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Ever since I was in 6th grade I have wanted my...

Ever since I was in 6th grade I have wanted my nose done. This was something I felt very uncomfortable talking about with anyone. When I was 17-18, I finally told my mom. I have always been really insecure about my nose but I never like to talk about it. I'm not sure why that is, I guess I'm ashamed of it. Anyways, my mom was really shocked and couldn't warm up to the idea. Now, I'm 21, I'm comfortable talking ONLY to her about it. I'm most nervous about telling my dad's side of the family, and my mom, mom (my grandma). She is really religious and judgmental. I feel like she will hold this against me for a while. (So if anyone has any tips or advice to give me on breaking the news, it would be greatly appreciated.) It took me a little time to tell my boyfriend. He kept asking me why, and telling me that I shouldn't. But he realizes this is for me, and my self esteem.

Last August, I met with a surgeon, in Lancaster, PA, at the health campus. I believe his name was Dr. Arthur. I was almost set on going to him. But he didn't make me feel comfortable for some reason. When we talked about what would be done, he didn't ask me what I preferred. He kind of just told me he would be taking the bump out and my nostril would be high up? I was really unhappy with the consultation but I was also unhappy with my nose, so I wanted to fix everything. I had no job, so no money, and I was and still am a full time student. So I knew I wouldn't be able to get the procedure done anytime soon.

In December, a girl told me about a plastic surgeon down the road from the one I went to, Dr. Wendell Funk. I hesitated to call for a consultation because I hardly had much money at this point. I decided in May to schedule my consultation and I was extremely pleased. Dr. Funk did stimulated images to give me any idea of what my nose would look like in two different scenarios. The first scenario would be just taking the bump out. The second would be taking the bump out and shortening my nose. I am still set on the second option.

I wanted to have my procedure scheduled for December 27-28 (because of winter break at school) but I only have a little over half of the money now. I am looking to find a job but I'm not sure if that's even going to help give me that money by December 28. So if I don't get it by then, I will be getting it in the summer! Having these insecurities really put a limit on my life. I have extreme anxiety, like most people, but I let it determine my life. It's not fun!

Since I last posted I've had days where I am so...

Since I last posted I've had days where I am so scared to get this procedure that I don't want to do it anymore, and there are days where I can't wait to get it done and over with. Nonetheless, this is something that I truly want and it effects me in so many ways.

I finally mustered up the courage to schedule my pre-op April 26. They told me I would only have 30 days after my pre-op to get the surgery. So I am hoping to not chicken out. As I said in my previous post, My main concern is telling certain family members. I'm not sure if there is a right way to tell them but hopefully I find it soon. Another major concern for me is not waking up. I am only 21, and I certainly want to live a whole lot longer.

On my next post I will upload some pictures!

My procedure is scheduled for the 21st of may! I...

My procedure is scheduled for the 21st of may! I am very nervous. More nervous than excited at this point. I keep having bad dreams that I am going to look like an over done plastic surgery woman! Haha but I am hoping for the best and hopefully my surgery will go well.
I have decided to only tell the people that I am very close to, that will accept my decision. I am going to just tell the rest of my family when all is said and done. I do not want to feel more selfish than I already do.
If anyone knows what I should eat or get prior to surgery let me know. All advice is greatly appreciated! :)
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A lady referred me to him after having a rhinoplasty.

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