Full TT and BA done Sept 26, 2013

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I just scheduled my TT and BA for Sept 26. After...

I just scheduled my TT and BA for Sept 26. After reading some of the stuff on here I am really nervous for recovery. I have 3 kids - 8 yr old girl and 5 yr old twin boys. The pregnancy with the boys, unfortunately, did my stomach in. I have always been very flat chested so I look forward to having something there!

Blood work done

I went and did my blood work today - 3 little vials of blood - easy! Hoping it all comes back OK. I have to see my family doctor on Thursday and back to my PS on the following Thursday for my final decisions on size etc. It's getting closer!

It's tomorrow!

I was super stressed out on Monday! I called the PS surgeons office to see if they could give me something for the anxiety and while I was talking to the nurse I burst into tears. How embarrassing! She said they don't normally give anything and that the doc was out of the office that day but she would talk to him the following day and see what they could do. The next day she phoned me (I thought they had forgotten about me) and they did give me a script for Ativan. Since I have it in the house now, I don't really feel like I HAVE to use it but just knowing I have access to it makes me feel better. I will probably take one tonight to sleep - depending on how I am doing. I am going to do my last minute running around today and try to get the house cleaned. I also took some before pics yesterday and will post them soon.

Getting better

I am 4 days post op today and I am feeling a lot better. Day 1, I was still very out of it but walking around OK. Day 2, was also pretty good. Day 3 was awful! So much swelling and stiffness. I see my doc tomorrow for my first post op visit. I am finding the bra that they put on me is cutting into me a bit so I have been undoing it. Does anyone else have that problem? I will try to take some after pics soon. I have before pics that I haven't had a chance to post yet.

Before pics - Finally

OK, I am finally getting around to posting my before pics. These were taken 2 days before surgery. Next post will be my after.

Trying before pics again.

Pics won't load - I am resizing and trying again.

5 days post - 2 pics

Please excuse the ugly bruising on my belly.

A few new pics.

I am finally getting around to taking a few more pics. I don't feel comfy posting naked photos of myself on here, so I chose to remain covered up a bit. I am feeling so much better, almost 100%. I am not swelling so much anymore. I am still wearing my binder during the day, but I don't have to wear it at night anymore. All of my bruising seems to have gone away not too. I will add a few photos.
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