho My consult is next Tuesday the 20th. I don't have too much support from my family really everyone thinks I shouldn't do it but I've been doing it since the 3rd grade...I was in a c cup by the 5th lol I think I've done enough!!! I just want to know what it's like to run again, to sleep on your stomach w/o pain, to sit up straight without weight on my shoulders and neck.... I'm just so anxious!!!!!!

Consult 2

So today I met with my plastic surgeon I saw some more pictures and asked all the questions I deemed necessary to ask. All in all I felt satisfied, oh, I also got to view extra pictures of her work and I wasn't disappointed at all... I was just a little upset because when it comes to size as with many surgeons that Havana go by bra sizes because they all vary no one cup size is the same in everyone's eye. All she told me was that she will take me as far as she can go without compromising the blood flow to my nipple or health... So that's ok I still want to be as small as I can be! Especially since I haven't had children yet but I plan on losing weight once this is over with anyway.... My plastic surgeon told me the next step is to gather all notes from my PT and go her them then send all pic and notes to my insurance then we'll schedule a surgery date!!!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Surgery Date!!!!!

So good news I HAVE A SURGERY DATE! I just received the call today. I'm so excited my pre op is on the 7th of October my Surgery is on the 20th of October! I'm so excited!!!!! I meet with my primary care to do my labs on the 30th....I just hope insurance goes through with it... as I'm typing I'm realizing this is next month!!! I'm so ready for this! Has anyone else gotten a surgery date before approval from insurance, and what was the outcome???


It seems like when you get a date you just want everything to happen right away lol. I know I have to be patient though. It's all less than a month away anyway. It's seems like my back pain has been increasing tremendously...I could barely get out of bed this morning. I take ibuprofens everyday but I'm thinking my body is getting use to them but my doc won't give me anything stronger... I can't wait until this is all over with!!!!! While I don't have family support I have a wonderful bf that's helping me through this process... but there's nothing like family oh well....


I've been reading stories about breast re growing after surgery... to all the ladies whose had theirs done has yours grown back???!

Insurance bummer

So I received a letter today stating that I was denied due to lack of information as no proof that I did physical therapy for 3 months.... I'm really upset because I didn't physical therapy for 3 months, I have notified my PT about using specialty bras that cost a fortune etc... I'm not sure what's going on I wish I could pay out of pocket but unfortunately my pockets are not filled with endless cash lol.... I'm really upset and disappointed but I'm going to appeal and make sure my doctors have recorded everything... I'm so hurt but this just comes with the territory I guess has anyone else felt with Amerigroup????

Still patiently waiting

So far still waiting....I called my PS office today and was told this process (filing a appeal and obtaining a pre authorizations) could linger until the 18th two days until my surgery... I still have hope that things will go
right and be able and continue with my surgery.

Appeal Process Begins

I received another call today from my PS office and reported that the insurance company wants me to wait 90 days until they can submit the appeal. When I heard this it was like shattering glass. I completed the mandatory physical therapy that worsened my back and neck pain. I also have been taking all sorts of pain meds over the counter and from my primary care doctor. I bought really expensive bras and gel straps to minimize grooving totaling about 500$ for SIX BRAS!!!! I can't walk in the store and buy a bra.. I have to go to the store pick through a catalog and order out of the country just to get a simple bra and because my size is so "not normal" my size is always different (36 j-36 O) so they might not be completely fitted....I have complaints from neck and back pain from my primary care doctor stating my issues and claims... so for my insurance to say I have no proof of any of this is absurd... so either the insurance company is playing the " lets see how serious they are and hopefully they'll get discouraged and stop" game or the doctors didn't submit enough evidence... I'm tired of taking pain pills every single day just to function... although I'm very upset it's a fight worth fighting...so this appeal will take 90 days and so until then I will keep my hopes up....defeated battles but the war continues lol...

Hello November....

I'm still holding on.... November is almost done with only two more months to go... my back and neck pain has definitely increased....I try to workout as much harder as I can but no matter what the pain always win. I'm so tired of taking pain killers and muscle relaxes it's driving me crazy! Nonetheless I will keep a positive mind as I patiently for January ***fingers crossed***


It's December already! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with family and friends... I'm still hanging on January will be here in no time. I'm still hanging in there hoping for positive feedback in January... even though I get a bit discouraged one way or another this surgery is going to get done. But in the mean time to keep busy I've started exercising again lol hopefully this time I will stay focused... it's extremely hard and I can't workout the way I want due to neck and back pain but some is better than nothing at all...Anywho just dropping by to say hello!

January is finally here

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays... well I just called my PS office in regards to getting this appeal started then they proceed to tell me they aren't the ones who submit the appeal..but they told me in October that they would... at this point I just want to burst into tears bc the pain is increasing the 800mg ibuprofen and other meds aren't even working anymore...some days I can't even move and I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not...I just don't know where to go from here... or what to do everyone I talk to has little to no information... I just don't understand but I will remain positive the best I can ...


I literally just got off the phone wit my PS office and I was approved for the surgery!!!! Thank God! I'm so excited...finally some good news. My Surgery will be in Feb the 25th. I almost burst into tears but this time out of joy... I was just thinking to myself how I didn't know how I could continue feeling like a train wreck before my day really started everyday and boom good news!

4 Days Left

I can't believe I only have four days left until my surgery and I'm every bit of excited! It's been a long drawn out battle and I'm really thankful for the support and kind words you ladies have shared with me. For those of you that has already had your surgery what tips can you offer, what has helped you???
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