My Long Journey ..... But Not My Last Surgery - Seattle, WA

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading my story. Since I...

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for reading my story. Since I was 22 years old I had been on every diet known to mankind. I made the decision in 2001 to have a gastric bypass. I was at an all time highest weight of 285 and gaining at least 10lbs a year. I am 5'4 inches tall and very curvy.
I am now almost 48 yrs old. I lost 135 lbs my first yearish and for anyone that said it was easy, they have never had a gastric bypass.
I gained about 30lbs back and since have stabilized at my current .weight.
Since 1992 I have had a breast reduction, a tummy tuck then got prego with my 3 rd child. Then I had my gastric in 2001, lost my weight and my boobs lol So then I had a breast augmentation in 2002
. In 2005 I had an arm lift, twice because they didn't take enough off... 2011 I had another tummy tuck and my thighs lipo.
The liposuction on my thighs left a ton of sagging skin... Not a good choice.... So I have decided to get a thigh lift and my scar revised on the left side of my TT. I am scheduled for pre-op on this Friday dec. 13th. My surgery day is December 17,2013!
Out of all my surgeries I am most nervous about this one.... As it is my legs! I'm sure it will go fine like all the others did, but still a bit nervous.
I am having my surgery done at the Avalon Clinic in Lakewood wa.
I have had all my surgeries there except 3.
I will post some pictures and keep everyone updated.
I love reading the comments on here and seeing how everyone is doing. ; )


I will be retaking my pictures as it is hard to see the details because of the low lighting.

1 Day till Pre-Op

So today my nerves kicked into full gear. I'm sure having to rush and get my Xmas situated and everything organized,
has not helped the stress level. But happy to say by Sunday, I should have everything done and be able to chill the night before my surgery.
So something that just cracks me up: People ask if I am nervous or scared about the pain ect......
I tell them, the thing I am most scared of is..... the IV!!!!!!
I actually have the shakes and almost pass out while they are doing it lmao. Ridiculous huh?
I can watch any surgery, look at my wounds and all that,
but put a needle by me and OMG not going to see a brave girl here : /
So that is my biggest fear to be honest.
I'm trying not to second guess my decision to do my thighs as I have wanted them done for over a decade. But even with all the research and questions and knowledge I have....I'm still hoping I am making a good decision . I know logically I can't exercise loose skin away and that this is the only way......
But then I read the good and the bad reviews, stories and see pictures and it can make a girl think twice about cutting her thighs open.
So tomorrow I will ask a zillion more questions and make sure this is the right decision for me .... I'm pretty sure it is,
but going to be extra sure on this one.

Pre Op is Finally Here!!!

Good Morning Everyone! !
Getting ready for my pre op today Friday the 13th! Thank God this isn't my surgery day lol
Excited and ready to ask another
million questions! Will find out today how they are going to cut me and if its going all the way down to my knee or not.
Stomach is queezy cuz I'm a little anxious. Still have a lot to do to finish getting ready and I'm still working till Monday :\
I will let you all know what they say.... Stay Tuned!

Stressful Pre -Op

Ok so just got back to work from being at my very stressful pre op appointment. There was a mix up in the schedule. So my PS's partner Dr. Eckland was suppose to do a final consult with me and he left for the day lol....So my PS came in because I was then wondering what the hell is going on and where exactly are they cutting ect. ect.....
Apparently after we talked about the mix up .....Dr.Eckland the one that was missing... Wants to do this special technic on me. Lmao so I'm like ...we'll please tell me first he's perfected it lmao.... Long story short I have to go in on Monday to talk to Eckland because he wants to see me first to make sure I am a good candidate for his plan of attack...
Grrrrr now I have to miss another half day of work...

Oh and before I saw the dr. the nurse was telling me she just had a TT.
So of course, you know I asked to see it. ; )
It look fabulous and her scar looked amazing, 4 weeks out.
So then I showed her my TT scar....(you show me yours I'll show you mine :0) kinda thing.
I'm like mine does not look like my first TT.
She then tells me that my PS is no longer using Staples to close people up.... Are you freaking kidding me?...
So by the time the PS walk in I was like so now you decide not to use staples lmao..... My scar would look sooooo much nicer if I could of just been sutured instead of stapled....Right ????
He agreed... So I was going to get my dog ear fixed and part of my scar is hurting really bad so he was going to revise that..... But now he wants to revise the whole thing because it will look a ton better. The bummer part is he won't do my thighs and my stomach on the same day... So I agreed to come back in a few months and do the revision... Ugh was really looking forward to that part.
So needless to say it was a weird pre op with unexpected changes, for sure.
So Monday I will drive the hour plus and go have my final sit down with Dr. Eckland.
My surgery is scheduled for 6:45 am Tuesday Dec 17th!!!
I have posted new pictures of my thighs in better lighting (ugh) hate them....

3 Days To Go!!

Super excited this morning!
Will be running around trying to get all my xmas stuff wrapped and delivered. Xmas party tonight, minus the party, of course cuz I can't drink anything lol.
But first Santa pictures with my beautiful 1 yr old granddaughter.
What a blessing she is. Gets me through a lot with her smile and laugh.
Hope you all are doing good!

Count Down Begins!!

