Tuberous Breast - 600cc Saline Sub Muscular - 2 Sets of Implants Since '99 - Now Gone, Removed!

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I need advice on getting these out! I hate being...

I need advice on getting these out! I hate being so 5'9" and 170 lbs. my back and shoulders always hurt and I can't run or weight lift without the, always getting in the way. I had my first augmentation at 26 years old to fix a tuberous breast and asymmetry issues. I had one size c breast and one size a. The difference was drastic. I waited 10 years from 16 to 26 to get that fixed and it was so so hard emotionally.

I then got a reduction and lift on the larger breast and two 325cc implants teardrop saline behind muscle. In 2011 I had a replacement implant surgery done because the right breast was slipping into my armpit. I had the pocket fixed and went up in size to 600 cc. Worst mistake ever. They are so large. Nothing fits. I feel fatter than I actually am and just hate them.

I'm SO scared how they will look since there is hardly ANY of my own tissue there. Help. Need advice and doc recommendations as my doc who did both and was great has retired. Dr Ecklund in Lakewood, WA at the Avalon Clinic. They are womderful but far from me.

Some before pictures

Here's a few before pics along the journey. The first is from 1998 correcting my small tuberous breast. Lift and reduction on one side and 325 cc round moderate saline implants in both. 13 years later second surgery. Fixed capsule and went to 600 cc round moderate saline implants. WAY too big. :-( but loved them for a few years.

Had first consult for explantation

Had my first consult with Dr. Ronald V. DeMars. I just LOVED him. He made me feel so comfortable and did not try to talk me into going with a smaller implant, lifting, fat grafting, etc. He came across as wise, calm and assured. He has 30 years experience and seems well versed in BA, Lifts, etc. He said that of all the women he's explanted (without re-implanting) have all been pleased and that NONE of them have come back to have implants placed back in. That gave me GREAT comfort! He also made me feel pretty good about how my skin heals/scars, that I have good elasticity and a decent amount of my own natural breast tissue. He said I had a little more tissue on my right side (non lifted) than I do on my left. His price was reasonable and I just loved his staff. He has his own surgical suite and could get me in within the next month if I selected him. He also mentioned that he could "drain" the implants while in my body so I could get used to it and allow my body to retract, but I think I would rather they just come out completely and be done with it. Very excited about my journey!

Close to booking a surgery date for this MONTH!!!

I have one more consult on 5/11, but am going to book with Dr. Ronald V. DeMars tomorrow as long as Hubby is ok with 5/27 surgery date!! I am SO dang excited, but incredibly nervous about recovery/emotionally how to deal with people at work and all. That's STILL my biggest fear is work people, SO silly, SO silly, I know! But it's just coming up with the "excuse" to take time off. WHY do I think I need to make an excuse? I have the PTO saved, I can swing it with my work load?? I just work with such a small team of people and they are all SO "Personal" with each other and I usually am too with my life, but this is different. I kind of want to just tell my boss that I need to take PTO as I'm dealing with some medical stuff that's personal and I'll need some time off along with a bit of flexibility the following week. But then it's this big "mystery", so just not sure what to do/tell him and them. Any ideas??

More "Before" Pics with BA

Just posting a few more "Before" pics to give you a feel of what I look like in clothes. Always felt SO much bigger than I really am. I am 170lbs, but have quote a bit of muscle on me at 5'9".

Booked my surgery date for May 27th!!!

I am over the moon excited about getting this scheduled!! Yahoo!! Now all of the coordination with my Doctor's as I am on Coumadin (blood thinners) for life and they will have to take me off 5 days prior to surgery and I'll have to give myself Lovenox injections to bridge the whole thing. That part is NO fun, but will all be worth it!! Just SO happy I found a great PS to do the procedure. Dr. Ronald DeMars here in Portland. I did my homework and he's an amazing surgeon. I feel like I'm in GREAT hands! I meet with Tish next week to sign the consent forms, give final payment and learn all of what's needed to prep for the procedure. I'm hoping for an earlier, rather than later surgery time as you can't eat 6 hours prior, but we'll see. Fingers crossed! Thank you ALL of you that have been brave enough to tell you stories on here. I'm beyond grateful and want to give back!

10 Days to Explant!

I am getting SOOO excited for my surgery. 10 more days. I've been going to acupuncture once a week and sitting in the infrared sauna trying to detox my body before surgery. I live a pretty clean lifestyle anyway, but thought this might prepare my body for a speedy recovery and best results. I plan to go back to acupuncture and infrared sauna as soon as possible post surgery as well. Any advice on things I should be purchasing/preparing for my recovery period? It's so hard to know what size of compression bra I'll need so I'm waiting until after. The PS will provide put me in a surgical bra upon departure and then I guess I can go get one or have hubby or friend pick one up a few days after??

Panic and doubt are setting in...

