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I am 30 yrs, I am about 5"7 and am over weight...

I am 30 yrs, I am about 5"7 and am over weight (170lbs) from lack of diet and exercise :(. I have two children, my daughter is 5yrs born at 8lbs 5oz and my son is 2yrs born at 11lbs 9 oz. After being pregnant with a humungous child and giving birth, it has destroyed my belly. My tummy muscles are split by 2" at the widest point. There is nothing I can do about it exercise or diet wise, so I elected to have a tummy tuck. I think I have waited long enough to where my son isn't so dependent on me, plus I have a support system lined up for after the procedure to help me with my children.

I think the biggest problem I am having right now is, I keep wanting to read everything about TT's and while I am doing so I keep getting sick to my stomach and light headed like I want to faint, anyone else feel like this? I nearly fainted at my consult with the doctor and was told it was pretty normal for people to feel that way after hearing all the gory details.

My surgery isn't scheduled until Oct 22nd, so I have some time before the surgery to try to drop some of this weight I have recently put on and to gather up the needed supplies.

Does anyone have a detailed list of the supplies that are recommended for after surgery? I know the common things, medicine, ice packs.... I already have bad lower back pain so I expect it to be even worse after the surgery, besides ice for the back any other recommendations to relieve the pain?

Monday is the big day! I am getting more and more...

Monday is the big day! I am getting more and more nervous about it. I think I am just worried about the pain levels and how my kids will adjust to not having mommy 24/7! So very happy that I have extra help all the way over here in Germany, especially since I am very far from "home" and family (Texas). Will take my before pic tomorrow and post it and then a week later take another set of pics. The doc said I will have my binder on until my post-op which is 8 days later and will not be allowed to remove it!! :( no showers until the drains are out, I hope that happens fast cuz I just don't function very well without a morning shower. I feel fairly confident in the supplies I have and if I need anything I can sweet talk my hubby into getting it. We moved the recliner to our bedroom so I can "hide" in peace for the first few days from the kids. Don't really want them to see me in so much pain, especially my 5yr old daughter who has a very good memory. My son is going to have a huge adjustment come Monday, poor baby isn't going to know what to do without me holding him! :( but soon enough I can at least have him sit in my lap (if he stays calm). I think that's enough from me....

Ok day one after surgery! incredibly...

Ok day one after surgery! incredibly painful. I ended up having to stay overnight at the hospital I couldn't stand with nearly fainting. I should be going home today but nervous about the car ride home. My hubby has been emptying my drains for as that makes me nauseas to do, haha. I have no appetite at all but they want me to eat something so I did, I ate a banana and I blueberry pancake so far holding tat down really well.

Day 3 and I am doing better at getting up and down...

Day 3 and I am doing better at getting up and down on my own. I am getting up to walk every hour for a few minutes at a time since most of my pain is in my back. I feel like I have no strength in my back so after a few minutes I feel like it is going to just give out. Six more days and I hopefully will get my drains out when I go to my first post-op appt. my hubby is doing great at draining them for me :) I had a minor fall this morning, I was trying to sit back down in my recliner when I slid backwards and couldn't catch myself in time, so it felt like someone ripped out my stomach!! Now I make sure that I go real slow with that part.
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