Good Morning Realself Peeps!
My count down begins to my Thigh Lift Surgery tomorrow morning. I have waited so long for this surgery. It is the last major surgery of my weight loss
journey. Feeling excited and scared and a few dosen other emotions..
I've done all the research I can do and read every comment on this site lol
I'm grateful to be a part of such a great group of people and say thanks to the sites creator ; )
Stay tuned!
1\2 day work then off to see what the Surgeons plan of attack is.
Have a great day ; )

12 Hours To Go!!

Super stoked!! Had my final meeting with Dr. Ekland and apparently I am Not going to have stitches that run under my bottom... nor will I have a ton of groin stitches and No Staples!!
I will however have a cut that runs down my thighs but not all the way to my knees.
Very very excited about no staples : )

Off to Surgery!!!

Finally heading out.
Surgery @ 7:30am so should be back in bed 2:pm : )
Wish me luck!

Home from surgery!

Hello RealPeeps
Surgery is over. took them three and a half hours to complete the surgery. And then I was in recovery for another hour after that.. My I V didn't even hurt.
So no worries thus far.
Except tryin to go potty lol

1 Day Post Op

Went to sleep about 12am last night and woke up in pain cuz I hadn't had a pill since 11pm. Yesterday was funny cause I couldn't remember anything and kept asking Jesse same questions over and over. Lmao pAys him back for the cardiac arrest he had 2 yrs ago...
Sorry digressed a bit.
I am in a very very tight compression garment that I'm sure could be pulled up a bit.
I'll find out this morning how much they took out. Apparently he did a little lipo too.
My pain level is manageable with one perc, taken with nausea pill, helps a lot. . My actually surgery took 3.5 hours because I had two surgeons working on me ; )
For some reason he didn't put drains in. So I am leaking and it is messy for sure. I will ask him today why he didn't .
My husband is a saint and doing a great job taking care of me.
The worst part so far is trying to go potty. It's a big ordeal for sure. I had bought a toilet seat riser but it was to hard.
For those of u that haven't done this yet....
Make sure your arms are strong, maybe with some arm weights everyday. Overall I feel pretty good. So far pain is much less then my TT. But I do have high pain tolerance.
I am taking several vitamins, a stool softener and if needed a laxative. I go for check up this morning. I wish they were closer to my house.
Update u all after my appointment.

First Post Op Check up

Check up went very well. He was surprised how well I was getting around. He took off 1lb of skin, and 280 cc out one leg and 310cc off other leg. Both legs got lipo.
My incisions instead of going all the way around my groin he went straight up the sides of my VJJ and then all way down inside of leg till about 3 inches above knee.
My pain is under control and can get in and out of bed with little help. I should get some stitches removed about 10 days from now. I posted the pic of what he removed ...
It's gross!

Skin and fat removal

2 Days Post Op

Good Morning !!
Hope u all are hanging in there.
I am now 2 days into recovery and doing ok. Except I don't type very good on pain meds. Lol
My hubby is going back to work and one of my daughters will be staying with me today.
I took some pictures of my legs so u all can see where they cut and how they attach to my pubic area. . I have a lot of bruising and am pretty sore, but happy.
I can't wait to see the final result!

3 Days Post Op

Howdy Peeps!
So I had my first shower last night! Felt so darn good!
Didn't get much sleep last night because my youngest broke up with her boyfriend.... Was trying to comfort her. : (
Finally by the time my hubby got home I could barely keep my eyes open.
So thus far I am wearing bandages on both legs and also have them covering groin incisions . Once a day I put the cream they gave me on them . I also change my bandages in morning and again before bed.
My left leg has stopped oozing and seems pretty good.
My right ls still draining but not to bad.
So now that I can look at my incisions, I have noticed that my left leg incision is in center of my thigh....but my right leg incision looks to be further towards the back, and not in the center like the left leg... Trying not to freak out and hoping it's hidden enough where when it heals u can't see it...
Lol I know your all saying if that's all I have to worry about shut yo yammer!!!
Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful this is all I have to worry about thus far .
So my last surgery, two years ago was a TT.
I made a huge mistake with that one and found myself extremely constipated. So please please take this advice if non other..... This surgery I started stool softer 2 days before my surgery and twice a day after surgery. I also added a gentle laxative and have taken 1 a day post surgery. So very happy to say this WORKS!!! No pushing and no hemorrhoids this time around. Sorry if this is TMI. But wish someone had told me this last surgery lol
I will post some pics tonight or tomorrow so u can see the changes as they happen.
Thanks for reading!

4 Days out and still kicking!!

Feeling sore and tired, but good lol if that makes any sense.
My right leg is draining a lot less today . I am spending two 30 minute periods without bandages or compression garment on to give it some fresh air. Incisions look good and no opening yet. Sorry didn't post pictures last night had company stop by and they stayed kinda late.
So far I am sticking by my statement that this surgery is far easier and less painful then my tummy tuck.

