40 Yrs Old.... New Start - Langhorne, PA

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Ok so i made a promise to myself that i would lose...

Ok so i made a promise to myself that i would lose apprx 30 pounds before i turned 40 and after working out hard and eating good i ended up losing between 32-36 pounds Great!!! Well after the weight loss my stomach was nice but i had the dumb pooch that would NOT go away no matter how hard i tried so i decided to get Coolsculpting BIG ASS MISTAKE, now mind you i choose this method because it was supposed to be painless, & no down time LIES!!!! and also because i was afraid of lipo because it looked painful and i was afraid to be put to sleep (silly me).
So i had Coolsculpting done March 1st and although it was not painful initially after the 3rd day the pain was almost unbearable and this lasted about 3 days excruitiating pain and i called out from work which i never do 2 days in a row!!!! After about a week the pain was finally manageable but did last apprx 2-3 weeks just like a bee stinging and a dull achy type of pain UGHHHHH and after all of that NO results so they told me to give it about 6 weeks and guess what after 4 weeks my stomach was larger than it was prior to this procedure, which lead me to my lipo journey.Now almost 5 months and $4000 after Coolsculpting i have found a wonderful doctor to perform my TT he was very honest and i needed and appreciated that. He told me lipo would take away the fat but it will not give me that FLAT look that i desired due to the loose skin that will be left.....he showed me pics of diff people that just did lipo or just TT and pics of people that had done both!!! All were amazing however i choose to have both using the motto Go hard or Go home!!!! So if im gonna be in pain anyway i might as well get the results i truly want!!!! So my date is set Aug 25th and im a usually a very private person but after reading peoples journey on here i felt like i also need to share and vent!!!! So i will keep you updated thanks everyone!!


So I'm counting down..... 12 days before my surgery and I'm nervous and excited!!!! I've already bought some items that I think I'll need like soup, crackers, fruit cups, bed pads etc. However I have been reading up on this thing called EMBRACE scar treatment and I think it may be a worthwhile investment. I'll do some more research on it and let you know... well until next time See Ya!!!

7 Days and counting

I think I'm past nervous for the moment, I'm just very excited I went shopping over the weekend and bought juice and a few snacks that I may need, I also bought some benadryl and baby wipes just in case!!!! This no shower thing for a few days is gonna be a pain I think but I'm sure I'll get past it!! I will try to post some photos today of this fat stomach before its GONE!!! Well until later...

FatGurl Pics

Just a few quick pics..... In 7 days this will be a memory

40 Year Old Birthday Present

Can't wait to have a flat stomach. So far my experience with Dr Goldfarb and his staff has been wonderful. I'm nervous & excited I'm looking forward to having a flat stomach I've been working out for about a year and still could not lose my stomach so this was the best option for me!!! I'm on the countdown now 5 days to go!!!

Monday is the big day

Wow I can't believe my TT is just 2 days away I'm so excited hopefully I will be able to post at least a quick line or two Monday just as an update!! Oh well fingers crossed and prayers going up thx RS for all the updates and post. I'll chk in Sunday evening until then I'll enjoy my last big stomach wknd!!

Today's the Day!!

Well I'm on my way to surgery.... fingers crossed God willing everything goes great!! Well talk to you on the flat side!!!

Day 2 post op

Well everything went great I had Lipo on upper & lower abs & TT with muscle repair. Day 1 post op was not bad I did take a Percocet with some applesauce however it made me very nauseous so I took a Zofran which immediately made the nausea go away!!! As far as pain it was at a minimum probably because I still had the numbing meds still in me.