How do you go from 100+% confidence in your decision to a week away from explant and freak out....every insecurity (including made up ones) are flying at me....ugh! Thinking all this crazy stuff about how my husband had some ex girlfriend with big boobs and still has some old pics of her and others he's dated on his laptop. He's like, ya, I need to delete all that crap....I seriously could not be married to a kinder, more wonderful man, but it's me that's all of a sudden feeling incredibly insecure. Did any of you go through that with your partner or just yourself? How did you cope? xo

Latest "Before" Picture

Forgot latest pic from April 2015 to give you full body perspective at 170lbs, 5'9" and 600 cc round moderate profile saline implants.

Today's the day for surgery!!

I am starving!! Have to be to PS office at 12 pm. No food or drink since last night. Thirsty as ever but all this will be worth it! A few last pics before explant. I'm praying that I will have a good end result. So scary!

I'm free!!

Surgery went really well yesterday. They did not have to remove the capsules. Was in the OR for about 1 hour 20 mins. I was REALLY sick all day yesterday. Vomited multiple times in the car in a bag and at home from the General Anesthesia, but already feel 100 times better this morning. Was a rocky night sleep wise last night, but to be expected. I'm wrapped really tightly in a velcro wrap so I cannot see what they look like until my shower Friday afternoon. Will post pics. I don't feel "lighter" or anything yet as I'm still in quite a bit of pain so pretty hunched over or laying down. Staying steady on the meds every four to six hours with the anti nausea pills as well since the Oxycodone makes me queasy. Looking forward to being able to see them, although pretty scared too as I look REALLY flat! My Husband has been SO sweet and said "wow babe, you look SO skinny and athletic" a few times yesterday...what girl wouldn't want to hear that?!? I love him! Off to rest and will post another update after my shower Friday. Thank you for all of your kind words and support. SO happy to be past the surgery. OH, and the implants looked clear and clean. They showed me a pic while I was in the recovery room. I'll get that pic during my post op visit next week on 6/3 and will post along with updates. xx

Day 2 Post Explant Update

Feeling SO much better today. Was able to take a shower. Boobs feel so gooey and flappy. Very odd feeling. They are small but all mine!! Very deformed looking at the moment but that will improve in time. Just so relieved to have them out. Hubby keeps telling me how skinny I look. Awesome!! :-). Pain is getting better but still there. I only had one dose of meds yesterday and them went to Tylenol. Only Tylenol for me today. Having some visitors today and a bit nervous but will be fine.

SO Bloated!!

Wow, I seriously feel like I've gained 10lbs in a few days! Ha! Was finally able to "go" to the bathroom yesterday, but still so incredibly bloated. Looking forward to having this part pass, but understand it's probably just part of the process. Did anyone else get really bloated after having general anesthesia? I'm thinking it's pretty normal given what my body has been through. I am SO happy I decided to explant though, that NONE of this really truly matters - all part of the process...

Day 5 Update w Pics

Happy and seeing improvements everyday! That little tuberous breast is still tuberous but I knew it would be. Maybe it will settle over time. I really don't care. I'm so happy I did this! The ONLY thing bothering me is going to work tomorrow but I think I may have a plan for that ;-). It's truly amazing how fast my body is changing. What a miracle!

Day 11 update w/pics

Hi Ladies. I'm feeling pretty good almost two weeks out! Going for a longer walk today with a friend which will be my first bout of exercise. Going to wear the compression band so less jiggle which seems to cause less pressure on stitches.

Had my first post op w doc last Thursday 6/4/15 and all went well. He thought there might be a seroma (fluid in breast) on rt side so stuck needle in to remove and none there just a little extra breast tissue on rt side so all good. He said I didn't have to wear compression garment any longer. I wanted to ask a bunch of other questions but felt rushed and forgot so didn't. He said to wear whatever bra I felt comfortable in. Which seems to be these Hanes flex fit lightly padded ones. Wearing compression garment in sleep. Overall feeling just wonderful. No pain. Starting light massage w firming cream now and going ok.

Still super flat in upper pole but look pretty good in lightly padded bra. Yay!!!

5 Weeks Post Explant w/Pics - SO happy!!

It's been 5 weeks and I'm SO happy I had those things removed! Wow, what freedom! I am back to my weight lifting and cardio routine full fledge and feel great. No issues so far. Starting lifting light again at about 3.5 weeks and now lifting the way I was before. I don't do much with chest, but you use those muscles in a lot of lifting sets anyway. I feel great at the gym.

Bras are tough - nothing fits just right yet, so just staying in sports bras with a little padding and that's working fine :) They are retracting quite nicely (I feel) :) Still no real upper pole, but could care less! :)

The scars have healed AMAZINGLY! I had dis-solvable stitches and they were almost completely gone at 2.5/3 weeks. The scars are beautiful. Not raised at all! Thank you Dr. DeMars!!

Anyone still on the fence, I hope this progress inspires you to be free!! :)
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