5 days Post Op

So last night I became really nauseated around 930pm. I think there is a stomached bug cuz my granddaughter and both my daughters felt bad. So I slept and awoke around 1am was extremely nauseated and felt like I was going to pass out.
Fell back asleep and when I awoke again i took nausea pill without pain pill. I slept from 7 am till 2:30pm got up took shower and fell back asleep.... Ugh
Running a fever after shower, low grade. Finally ate some soup and feeling a little better now.
Haven't had a pain pill wanted to see where I was with out one. So far tolerable.
I am interested in speaking to dr on Monday as it looks like two different people stitched me up and my scars are not placed equally in center of thigh....Could be reason for this just want to know.
Yesterday was definitely my most painful day.
Going to move around more today as my back is killing me.

1 Week Post Op

Wow made it to my one week mark without a trip to the PS. Yea!!!
But my son ended up in the hospital on Monday with the Noro Virus which started with my granddaughter and has hit almost everyone that has come in close contact with us. This is round 2 for some of us because we also had it in November . My son is ok thank god , but quit the scare....The Noro virus is that fun stomach virus that u sometimes here about on the cruise ships...not fun. So that's why I haven't posted...

Ok sooooo...spoke with my PS nurse (Hi Theresa, she reads our blogs) about my fever and since there didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary going on with my incisions, we decided I probably had a version of what was happening to the rest the family.
My left leg is healing nicely and no drainage and normal swelling. My right leg is still draining and has much more swelling then the left leg. My stitching on my right leg looks completely different like there was a shift change in the middle of my surgery lol. Hoping it will be ok after it heals.
I walked up and down my stairs for the second time in a week, as I would starve if I didn't ( home alone yesterday) lol
Did pretty good, just winded. Can sleep on my left side now with pillow between my legs for a short time.
I can definitely see a difference. My husband took pics last night but they suck.... so I'll take new ones tonight before shower ..I promise lol ; )
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying everyone's journey on RS.
I just wanted to say to all of you thank you for your love and support. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!!!!!
Love this website and the support it gives and also being able to give that back to others that need that extra support.
Stay tuned for 1 week pics !

7 Day Post Op Pics

Took these myself so sorry there not as good aa they could be. What do you think?
See any difference yet?

9 days Post Op and What Not To Do!!

Hello Peeps!
Hope you all had a great holiday. Honestly glad that's over with lol.....
So "What not to do" ..
Yesterday I got up at 6 am and went downstairs to help my hubby with Xmas breakfast.
Mind you , yesterday was the very first day I had been up and on my feet for any length of time longer then my walks up and down the hallway...
Soooo we all know or have read how fun the compression garment is and how fun it is getting in and out ect.
Well my dumb ass decided I didn't need to wear it for Xmas!!
BIG MISTAKE! !!!!!!!!!!!
By 7pm when everyone went home and I finally unwrapped myself for bandage cleaning ect.
I looked like someone beat the hell out of both my thighs!!! Swollen beyond anything I'd seen thus far and bruising pushed to around my knees and tops of my thighs ect
Oh and did I mention the pain lmao ???
Omg unbelievable!!!
Set myself back for sure. Cried most the night, 1/2 due to pain and half from the pain medication doing its emotional roller coaster thing when you have taken it for a week and yesterday did not take it till after 4 yesterday.
So please wear your compression garment because it will help with swelling and pain. Not Wearing It Is Not A Good Idea!!!!
So this Thursday morning I have swelling back under control. Slept in my batman suit, uncomfortable, (or should I say put it on but didn't sleep lol) But not as uncomfortable as the pain I suffered without it.
Going to rest today and sleep, feeling a bit sad and very tired.
All normal I know, but wanna get back to be my Sunshiny Self lol
Thanks for letting me vent to all you understanding souls!!!
Stay tuned ; )

11 Days Post Op And Should of Folliwed my Own Advice!!!

Hey Everyone!

Warning Content May Contain To Much Info For Some:

So you all know how I advicated early on for stool softners and a gental laxative........ Well I started feeling Normal and stop taking them .....
Shame on me!!!! I know better because of my last surgery.
I just got the Shit scared out of me lol in more ways then one lol
I became constipated really bad to the point of sweating and passing out. I was trying not to push but it hurt so bad and the cramps were excrusiating! Long story short after pushing and trying everything I can think of I looked down and noticed blood was covering both my wrapped legs!!
My blood !! Yikes not a good thing .
Thank god almost at that exact moment my constipation issue fixed itself....because as soon as I saw my own blood freak out time for
Husband to the rescue got me off the toilet and unwrapped me . Looks I pushed so hard my stitches started popping out ughhhh....
He got me fixed up and the bleeding stopped and taped me back up. Thank god this didn't happen last week otherwise I think the out come would of not been so good.
I am obviously freaked out by what our friend Renata is going through and did not want to be next...
So please take your stool softners so you aren't pushing on your stitches, such an easy thing to do to prevent a really bad thing from happening .
So another lessened learned....
Other then that I am doing good lol
Still swollen but feeling ok in general .
now I will behave myself the rest of the weekend , that was enough excitement for me.

Once upon a time.....

