5mm Diastema + 2 MIA Permanent Teeth + 10 Y/o Extractions = Hello Ortho - Lakeland, FL

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I have had a gap since birth. It's a family trait...

I have had a gap since birth. It's a family trait and somewhat admired (Notably not by me). I have never in my 34 years of life smiled with my teeth showing on purpose! I have been snapped mid laugh and i always felt warm inside seeing the unadulterated joy in my eyes; but a quick glance south and wah-wah-waaaah....good feeling gone. ;)
After a few permanent teeth failed to arrive on the scene and an impacted tooth shows up with the worst of intentions, my front two teeth tumultuous relationship seemed to take a turn for the worse. They had been separated for decades but now they had decided to 'shift' and put a lil more 'distance' between each other.

What I'm working with...

January 25, 2016- Face officially braced!!

Today I got my braces put on!! Ceramic on top and traditional metal on bottom. I was given the option of having either Invisalign or traditional braces. After taking a good month or so, I decided that traditional braces would be my best option. Only because in my research I learned that traditional braces are said to be more predictable in determining outcome. Plus the fact that I would have to take out my trays periodically and replace them didn't sit well with me. Better for my lifestyle that I have something fixed in my mouth so that Im not tempted to take them out if its too sore or forget them. Even though my ortho offered Invisalign and braces at the same price practically. He also offered ceramic braces at the same price as traditional metal. :) The theory behind having the metal braces on my bottom teeth is because they are less bulky and less noticeable.

My ortho placed each bracket on by hand and I chose silver bands for now.
It took less than an hour to have them put on and the cleaning and maintenance talk from the dental assistant took the majority of that time. ;-) very thorough debriefing, complete with horrifying pictures of what can happen to your teeth if you don't take proper care of them. :-o

February 15, 2016: 3 Week update

It's been three weeks with braces and the biggest adjustments for me have been:
Braces rubbing on gums (using lots of wax)
Poking wires in the back teeth (I have missing teeth and I'm constantly playing with the wire where there is no tooth and it's moving my wire around) :-/
Talking and eating (because I feel like I have to literally pick up my lips with my hands to close my mouth)
CLEANING (huge adjustment to floss, little sore for water pick given by ortho)
Using floss threader and super floss right now. With my sonicare on sensitive setting.

March 25, 2016: 2 Month update POWER CHAINS

I'm at the 2 month mark and was feeling pretty good. Getting into the swing of my dental hygiene routine, talking without spitting and eating almost my typical foods. I see my ortho every 8 weeks so this is my first adjustment appointment since getting them on. I did pop in the office to get my poking back wire clipped last week. So my appointment consisted of removing my initial wires and allowing me to brush and floss without them, then new thicker wires on top and bottom and a power chain on my front two teeth. I thought they may do power chains but not sure if it would be this soon. I took pain meds in anticipation. After an hour or so I definitely needed them. It's been a constant pressure and an intense painful numbness that is hard to describe.
I've also noticed a space forming in my lower front tooth even before the power chains. Ortho says that it's normal as bite and teeth are shifting. Was given extra power chains and metal tool to replace them if they slip off. I think because it's only on my front two teeth and my gap is so large so space will be closing with teeth moving, on top of eating, brushing etc. more likely for it to come off. He also said that I could come into the office to replace it if I preferred. :-

May 6, 2016: 3 1/2 Month Quick update

Power chain pain is real! Seem to feel pain and tenderness in different areas of my mouth daily. Small seperation on outer sides of front two teeth. Last few nights I've been waking from sleep because of pain. No pain no gain right?
Next appointment in 2 weeks. Will update then.
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