I had my surgery on 9/13/12. So thankful!

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I am 43, mother of 3, married. Had implants...

I am 43, mother of 3, married. Had implants without a lift in 2002 in Germany at a conference for plastic surgeons in Heidlburg (I was a guinea pig of sorts). Initially very happy with appearance after having empty, wrinkled breasts after nursing last child. Within the first two years I noticed loss of energy and shoulder pain. Then onset of gradual weight gain and joint pain (probably from the weight gain). In the last couple of years I have struggled with weight loss even though I exercise alot. I've finally found a way to eat and lose weight slowly, but my breast are now HUGE and I feel I look matronly, and if I dress to show a waist at all, I look vulgar. I have a lot of youthfulness still and I want to run again. I just want to get these out and have a lift and start more rigorous exercise and be able to stand tall but not stand out. I went for my first consult on 7/12 just to ask questions and find out about pricing. They were very friendly. The doctor felt I could still have fairly full breast after removal and a lift and was asked to return in August as the office is going on Holiday untill then. Hopefully by my next appointment, I will have lost a few more pounds and can schedule my surgery very soon. If I could give advice to any younger girl, just get a nice lift and save yourself the stress.

I am trying to lose a few more pounds before I...

I am trying to lose a few more pounds before I actually have my surgery which isn't scheduled yet but I am hoping for September. I went to the track yesterday for a brisk walk. Usually I exercise at home or walk. Anyway, I got the urge to jog (I have lost 30 lbs in the last year from low carb diet). I started jogging, and instantly became aware of my large breasts bouncing all over the place. and I stopped before the men at the track could fix on. I hate this. I want to run so much. I could just to it anyway, but until I get these out, I prefer to just work out at home. I feel like I might be annoying my husband by talking about this all of the time. We've been married 17 years and he loves me and has been supportive of me in whatever I want to do, but he doesn't really know what to say. I don't even know what to suggest he say. LOL (Enjoy the girls while you have them? LOL)( Say goodbye?)(I'll miss you?).So, I'm really encouraged to read and follow all of the posts here and be able to tell my story as well.

I'm getting really excited about my next...

I'm getting really excited about my next appointment this friday. We should be scheduling my surgery. I hope I do not have to wait too long. It would be so nice to have these energy suckers out before I have to buy winter clothes. I must say, reading all of the stories of the ladies here who have had theirs removed has me feeling impatient.

I'm so excited. Originally, my doctor was booked...

I'm so excited. Originally, my doctor was booked through to January, but someone else had to cancel due to bad blood work results, and he fit me into his schedule for September 13. So excited--and nervous. I will post photos after the surgery. He seemed confident that I would have enough tissue left to create a full B-C cup.

Well, it is done. Thursday, I had my silicone...

Well, it is done. Thursday, I had my silicone breast implants removed. I also had a lift. Today is day 4 post op and I have a little more soreness in the left breast than the right, but overall, the pain is minimal. I am only taking Tylenol ES for mild pain. I even have been doing light housecleaning today. The best thing I feel is relief that they are out of me. My doctor told me that both of my implants were ruptured and covered with a "milky" substance. A culture was done and I will find out tomorrow at my followup appointment what it was. I am taking antibiotics. I have no fever or inflammation. I can already feel that holding my posture is easier, I actually feel like I can breath easier. My breasts look funny to me right now because they are still covered in tape and the tape is wrinkling some of my skin together. After tomorrow I should be able to shower. I have been taking baths carefully and using antibacterial wipes on my breasts. I also blow dry them to minimize risk of infection due to moisture. I was told that my breast would not look the same because the surgery was complicated due to the rupture, but to be honest, I think they look pretty similar. I've already gone to a party and to church and love the way I look in clothing. I EVEN think I can tell a difference in my bodies metabolizing food. It is as if smaller portions of food give me more energy and I havn't felt like I REQUIRED a nap in the middle of the day. Only 4 days post op!! I'm so happy, I could bust!! lol not my stitches I hope.

One month later, and I feel great. My breasts are...

One month later, and I feel great. My breasts are light, lifted, and the sutures seem to have finally disappeared. At first the incision line looked very jagged, but then they straightened out. The odd thing is, before surgery, my breasts were 38DD. Today, my bra is 36DD. However, they look smaller and are not pronounced. I am happy I still have fullness, but I am hoping they will get a little smaller. I am still a little sore, so I'm thinking there might still be some internal swelling. I must have been wearing the wrong size bra before. I am exercising regularly and lifting light weights. I feel so much healthier. I've even been running again. Well- jogging.

He was recommended by another Dr. who told me "I put them in, I don't take them out".

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