I think the hardest part of this journey for me is getting my brain to recognize the transformation that my physical body has made since I weighed 285 lbs.
So here is a story that happened recently....
At my pre op my nurse and I were talking about this. And she begins to ask me if Dr. Kenavan had ever told me the story of one of his patients that had lost a lot of weight.... I said no I didn't think he had.
So she preceded to tell me about this girl who had lost over 100lbs. She was out at the mall one day and saw this gorgeous girl from a distance as she was shopping ...
I start scratching my head like I have heard this before lmao
The girl all of a sudden realized it was her own reflection in the mirror across the store.... I then realize and begin laughing as that was my story, that the nurse was telling, that I had told the dr some years ago. ; )
She said that he's been telling my story to others all this time.
In that moment it reminded me to appreciate how far I'd come from that 285lbs and that girl in the mirror is what I really see when I thought it wasn't me lol

A Beautiful Girl !!!! What a weird sensation to realize how f#ck up our brains are, to not see what others see.
I think It was gods way of showing me how others might see me verses how hard i am on myself..... Still laughing about that being my story. Had no idea he retold it to anyone : )
Enjoy your fruits of your labor ladies. Life is so very short and to short to be wasting it on the negatives that our body issues can give us.. enjoy the new you and keep working on making it all positive!!

Happy New Year 14 day Check Up

Happy New Year to you all!!!!
So I had my 14 day check up with Dr. Ekland today. It went pretty good. No infection anywhere... But I do have a pretty good size hematoma on my upper right thigh. I also have two small openings one on left leg and one on right, from when I was pushing when I got constipated.
So my stitches on my left leg came out, including the ones in my groin and up my whohaa.
On my right leg, I only got half my stitches out due to the hematoma.
Today is the second most painful day I have had since Xmas day. I ran out of Percocet and had been taking Vicodin and IB but it did not do any good. So by the time I got home... Takes an hour to get home cuz I am in bothell and he is in Tacoma .
Needless to say I was in terrible pain.
So my hubby took some pictures before he changed my bandages today. If I am being honest, it was really hard looking at these : (
I am in that Omg stage of I look awful ect ect.
But I am going to make myself post my pics because I don't think hiding the not so great part is being bare with my self loathing today please lol
I know I have a ton of swelling and bruising and I know in my head it will get better ; )
I go back to work Friday and I am hopeful that goes well.
Rest of my stitches will hopefully come out next Wednesday.

I am looking forward to a great 2014! I will continue to love and nurture myself and as many others as I can : )
I wish many blessings for you all and a speedy healthy recovery in the new year.

17 days Post Op And Taking One More Day Off Work

Hello Ladies!
So I notice in my last review I forgot to tell you the answer that I got from my PS on the difference in my scar placement of my left leg verses my right leg....OneDimSim reminded me this morning . (thanks Onedimsim)
So just to recap. I noticed that my left leg scar/cut is in the center of my thigh...looks good and straight and stitched nicely.... My right leg however .... The scar/ cut line sets back further and is not in the center. It also looks like someone else did the stitching lol like I said "a Shift Changed in Middle of Surgery"
I was seen by Dr. ekland, who actually helped /did most of it..and showed PS the technic he used, as Dr. kenavan wasn't as familiar with his idea he had of connecting it to my VJJ going straight up verses in my groin following my leg crease front and back.
( which is how most people have theirs)
So he walked in and I said " hey I have a question for you!
Why does my right opening/ line not match my left leg?"
He look right at me and said.... I marked you up before surgery... I said with a chuckle yeah I know..... So what happen?
He said he didn't know , that it looked fine when he marked me but clearly now they are differently placed....... Duh??
At least he didn't bullshit me with a dumb answer but still lmao I thought it was a funny response ... So I am not going to stress about it because it is still hidden between my thigh. But I am still scratching my head on how you make such a noticeable difference in the cutting/measuring process. Anyway moving on......
So Wednesday, had a rough night and didn't sleep much. This was due to pain partly and anxiety from my husband on the other part...
Short version on husband....
Two years ago this February I woke up to find my husband barely breathing .. I did CPR till medics got there and he was barely breathing when they walked into my house, but alive. They had to shock him 3 times as he kept dying , right as I stood there , watching all of it like a bad dream...
Long story short he lived : ). According to his cardiologist thanks to me not panicking and a wonderful medic /fire department peeps we have here.... (and trust me, I assure u in my head I was hysterical)
But that event changed the way I sleep and I am pretty sure I have post traumatic stress syndrome because of that night.
They placed a defibrillator inside him so it will shock his heart if it happens again and they put him on a sleep apnea machine. .. Hence the problem, he hasn't been using it....
So Wednesday night I awoke at 2 am to here him breathing funny and I lost it....and couldn't go back to sleep. I pretty much told him yesterday, if you don't care enough about me and your family to use your apnea machine.... Then divorce me, cuz I can't live the rest my life being terrified that I won't wake next time ect ect.. So now thank god he is using it.. ; )
So Thursday was an emotionally tiring day. By night time I was exhausted and ready for bed....
I slept through the night last night and didn't have to wake and take my pain meds. But I think it was due to just being exhausted. When I awoke at 6 am this morning, I was stiff and could clearly tell the pain meds had not been taken : /
So I decided to take one more day off work to finish ridding myself of the hematoma and lack of sleep : )
When we changed my bandages this morning left leg looked good, swollen but good. Right leg had less draining but my hematoma is still there and very hard and swollen. There is improvement for sure tho.
I can't wait to get the rest of the stitches out as the ends can actually cause cuts in your skin and our quit sharp and annoying.
Again I can honestly say if it wasn't for the hematoma I developed this surgery was not so bad pain wise....
So that is the low down on this hoe down lol ; )

Question for all of you: What scar treatment have you used or will be using if any?????

