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I am 32 years old a Mother of 2 boys. I have...

I am 32 years old a Mother of 2 boys. I have always had very small breasts, 34A-B. I would like to go to a small D. I stay very busy and work 4 jobs. I feel like I am always doing things for others and now it's time to do something for myself. I am finally at a place professionally and financially where I have the means to get my BA. I want to have a BA for many reasons, some are selfish, some are silly. I work in a very male dominant field and we all wear the same uniform. I have been called sir several times. I want my clothes to fit better. I want to be able to wrap a towel around me and have something to hold it up. lol. My Mother and my Sister both have large breasts but I ended up very flat chested like my Grandmother.

The doctor I have chosen is Dr. Stark in Lakeland FL. He has been in practice for 30 years and I haven't been able to find any complaints about him. I had my first consultation about a month ago. Dr. Stark took time to answer my questions and discuss size. He has an in office surgical suite but due to my history of allergies and allergic reaction during anesthesia, he advised me that I would need to get the procedure done at the hospitals outpatient department. This is going to increase the cost but, better to be safe.

I have had 2 pre op appointments so far. I had to go to my PCP and have ekg, labs and stress test done. I received surgical clearance from him. I went to my pre op with my surgeon last week. We again discussed size. He initially told me that he would not due more than 360-420. I advised him that I wanted to be a full C small D, We decided on 500cc moderate profile saline. I have 1 more pre op scheduled for this Friday with the hospital. During this appointment I will have the opportunity to meet with the anesthesiologist to discuss my concerns.

Moderate VS Moderate Plus

As I talk to several people that have had BA, most of them tell me that they have gotten Moderate Plus profile. My surgeon told me that he is giving me the Mentor Moderate smooth. I tried to do research on the different profiles but I couldn't find anything on how the choice is made. I did read that the Moderate profile is flatter and wider then the others. I assumed that would make my breasts look smaller. This morning I called my surgeons office with my concerns. The nurse explained to me that they use the Moderate profile most often and for those with a "normal" body, and that they usually use the Moderate Plus profile for those that are very petite.. ie around 100 lbs or with a very small frame. She said I have a normal frame. She also said that the Moderate Plus implants sit further apart from each other causing less cleavage. She said that the Moderate profile are more round at the bottom giving the appearance of nice natural cleavage. Natural cleavage is definitely the look I am going for. So glad I chose to call and get this clarification. I feel much better about the decision. :)
I am getting so excited! One week from tomorrow!

45 More hours to go!!

Wow, where has time gone. It's getting close. only 45 hours to go :) I have to be at the hospital on Friday morning at 6am. My husband is going with me. He is so awesome. He took off of work for a week to take care of me and help me thru recovery. I am starting to get a bit more nervous. I think it's because it is becoming real.... It's something I have wanted for a long time and it's finally almost here. It is very exciting to know that in 2 short days I will finally have the boobies I have dreamed of. LOL.

I have been working hard on preparing the house. I have purchased a few extra pillows, and a neck pillow. I'm not sure how I will do sleeping sitting up. I have a really comfy Papasan chair with an ottoman that I love to read and nap in but I'm not sure how I will do sleeping in it all night. Any suggestions to help with comfort or preparation for recovery??

8 1/2 Hours until I head to the hospital.

I only have 8 1/2 more hours until I head to the hospital for my BA. I started to get nervous earlier but I am doing okay right now. I'm sure by morning I will be a hot mess. I always am right before surgery. Hopefully they will dope me up with Versed shortly after I get there. :)

I made sure to have everything in order at the house today. I have all my snacks, Extra Pillows, Meds, and My hubby. I cannot wait to be on the other side. I'm so excited to have this over with.

They gave me Zofran to take tonight and in the am because I get so sick with Anesthesia. Hopefully this will keep the nausea at bay.

I made it to the other side!

