Coolsculpting on Lower Abs and Flanks - Lakeway, TX

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After researching Coolsculpting and reading many...

After researching Coolsculpting and reading many reviews on this site, I decided to have the procedure done on my lower abs and both flanks. I've never had ripped abs or a six-pack, but as I've gotten older, it's been tougher and tougher to maintain and my weight (and waist) has slowly drifted up. Coolsculpting seemed like a reasonable effective, non-invasive procedure that would really help get rid of my spare tire. I don't have great before photos, just a few that I snapped before heading into the office yesterday morning. They took before photos at the facility, but I don't get copies of those until the 3 month checkup. I was worried about the ant bites on my left flank that I got over the weekend, but it turned out not to matter and I was able to have all 4 areas done.

There have been lots of review of what the actual procedure was like. I was a bit concerned about the pain, but it turned out not near as bad as I'd feared. The sucking at the beginning was a bit strange, but just a pulling sensation, no real pain. The first hour was looonng, but I had my kindle and started a new book to pass the time. The real pain was after the device was removed and the technician massaged the area. OW! The massage was fairly painful and it continued to hurt for about 5-10 minutes, but was gone after that. And by that time, we were already working on the next area. I would say the pain for 5-10 minutes after the procedure was more on the flanks than the lower abs, but still went away fairly quickly.

Numb and sensitive abdomen was wierd, but I still played Volleyball for my rec league team that night with no issues. I also went to the gym today and did an easy elliptical workout with no pain or issues. So, right now, no real pain or discomfort; just the wierd numb and slightly sensitive abdomen. It's like I got punched, but I really only feel anything when I crunch over. So far, so good.

Day 6 - Bring on the Pain

The first week, my abs were swollen and tender. Numbness and spot tingling with mild pain if I touched/massaged my abs. Day 5 and 6 was a turning point as the pain ratcheted up quite a bit. Still bearable, but fortunately this was Saturday and Sunday and I just took it easy (and motrin!).

Day 7 - The pain was mostly gone and I even went running for the first time since the procedure, although only for 15 minutes. Then I switched back to elliptical. The swelling has gone down, although my abs are still a little tender to the touch, but nothing like the last few days. Hopefully, this means I'm through the worst of the pain. Now, I'm ready to start seeing progress!

Day 10 - No more Pain

Day 10 and the pain, numbness, swelling is almost completely gone now. I plan to post some 1 month pics the first week of July. I understand that it takes 2-3 months to get the full result, but I'm hoping to start to see some results even at the 1 month point.

Day 38 - Progress!

Day 38 - I had intended to take update photos at 1 month, 2 months and 3 months. But I just got around to taking new photos, so it's more like 6 weeks since the procedure. I'm definitely seeing progress!

Yes, I've been working out (although, not necessarily more than before) and have been eating well (probably a little better than before). So, all together with continuing to workout, eating well and letting the coolsculpting do it's work, I can definitely feel and see progress.

Also, after the second week, there has been no pain, numbness or anything that would limit or hinder me from normal activities. I'm still hoping to get more progress over the next 2 months, but I'll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks so won't be getting the same workouts (and diet!) that I normally would have. We'll see and I'll try to get an update the first week of August which would be 2 months.
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