Clothed pics of before thigh lift surgery and After TT and Boob Job

Pic from 2011 before any lipo and before 2nd tummy tuck

2011 Had TT and lipo on legs and knees

Then look at current before pics for thigh lift and see how the lipo pulled out fat and left the hanging skin at top of the thighs,,,,Gross

Back to Work I Go

Seems like last two weeks just flew by and now I have to go back to work. Spent the day grocery shopping and running errands. I got some men's work out pants so I would have extra leg room for my compression garment and the swelling that is still there.
So here is the update : Stitches are all out on my left leg and scar is laying flat nicely going up my leg.
It then goes into my groin and straight up my VJJ . The scar in my groin was pretty puckered and swollen, but now it is starting to lay itself out.
My Right leg stitches are OUT starting from my knee till about half way. Because of my huge Hematoma my PS left the stitches in from half way to my groin, but took the VJJ stitches out.
Swelling and Movement: My left leg is definitely less swollen then my right and my range of motion is much better on left leg. My inner left thigh is hard and tender but getting better in upper part. Opening is closing up and no drainage.

Right Thigh whole other story. Hematoma still at top of thigh but not as big. Really hard and painful at top and inside, but better then last Tuesday . Very little drainage and I was walking most of the day... So that is good.
Swelling and tenderness is getting better.
Tomorrow will where CG to work under sweats to help with swelling.

Next PS appointment is on Wednesday at 4:20pm so gonna be a long day on Wednesday . Should get stitches out then and be able to start silicone treatment and bio oil. I have been doing massage in shower and it helps a lot .
My knees are still swollen too.
Definitely can see a difference in size. But real jumping up and down will come if it helps or takes cellulite away ....
So next update with pictures on Wednesday .
Thanks for reading!

Getting Last Stitches Out Today

I can not wait to get these stitches out of my upper right thigh. They are cutting into my leg and becoming inbedded in my skin Yikes!
Not looking forward to the pain but ready...if that makes sence.
So I will update with pictures tomorrow morning, as I am pretty sure I will get home late tonight and my legs will be swollen. So morning time will be most telling.
This is my 3rd day back at work.
Honestly its pretty painful and if you can take a month of I highly recommend it!
Happy Healing!

23 days Post Op Check Up

Hello RealSelf Peeps!!!
As you know from above I had my check up last night.

Before I go into all the details I want to say Thank You to
Dr. Kenavan, Dr.Ekland and the amazing staff they employ.

Everyone at the Avalon Clinic goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and have taken care of my every need.
The receptionist, the consultants and all the amazing nurses.....
I just can't say enough good stuff about you all. The most caring connected staff and doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

When I found this sight recently, I let them know how great it was and how I thought it was so beneficial for a lot of people. I found out yesterday that my OR nurse was following my posts : ) along with my all time favorite nurse, Teresa : )
So what a better way to let them know how much I appreciate them.... then to post on here.
Thank you for everything you do to help!!!
from the beginning to the end. Love you guys!!

Ok so enough of my mushy stuff. It's my birthday today so I am feeling a little forgive me lol

My Check Up: So I knew it wasn't going to be fun, as I had got the Hematoma caused my me barring down when I had my constipation issues my second week.
As Redwinelover and I always's all about the Poop! Lmao
And ladies this is very true. Please keep the fiber and stool softners and gental laxative going all thru'll thank me later ; )
Ok so back to check up... I took my pain medicine on the way there, cuz my husband drove me...thank god!!!
When I got there, I went right in. My OR nurse, who I ,
of course can't remember her darn name... lol sorry... was there with her smiling face ready to take out my stitches that were left in my legs. Ugh!!
I get in the chair and wait for dr. Kenavan to come in.
He always makes me smile and is helpful in answering all my questions crazy or not lol
He said the hardening inside my thighs is due to the old blood pooling ouchy ouch for sure. : (
He said everything look good and he thought I would have some good results.
He told me I could switch to spanx so I went to store and got longer ones : ) no scar treatment yet... And see him again next Wednesday .

So back to the stitches... My nurse precedes to start cutting and pulling....mind you this and the IV , are my most dreaded events in all of this surgery stuff (crazy huh?)
She says the stitches are deep and my skin has snuggled tightly around them... Yikes
We went slow and she was amazing and understanding and took her time. Again, I can't say enough of how caring they/she was. She managed to get most of the stitches out and the couple that were not coming will work themselves out eventually.. :(
So an hour later and the patience of a saint I was done....
Painful during and painful after. My incisions were definitely ticked off after the stitch removal.
So hour plus ride home and I was ready for shower and bed. Pretty swollen after working all day and then getting stitches out ugh
Feels good to have them out, but also feels pretty weird .
I took some pics this morning. Very very sore and swollen when I woke.
Still wishing I had another week off work.
So here are my pictures ...remember this is only 3 weeks out.
I have ton of swelling in my right thigh and little less in left thigh. Knees are still swollen too.
After I looked at my before pics and also my Pre Lipo pics from 2011 I do see a major change already :D

I am excited to see all swelling disappear.
Scars are looking a lot less scary and I scar real well so I'm expecting good scar healing.
My opening on my left leg is closing nicely and all my incisions are starting to lay flat . yea!!!!
The white u see is my cream.