I had my surgery at 735 on Sep 27th. I had an allergic reaction to the compression stalkings. I managed not to throw up until I got home. I am taking Percocet, Zofran, and flexeral as well as a stool softner and Keflex. The pain is unbearable at times but doing okay. My husband took a week off to help with my recovery. I only three up once today. Eating okay. Feeling short of breath at times. Lots of pressure/ heaviness to upper pole. Will update more tomorrow. I got between 450-500cc not sure how much. I will find out at my post op on Monday.

more before pics

my first night post op

My night was okay. I only slept about 3 1/2 hours but I don't feel too bad. Ice packs are my bff right now. As long as I do pain meds and muscle relaxers I seem to do okay. I have a very heavy feeling and upper pole tightness this morning. I am so thankful for my hubby, he is amazing. He even fed me because it hurt to raise my arms. I will update more later.

Post Op day 1, Making progress today

Today is officially 1 day post op. Today I was able to eat breakfast and take my medicines without nausea. My husband and I were able to go to Chipotle for lunch. I hate being on pain medication,It makes me feel fuzzy. We also went to a movie and did some shopping. I think I did too much too fast as I am really sore. My breasts are very achy and very tight. They feel like they did when I was breast feeding. I am now at home resting with my ice packs. My chest and arms feel as though I have had a strenuous workout.

I was told not to take a shower until after my Post Op apt on Monday. I cheated a little. had a shower from the waste down and wash cloth for the rest from my hubby. He has been so amazing. I changed my sports bra today. Yesterday they put me in a 38 front closure bra. Today I put on my Danskin front closure sports bra in a 36D, it was really tight and uncomfortable to now I am wearing a seamless compression sports bra I forgot the brand but I bought it at Kohl's. It is much more comfortable. I never though I would every say something in a D cup was too small. LOL. I am curious as to how big they are going to be when the swelling goes away. I was also able to put my nipple rings back in today with no problem. My voice is very scratchy from being intubated. It is very sore as well.

I didn't get the warranty card with the information about my implants. I assume I will get that at my post op visit on Monday. I am very fearful of my PS squeezing my breasts on Monday. They are so sore. I have been pushing down on the top of them. Not sure if I am supposed to be doing that yet but it feels so good to relieve some of the pressure. I can't wait to start massaging. Hopefully that will help with the tightness. I feel like I am rambling. LOL. Must be the meds. I feel like I'm in a fog. I will update more later.

Post OP Day 2- Life Lessons

I feel I was much too ambitious yesterday... My husband and I went to the movies, out to lunch and did a bit of shopping to find a few more shirts that button in the front. The pain got ahead of me and I have been fighting it ever since. I did not have a good night. I am alternating between ice packs on my breasts and a heating pad on my back. I decided to take it easy today. It is very hard for me to sit still but I know that my body is telling me to slow down so it has time to heal.

I feel like my breasts are very tight when I wake up. I cannot wait until I can start massaging them. Everyone says that makes them feel much better. I hate not being able to use my arms to get up or do things. I find that I am getting fatigued very easily. I went to Wal-mart for about 15 minutes today with my hubby to get a few more of the front closure sports bras. I bought a few regular sports bras before my surgery but they are very hard to get on. I have spent most of the day today resting in my chair and I even took a nap. I was able to eat a normal meal today. I have not had much of an appetite with my medications. I had stuffed acorn squash and it was amazing.

Boobie weirdness--- Today I noticed that I have a small area of edema (fluid) at the bottom between my breasts. It feels weird. I also have the feeling of air under my skin bilaterally to the sides of my breast. Hopefully that will absorb soon. It doesn't hurt it just feels strange. Hope all of you are doing well. My bruising is a bit worse today. I will try to post a few pics in a bit.