Day 2 pain

Well I have noticed that getting up every so often to walk around helps a lot!!! However the overnight hours are tough because you are still for quite some time so when u first get up u will be stiff!! So take ur time as far as pain meds I did not like the Percocet and when my dr called to check on me I told him & he said he would call me in something else for pain but I'm just taking Extra Strength Tylenol every 4-5 hours and Tylenol 3 at night and that's working for me!! But again my pain tolerance is very good!!! Trust me if I needed it I wld def pop another Percocet but I'm good!!! It's just a dull achy type of pain every now & then I get a quick stabbing pain on my left side I have no idea what that is.... As far as good applesauce has been my best friend I had some grilled chicken and veggies last night!! On another note I did take some Milk of Magnesia and it worked in about 2 hours I'm sure u needed it because I don't go to the bathroom on a regular basis anyway..... (Weird I know) today I take my binder off and change the pads underneath it so I'll try to snap some pics & keep u updated . PS I do have one drain on the right side but it's not causing me any issues at all....

Changed my dressing

Took off my binder & changed the dressing today and I'm am very swollen but I still took a quick pic just to post and this is me laying down however.... This is how my dr told me to change it for the first time ....

5 days post op

So far my road to recovery has been great I would say on a scale of 1-10 my worst pain was about a 6. I only took the pain meds on the day of the surgery and that was just one Percocet I did not like the way it made me feel so after that it was strictly extra strength Tylenol and that worked with no problem. Every day gets progressively better I've been up & walking since the beginning, everything is coming along the only thing that is sensitive is my incision and my drain site burns a little every now and then otherwise everything is ok. Any questions plz feel free to ask.

Day 6 Post Op

Today is day 6 and there is pretty much nothing new to report pain level is about a 2or 3 and is a 5 when trying to stand up the only annoying part is the binder I did notice that I was quite swollen so I did loosen it a little which felt like a true release OMG it felt so good. Well 2mor is my first Dr's appt since surgery although the doctor called the first day after and his staff has called every day, so that was good, well until 2mor.

Day 8 post op minor setback

Today was good, my pain was about a 2 or 3 however I kept feeling this weird pressure in my stomach and it kept getting really hard. After googling my symptoms I realized this was kind of like a muscle spasm from the muscle repair I also have scrap under & above a small part of my incision from my binder rubbing against my skin although I had on a undershirt so I've just been keeping it clean & applying a little neosporin so hopefully this works!!!

12 days post op

Today was a good day!!! No real pain just a little discomfort however my stomach is still swollen really bad!!! Thursday nite I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and it was fine... However today was my 1st major outing I went to my cousins housewarming which was about an 1 hour from my house I rode with my family but the ride was rough I felt every bump in the damn rode and was holding my stomach for extra support even though I had the binder on. But overall everything was good still walking hunched over & a little... Well a lot slow but it's all good

13 days Post Op

Today was another great day for me I thought I was gonna be a little sore after my outing yesterday but nope I woke up feeling just fine. Still have a little drainage out of a small part of my incision where my drain was & for now my Dr said its ok but we'll keep an eye on it. I have a friend who is now thinking about getting a tummy tuck but felt like my dr was a little to expensive for her although she loves my results she said her cousins dr was much cheaper which is cool but I had to remind her that her cousin had to go back twice for scar revision and dog ears .... Not a good sign so my advice seek out a doctor not a price. Before I made my decision I had numerous consultations some good some straight horrible one doctor I saw told me I needed lipo on my thighs back arms and a bbl would look good.... I was like WTF ??? By all means I'm NOT trying to look 20 I have a grown son I'm not trying to look like his girlfriend I just want a nice stomach so when I hit the beach I can rock a classy looking 2 piece so needless to say I rolled out that office ready to fight. Don't get me wrong I value opinions but damn u saying shit I didn't ask u about my thighs & arms . The moment I walked in my Drs office it had a warm feeling it smelled nice & I was greeted immediately. When I sat with my doctor his conversation was amazing his mannerism was awesome and most of all I didn't feel rushed he took his time and even asked me questions. I knew immediately that he was a perfect fit for me!!! Dr. Richard Goldfarb in Langhorne Pa. Is amazing more pics to come!!!

Dr. Goldfarb is an amazing doctor he is very patient and honest and I appreciate that!!

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