So that's the scoopy doopy and the skinny on the poopy ; ) roflmao
Thanks again for the birthday wishes and following my journey and hopefully this is helpful to others.
It is sometimes hard to share the hard and painful parts, but I feel you can't just tell the good only ... You have to explain how you got there first ;)

Quick Update

Happy Friday!
Since my Wednesday appointment my right leg was very very sore and really swollen and hard. I have been taking super hot showers while seated on my Shower Chair ( great investment $38.00 walmart)
and massaging both thighs really really has helped. As I mentioned before I had one long stitch that we couldn't get out, cuz it had embedded in my skin. So tonight as I was in shower massaging my thigh...I decided to give it a try and see if it would budge...
To my surprise it came out on second pull. YEA!!! So very happy cuz it was really hurting, my incision was definately done with the stitches. ... ouch!
So here's to bye bye stitches and continued healing and sooner then later please...... bye-bye swelling!

1 Month Post Op Funny Things Happen in The Most Stressful Situations

Wow what a Birthday Month I'm having!!
So here is my update first and then I'll get to the funny stuff lol still laughing....

Left Leg: is doing great. Swell hell is there, but tolerable and feels pretty darn good. Left leg had a tiny opening but has healed nicely with no infection.

Right Leg: had a huge hematoma as you all remember from the Poop thang lol
Hematoma is shrinking but Swell Hell on right leg is considerable compared to left leg.
All my stitches had been taken out except for at the top of my right thigh. That stitch that was left was causing me a considerable amount of pain, daily. I could not wait to take it out. I tried in shower but it was not coming so I decided to leave it till my next appointment......

I am back at work and feeling fatigued, a lot during the day.
I get tired quick and I wake up tired . I contribute this to part pain from swelling and the stubborn stitch that wouldn't come out.

Emotionally: well I am still riding that roller coaster. I am normally a super positive, glass half full type.
But ladies, surgery is not just about go in and come out and your done..... Many of my new RealSelf friends have posted about this and it is very real . The emotions after the anesthesia and drugs where off, is something the doctors do not warn you about!
This is the side of plastics that absolutely should be part of the patient education, during your consultation.
I am a surgery veteran and I have had many , many surgeries in addition to the plastics. And I must confess, with each surgery there is a point where u do roller coaster up and down.
I, absolutely do this, with each surgery I have had.
Some of the surgery lows were lower then others...but that doesn't diminish the importance of being educated and prepared for those moments.

This is where I think the doctors should implement a informational video or pamphlet and get it out there. Surgery is more then just physical's emotional, it's more then just the patient, it's the caretaker and the whole family ... It effects so many things and touches so many lives that have to watch you go through this journey.
So with that said, I approached my PS/doctor and discussed what we all have been experiencing on our journeys.
He does these Pod Cast Informational Videos and he thought it was an excellent idea to introduce this very real post surgery fall out one of his videos. I am thrilled that he was so open to hearing what we all go thru as PS patients. This is why I truly adore this doc, as he really, really, really cares for each of his patients, and listens to them : ) I will be forwarding him a few excerpts of my blogs and a couple other RS peeps blogs, with their permission of course ....

Ok onto the Funny Stuff!!
So my 1 month appointment: I called the nurse on Tuesday regarding my stitch that was killing me cuz I wanted to see what my options were gonna be on taking this bugger out..
My hubby was not going to drive me because he was working. After speaking with Teresa my favorite nurse :) and her speaking with dr. Kenavan .....She informed me that two things could happen. 1) he leaves it in for stitch to remove itself when it's time.... Or 2) he numbs the area ( with needle) and takes it out.
Omg did someone say Needle!!!!???
Ugh I said ok and hung up and freaked out!!!!!!
Lmao you'd think after so many surgeries needles would be common place and not bug me.....but sorry terrified of them!!!
So on to the dr I go on Wednesday . The nurse said take your pain meds before I come and he would take a look see.
I'm a prepare for the worst, hope for the best kinda girl.."
So husband drives and two Percs on board and a nausea pill I'm off to face whatever may happen.
So I get in the room undress from waste on down.....
My husband is sitting to the right of the dentist like chair I'm now seated in half nakey.
I'm quit nervous and super anxious as I wait for the PS.
The nurse that comes in is not My Teresa : (
She must be new cuz I didn't recognize her. Real young and seemed a bit quiet.
Anywhooo I am waiting ...doc comes in and takes one look at me and smiles lol he knows I hate needles and sees I'm a mess...Poor guy.
So I'm sitting in the Dentist chair with my legs open and my whohaa out lmao and the young nurse goes and grabs the needle off the tray that was across the room......
OH HELL NO .... Was that happening before he ask her to get it, or before he tried to take it out without shooting me with the damn thing ....I think I scared here cuz I said put that back I can't see it OMG !!!
She didn't know me so she had no way of knowing I am terrified of needles lol
Anyway long story short she puts the needle back on the tray and comes back over to where the doc and I are.