Post Op Day 3

Today is day 3 Post Op. I slept really well last night. I had my first Post Op visit today. My PS was slightly concerned with the amount of bruising I have to the bottom of my breast. He said that I have been doing too much and need to rest more. He took the bandages off and left the steri-strips in place. I have to go back to him on Thursday to reevaluate possibly having to drain the hematoma and replace the steri-strips. It is so hard to make a conscious effort not to use my arms. Overall I am doing well with the pain. I was a bit more sore after leaving the PS office. He says no massages for now because he doesn't want me to bleed anymore. I had to laugh when we were at the Dr's office... The nurse was discussing with my husband how we can have sex but he can't squish my boobs. LOL. My husbands face was priceless. After we left he was like... I can't believe she said that. I told him I love that she is filter-free just like me. I will post a few pics of my progress/bruising. Hope you all are doing well.

post op day 3 pics

Here are pics of my bruising

Post Op day 4

Today I concentrated on resting. I went 8 hours without any pain meds. I had to go to a meeting this evening and I became very sore and swollen. My left breast actually went numb for a while. I am back at home. I had a nice hot shower and I am enjoying my heating pad on my back and ice packs on the girls. Hoping for some good rest tonight.

Post Op Day 5

Today my Husband went back to work so I am on my own. I took my son to school this morning. Driving was a little rough. It was awkward to turn the wheel without hitting them with my arms. Lol. I spent the day relaxing until it was time to pick my son up from school. I have been wearing the bali sleep bras. They are seamless and really comfy, but they are not very supportive. I feel very sore and feel like they are a bit swollen from being out and walking around. Trying to find a happy medium with support that doesn't rub on my stitches. My bruising seems a little better today. I go for another post oo visit tomorrow to recheck my hematoma and change steristrips.

Post Op Day 6

I didn't get to rest much because my son and I both had Dr appointments. As much as I try to rest and get a good nights sleep I seem to still wake up exhausted. I took my son to his appointment and then we had lunch. By then I was ready for a nap but I was time for my appt. My hubby drove me to my follow up because the PS said he was probably going to have to drain the hematoma that was under my right breast. I am happy to say that the bruising was much better and he said he didn't have to drain it. I spent the rest of the day relaxing. My bestie brought me cupcakes.... She said the boobies needed cupcakes to heal. LOL

Post Op Day 7

Today has been a rough day for my family. My husband was out of town working and our 14 yr old Bassett hound got out of our fence and was hit by a car. I had to call my dad to take us to the vet because I was unable to pick her up. The vet was unable to do anything for her and she had to be put to sleep. After I got back home I had to go get my kids from school and they didn't take the news well. I managed to get dinner done and tried to do some laundry. Somewhere in my need be productive as an outlet to my stress I did too much. When I went to change into my pajamas, I noticed that my stitches on the right side were bleeding a little bit. I talked to the nurse and she said it was okay. I am now in my chair as I should be. I am feeling very sore.

Post Op day 8

Today I woke up with an intense burning pain to my right breast. It almost felt like a Charlie horse pain. I am trying not to take pain medication because it has been causing a lot of constipation. I took a muscle relaxer and it seemed to help with the pain. I have also noticed a lot of tenderness to my nipples in the last few days. Hoping for things to improve in the coming days. I am supposed to go back to work by next Friday.

2 weeks post op

Today makes 2 weeks since my surgery. I am recovering well. Yesterday I had my stitches removed. That was a weird feeling I felt the string spiral under my skin an a bit of a pinch when they came out. I have to keep steristrips on for 2 more weeks. Other than that the girls are healing nicely. Unfortunately I am not able to return to work yet. I was supposed to go back today but due to the heavy lifting of patients I do at work, the Dr wouldn't clear me to go back yet. I will be back to work on the 20th.

forgot to mention...

I forgot to mention I am still having a terrible time with those horrible burning nerve pains. I mentioned this to my PS and he said I need to start at the site of the pain and massage inward and around the nipple several times a day. He said this should help with the pain as those nerves regenerate.

Trip to VS

I went to Victoria's Secret today, mostly to use up some coupons but also because I really wanted to get sized and pick out a few bras. I know it's early but I hate the sports bras. I was measured at a 36DD. I know this may change but I bought a few bras from their clearance/sale area.

more shopping

Another VS and a dress I bought

6 Weeks Post Op

Today I had my 6 week post op visit. I am healing really well. Dr says I still have some dropping to do but that I am coming along nicely. Have my next post op in 3 months. I have too say that I am absolutely amazed at the difference. This has been a great experience.
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