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Day 3 & I'm still pretty sore. My right side...

Day 3 & I'm still pretty sore. My right side is very high & tender. It's oddly shapen as well. I hear it's normal, but that doesn't help much. I just want it to drop & look like the left one. I can feel what feels like a crunchy air pocket on the right one as well. It's very weird and I'm not sure if that's normal. It's near my armpit. If this corrects itself & the right side drops, I'll be happy, but right now I'm kinda regretting the whole thing. Please tell me this will go away!

So I'm day 4 or 5 of post op... How does that...

So I'm day 4 or 5 of post op... How does that count work? I had my surgery on November 1st, so is today day 4 or 5? Anyhow. Mornings are still rough & the more I do, the more I feel the tightness in my chest, & what feels like an air pocket rising on the right side. My one week post op appt. is on the 7th, so I'll see how I'm doing then. Not too much more to report. I'm feeling better about the results each day & while I've been told I could have gone bigger, I think I'm happy with my size. (That may change as time goes on, but I do want them to appear somewhat natural) They feel very much like the nursing days when you are engorged. My arm movement is limited & it's hard getting tops on & off. I attempted shaving my armpits yesterday which was nearly impossible. Not only can you barely move your arms upwards, your boobs are sitting there too. It was a terrible experience & I missed a huge area. Here's to going all Natural.. LOL. My husband has been amazing the last few days, but returned to work today. I managed without him for the most part, but got stuck on the counter because I had to climb up there to get the coffee filters which he placed on the top shelf. Luckily my son pushed a chair over to me & I was able to get down. :)

So Wednesday was my 1 week post op appt. My PS...

So Wednesday was my 1 week post op appt. My PS said my right side was still high & suggested some tecniques to help that including wearing the wrap, pinching it downward & masaging. The gurgling sounds that occurred when I'd push down on em' have gone away. Thank goodness because that was weird. It's still rough extending my arms & stuff, but each day gets better. I stopped pain meds after the 3rd day, & returned to the gym on Thursday.. The official one week post op day. When I say "returned to the gym" you may think "she's crazy".. So I will clarify. I'm walking on the treadmill. Nothing major yet. I do miss my classes though. I'm trying not to suffer from "boob greed" as I am technically where I said I wanted to be size wise. It just sucked when I tried my old 34C bras on & they still fit. Of course they were a bit big on me before as I never downsized after I had my daughter & I lost weight, but mentally you don't want to fit in the bras stuffed in your drawer after a BA. So even though I don't HAVE to buy new bras, I am gonna treat myself to one sexy thing at 6 weeks :) For now, I've found some awesome deals on sportbras. Infact, I purchased 4 for less than $10 brand new. Oh & it does feel good having cleavage in a sportbra instead of feeling like a 12 year old boy. I've recieved a lot of positive feedback from you ladies & I truly appreciate that. Each & everyone of you who has stopped by with words of encouragement, advice & compliments.. Thank you! I need to focus on that. We all do :) Why are we so critical of ourselves? Hope you all love your boobs, get the boobs you want, and have a speedy recovery! xoxo

Well, It's been a while since I've been on here,...

Well, It's been a while since I've been on here, so I thought I'd give an update. I went to VS after 6 weeks & was sized at 32DD, or 34D. It's much easier to find 34Ds though, so I picked up a couple new bras that were on sale at Kohls. I'm happy at times and frustrated at others. So I'll just share some of the things I'm not so thrilled about. For one, I'm pretty active and push ups are weird. It makes me feel like a man with pecks when I'm using my chest muscles. I can move my breast upwards when I flex.. Not cute, but I hear it's normal.. My right side has continued to be my problem side. It feels foreign or out of pocket. I don't know how to explain it? I happened to see my boob in the mirror as my weight was on the right arm (getting out of the shower) and it looked crazy. Also, I already have rippling. You can't see it when I'm upright, but when I bend forward, the side view shows some ripples & you can feel it. Last, I discovered that when my arm is raised above by head & I use the opposite arm, I can push the opposite side implant upward & it doesn't just drop down fast like a natural boob. It slowly drops. Which looks really weird. I haven't talked to my PS yet, but will be calling soon. I'm trying to be positive because I know I can be hard on myself at times. Maybe silicon would have been a better option? I don't want to go through another surgery, so I will probably just have to accept it. Unless of course, there is something wrong on the doctors part & I can get it fixed free of charge. I don't know what could be causing these things. If there are any others out there with a similiar experience, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks so much!!
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Overall, I am happy with my experience with Dr. Kenevan. I will admit his age scared me at first. The picture online must have been taken 20 years ago. So that's just a heads up. I don't want anyone going in suprised. This could be a pro or con depending on how you look at it. I'm going to say it turned out to be a pro for me as it shows he has a lot of experience in this area. He was extremely patient & listened to my concerns. Everyone in the office was extremely nice. I feel like surgery went well & I'm (so far) pleased with my results.

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