The next thing I know the doctor grabs my right leg and throws my foot over the top of his right shoulder.
I freakn thought the nurse was gonna die!
Picture my leg up over his right shoulder as he tries to pull the stitch out my freakn leg roflmao
My husband was makes a joke and I I can think is
Do whatever the hell you need too to get the damn stitch out without a needle ....
The young nurse was apologizing and I was like "whatever works sweetie, he's seen inside and out so no shame or embarrassment here!!!!!!" Just get it out!!!!

So no needle, my thigh/leg swung over my PS's shoulder and a funny story to tell my RealSelf friends !!
Love my PS! The most caring doctor I have ever met!

Two days and I can start scar treatment and take a bath.
Healing nicely he said : )

Today both sides feel better. Just a lil pain from swell hell in my right thigh and sore where stitch was...

I'm a happy girl!

My Side By Sides as Requested 1 Month post

I'd Say Happy Sunday.....But...

Been up and down today emotionally. Must be something in the water ; )
Found a rogue stitch this morning that somehow hid from my PS.. So DR. J to the rescue! Leg once again over the shoulder and out came the damn thing....At least this time it was the hubby in my biz ; )

My left thigh is shrinkin nicely down 2.5 inches
My right thigh is still pretty tender and much more swollen. Its down 1.5 inches or so.
Scars are healing good, bit red today.
Energy is still down as I am not eating as much as I know I should. But starting tomorrow will be changing that.
Wearing my spanx still and starting my scar treatment tomorrow.
All in all things are improving.
Don't regret a thing!

6 weeks Post Op Tomorrow

Emotions: I have been in the Emotional Olympics for the last 5 weeks lol It has been a tough ride in that department.
Nothing you read or no one you talk to before hand truly prepares you for these Olympics you get to participate in.
I am finally off my pain meds as of last Friday and now I am taking Tylenol and rotating that with IB.
Percs definitely have an effect on your emotions ladies!!
I dealt with more depression this surgery, then I ever have any other one. But thanks to all the wonderful people on here, my husband and the support of my family I have made it through the worst part. Getting a thigh lift isn't the same emotionally as my breast aug. or my TT... The recovery has been a lot harder thus taking away from what my brain should be seeing.
I can finally say my brain is starting to catch up with my body. ; )

Scars and Scar Treatment: I have been using Bio Oil twice a day and massaging my thighs for 10 minutes each time. This has dramatically helped my swelling.
My Mepitac Tape and Kelote Cream arrived yesterday and I tried out the tape yesterday and today I put the creme on before work and after I took my shower.
The Mepitac Tape came off great and stayed on just fine.
I ordered both from Amazon.

My left leg scar is doing fine and I think will be lighter in next 12 months.
My right leg scar still has a bit of puckering down by my knee, which I think will relax as the swell hell goes away.
The placement of the scar on my right side unfortunately does not match my left side and you can see a tiny bit of it at the bottom before my knee from back of my legs when they are closed. Just something I'm gonna have to live with.
No explanation from PS when I ask.... : / Just said it was even when he marked me...

Measurements: My left thigh is about an inch or so smaller then my right thigh. I have swelling and hardness remaining in both. My thighs are down a good 4 inches from the start of surgery!!!!

I have also lost 2 inches in my waist, and 3 inches around my bra strap area. This week will be getting on treadmill and doing some light weights to ease into things.
Overall I am really pleased thus far with what I am seeing and just now starting to give myself permission to say....
As the swelling goes down it can only get better ; )
My son and his girlfriend were over and couldn't believe the difference in my whole body and how I am shaping up.
Felt really good to here that ; )

Pictures: My hubby took pics this morning and I cried when I saw them..... I just couldn't believe the sagging skin was gone...just couldn't freakn believe I was going to wear a pair of shorts this summer.... I still have some work to do to get them exactly where I want them, but now I don't have to worry about the excess skin, and that is more emotional for me then I can put into words right now .

Swell Hell and Bruising: I am a banana by nature when it comes to still have quit a bit on right thigh.
Swelling and hardness on both sides but definitely improving.

Energy: I have been working since 3 weeks Post Op. And I won't lie, it's been hard and I have been exhausted everyday.
But I have rested every chance I have gotten. This ladies has made a huge difference and I am finally starting to feel normal again.

I am debating whether to post my pics or wait till the 8 week mark..... thoughts ???

6 Week Pics " OMG I didn't realize how much of a change there was!"

Not until I look at each new picture, each week do I SEE a difference.... It's amazing that it takes a camera to help me see the real me.... Happy tears this morning...happy so far
Still swollen and bruised so can only get better.....

Go Hawks Go!!!!!

8 Weeks Post Op

Hello RealSelf Peeps!!!
Today is my 8 week mark. I feel pretty good over all. Since I haven't posted in awhile I will go thru what I have been up too.

So first let me say that I have always been a realist when it comes to having surgeries and the possible out comes of them. The last time I posted pics were at the 6 week mark.
I could definitely see the Improvement and the drastic change that was happening. I was still swollen at 6 weeks and I figured that the tightness of my skin would relax a bit, and my cellulite would return to some degree. I was not expecting it to go away ....... But for a moment to see my legs without it....well to be honest was overwhelming and made me cry...and hope for the best.
Unfortunately, at my 7 week point my swelling started to go down and my dimples I figured they would.
So I think I can definitely say I got a little sad about that.
I think it's real easy to compare our results to others on here and be very critical of ourselves. Over the last few days I told myself to stop !!! We are all individuals and our bodies, our shapes, our skin and ages are all different.... And that is how it is.

