42 Years Old, Mother of 5 Ages 23-11. Recently Divorced and Ready to Start the Next Chapter of my Life - Ohio, OH

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Weight has always been an issue for me. During...

Weight has always been an issue for me. During every pregnancy I looked at it as a free pass to overeat. Although I was unhappy with my weight I was content with my life. After my divorce I realized I needed to get healthy not only for myself but for my children and my lively granddaughter. I can't wait to have my surgery, to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with myself for the first time in years. I'm so excited!

Finally a moving date!

First week of April I should be able to make the trip to the UK. New body, new life, new home! So excited!

Few days later

Day 4

My right drain just seemed to stop working... When I went in to see my ps he went ahead and removed it. He said I seemed a little red right below my bb but other than that he said I'm looking good

No regrets

Day 4 and no regrets

Day 7

Starting to move around a little more... Really wishing I was at least a month post opt

12 days post op

Feeling better each day

15 day post op pics

Finally got my last drain out! One step closer to my old self


Over the weekend I noticed that the incision right below my belly button seemed to be separating and a yellowish discharge. Went to see my ps today and apparently it was worse than I thought. After some debridement I now have a hole. After seeing so many on here I was hoping to avoid this. So now doing the wet to dry packing... So disappointed????

Bright side

I might have a hole but I'm still loving my results

22 days post op

Well I wish I could say things are going great,but they could be better. I've developed a hole:( something I feared. I start wound care Tuesday. I can only hope it will get better from here.

One month post op

Well I must say recovery has been a bit harder then I thought, but right now I feel great. Still going to wound care for the nasty hole below my bb but I'm going on with life like its not there. Loving my new look!

Wound care

Well I just had my second appointment at wound care, hoping to get a would vac soon... They say my wound looks good but it just seems bigger each time.


Wound vac!

My wound vac came in early, I'm so excited! Hope this speeds up my recovery ????

Feeling "blah"

There are many pros and cons to this wound vac... I'm glad I have and and I don't have to worry about changing the wet to dry packing anymore, and I know I'll heal much faster with it, but I hate not being able to wear whatever I want and it seems like I've went nowhere except to doctors appointments for the last 2 month???? I go to the gym and the store but I'd love a girls night out lol

Another infection????

Doesn't look like I'll be moving to the UK anytime soon????

Slowly but surely

Having a good week

Will I ever be happy

I'm getting happier with my body.. not sure if I'll ever be satisfied ????
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