So I snapped out of my sad face and decided I will continue to post on here... I do not look perfect, I do not look like some of the other women my age... But that is ok!!
Not posting and not putting my pics up is not following the journey that I set out to go on. We can't just post the perfect or the best. We also have to post the ok not perfect but improved. ; )
So that is were I was at in my head. I will continue to work out and I will also be starting the HCG drops in hopes of boosting my metabolism.
I have noticed that some of the women who have had thigh lifts on here routinely stop posting at 6- 8 weeks. I feel that the same is probably happening to them and they might of also felt uncomfortable too.
I hope that they read this and get some comfort from it.
Ok so back to the results and the nitty gritty...

So you have all read the story of me getting my last stitches out at the end of January . So after that appointment my PS told me give it a few days to heal and then start scar treatment. So I did and started with the Mepitac tape.
A Few days later after I started the tape... I noticed I had blisters.
I got two big blisters at the top of my inner right thigh where he had removed the stitches. Of course I popped one and then called my nurse. Nurse advised to leave it alone and don't do the Mepitape for now. I continued to think that the tape caused my blisters.......
Well low and behold about a week later on February 6th I felt a hard pointed thin thing where I had popped one of my blisters. The other blister was still there as of this point.
So I say ooh honey get the flash light think I found another stitch.. So he gets the flash light and confirms that he can see the head of a seconds later....comes this inch and a half long stitch ... We couldn't believe that it had been left in there!!
So the next day the blister was gone and that had been the little bugger that caused the blister not the tape : )

Ok so that was in my right thigh.
Right Thigh: Currently blisters are gone. The hardness along the incision is lessening. But I still have some hardness and swelling on upper right thigh. Also I still have a tiny bit of what I call gathering with an indent about 2.5 inches before the end of my scar going down my leg. I do think this will resolve itself with massage and time.
Scar is looking good. Healing nicely.
Previously I wrote where I noticed my scars were cut differently and where I could see my scar from the backside when I took pics. This has now corrected itself as my swelling is going down. My right leg scar was just naturally pulling itself cuz of how tight it was and the swelling that I had. So by the time I'm completely healed I'm confident that scars will match up pretty close. : )
My right thigh at it largest point today is down by 5.5 inches and there is a a half inch difference bigger from left thigh.
Will continue massage, exercise and scar treatment.

Left Thigh: my left thigh has from the start been the easy thigh. Scar looks good and there are no gathers or issues.
My left thigh has lost 6 inches to date. Measures 1/2 inch smaller then right thigh...
My Knees: Knees are still not where I would like them, and there may be nothing I can do about that.
I have appointment with my PS on Wednesday and will be discussing knees and Part Two of the next round.

Emotions: As I said above my emotions were a little sad and RS was making me a bit critical of my results. As women I think we can be so hard on ourselves and sometimes even each other. I have now gotten back to my original path and recognized that our journeys will be different and unique to us all, and reminded myself of where I started and that I am not quit done yet.
So today I posted my pictures of each front shot from Before surgery thru today at 8 weeks.
You will notice that between week six and week eight my leg texture changes : (
For my next round I am currently getting consults to determine if I need an LBL or a Bra Lift and a TT revision . So the saga continues.....
I encourage everyone that comments on my wall to be honest and no smoke blowing up the Ass please...
I'm very allergic!! : O


Ok so believe it or not I found another stitch that was buried in my upper left thigh. I was bummed cuz I had this raised scar at top of my inner left thigh. PS said it would go down eventually..... So a week or so later I took a pic on cell phone.
Omg it was a stitch about 2.5 inches long . When we shined a light on it you could see it under the skin....
So Dr.Jesse to the rescue (hubby)
A little tug and out it came.
Other then that been working out and eating clean.
Loosing weight and inches. Will have measurements on Sunday.
I still have gathering on my right thigh and scar is a little hard still.
Continuing to us scar treatment .
Looking forward to my TT revision and a LBL and BBL.
Going to loose the weight first and see how my skin holds up as I loose the weight.
We're going to Mexico mid May so working hard to drop 30lbs.

8 days without My Nonfat White Choc Peppermint Mocha WTF

My hubby and I have been clean eating and taking HCG Drops. I am down 2.4 lbs and 11.5 inches!!!
My thighs are measuring 23.5 inches from 29 inches before surgery!!!! Since clean eating lost 2 inches off thighs alone!!

11 weeks post op

Thighs are coming about. Gathers on my right thigh are slowly smoothing out. I'm still doing scar treatment and focusing on being heathy .
Been eating clean and I have lost a total of 17.25 inches and 3.5 lbs on this HCG "eating plan"
Feeling good and moving forward.
Lakewood Plastic Surgeon

I love everyone at the Avalon Clinic! The staff is awesome and the doctors truly care about you and your results. Would totally recommend them! P.S. Dr.Ekland will be performing a big part of my surgery. Which is totally ok : )

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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