46 Yrs Old, 6 Kids Ages 5 to 25. 5'3 130 IBS. Just Want to Tuck in a Shirt with a Flat Tummy - Lake Oswego, OR

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I have wanted this for so long. Actually looked...

I have wanted this for so long. Actually looked into it 10 years ago. Divorced, remarried and started another family. Everyone tells me you don't need surgery you look great. I tell them I hide my appearance well. I am the weight I should be for my height I just will never get rid of the balloon that has inflated and deflated 6 times without help. I originally only wanted a TT but thought since I am doing that maybe a lift and one size bigger wouldn't be so bad. Bra size c to d depending on the bra. This all happened so quick I decided one day I am going to do this for myself, had a consult appt within one week ( that was 4 weeks ago) and surgery in the morning. I got a call yesterday they decided they wanted to do two separate procedures rather then both together. I was pretty bummed but agreed. So TT is tomorrow because that takes more recovery time and breast aug/lift will be on Monday June 27th. I took 3 weeks off and stressing a bit wondering if it's going to be enough time. Anyway before pics and will check in after surgery.

Tummy Tuck Done, Breast Aug/Lift on Monday

Surgery went well, took about 3 hours. I just remember waking up to the nurse telling me you look amazing and we took about 4.7 pounds off. I got a bit teary eyed because I was excited and something I have wanted so long. I am happy with my weight and frankly for my age and having 6 kids my breasts really haven't been a concern. However my tummy I have always been self conscious about. It was a great feeling. Got to my moms she is helping me which is great. She is a retired nurse and had a TT and breast reduction 10 years ago. Anyway slept for 4 hours. Was surprised when I got up I wasn't in that much pain, I did feel faint, pale,clammy and felt sick. We figured it was because I had not eaten all day. Had soup and fruit got up again and felt fine. I took a pain pill and anti nausea medication and headed to bed. I am sure tomorrow I will be more sore. Very anxious for follow up appt to see what I look like.

4 Day post-op TT

Well I am pretty sore today, between my tummy and my back. I have had 2 showers already tonight and yesterday. A shower felt good. I could feel a bit more sore today because I have only had 2 pain pills today (tramadol). If I could take ibuprofen it would be better. Still unable to have NSAIDs because of tomorrow's surgery. I am thankful now that I did have procedures done a week apart. I have used my arms a lot helping me to not use my abdominal muscles. The only other thing I have had going on is severe itching. I thought it was my binder but I put a t shirt inside my binder and I am still itching everywhere. I finally went to the restroom today as well. Everything was fine because I have been taking 200 mg of docusate daily and drinking lots of fluids.

Breast Aug/Lift today

Well had surgery at 8:30 lasted about 4 hours. I was a bit disappointed to hear from Doctor that I probably wouldn't be able to go a size bigger because I didn't have enough breast tissue. This is the first time I have heard this. I haven't seen any stories on this site of anyone having that issue. Anyway came out with a full C cup which was what I was when I went in. I am sure it will look great was just hoping for a little bigger is all. The only pain I have today is in my armpit area. Go back for follow up Tommow. Hoping to get drains from Tummy Tuck out and get a glimpse of my new boobies..

1 day post op Breast 6 day post op Tummy Tuck

Tummy feels much better today, breasts are sore ice packs help. Went in today I was hoping to get drains out today but Doctor thought a few more days would be better. Apparently they look for a color change in the blood that is draining and mine was still a bright red so he wanted to wait a few more days. Got my first look at my new breasts I am very pleased. For first day I thought the looked pretty good. I will post pictures when I can. I am very thankful for my mom who has been with me the whole week. Definitely need someone to help out that first week. Honestly I am glad my two surgeries were at different times. Now that my tummy feels better I am using my leg muscles so I don't have to use my arms at all.

Not feeling well today...

Today hasn't been a good day. My breasts feel like they are 10 tons and I have been fighting nausea all day. Started taking ibuprofen today and will only use tramadol at night now. Ice packs seem to help with the breast pain some. My arm and hand are still swollen dr thinks it's from the IV. Hard to believe I had my tummy tuck 7 days ago already. Getting a bit nervous I will have my 3 young kids this wknd ages 5, 7 and 8. Luckily I will have my 25 year old daughter on Board to help me out. Thinking how nice a shower would be but dr said no shower till after apt on Friday morning.

Depressing Day

Today felt better but really getting the itch to do something. I have seen it on numerous posts about a week into this there is like a depression. I am feeling it. Just laying around gets to you. I have been on ibuprofen only today and done quite well. Had my daughter help wash my hair and gave myself what my dr likes to call a French bath. Wash cloth and deodorant. Sat outside a bit but really ready for tomorrow's appt to get drains out and bra/spanx on. I haven't looked at myself really since the procedure. I hope the results were what I was looking for. I do notice a lot of people stating you can have swelling up to 6 months hmmm

I am liking my results

Lets see 10 days post op TT and 5 days post op Breast Aug/Lift I had my Dr Appt yesterday morning. Got drains pulled, was given the go ahead to drive. I went and got nails done and a pedicure. It was so awesome to get up and around. However by bedtime I was so swollen I had to loosen my binder I could hardly breath. The dr was very pleased with results so far. My spanyx were apparently not going to work nor was my bra it was to small. I wound up with 305 cc breast implants and I think they will be just perfect. Today I took it easy as much as possible, got to take my first shower since breast surgery it was awesome. This was the first time I have seen my whole body naked. I am pleased with my results. I still have a lot of swelling but I am happy with my breasts and how flat my tummy is but most of all my love handles are gone.

Best Day So Far Happy 4 th ...

Today was my best day so far. Got out of the house a few hours, had some swelling but not to bad. Either my incisions are starting to itch pretty bad or I am having a reaction to my tape. Today was the first time I had clothing over the incision. The one thing I wanted most from this surgery was to be able to tuck a shirt in. I have always had to wear my shirts out to cover my big love handle roll. This surgery was a success. I see so many on this sight that think oh now I need this done or that done. I am looking at their pictures thinking man you have really great Results, surgery will not make you Barbie doll perfect but to me if it looks100 percent better than it did go with it...I added the before pic again. WOW what a difference almost 5 pounds off my 128 pound frame.

Today was the day

I had my 2 week post op TT and about 10 day post op Breast. I have wanted to wear a belt for 25 years. After having my first child I always had to cover up my stomach. I wore a pretty form fitting dress with a belt. Doctor was thrilled with results and I am too. I cannot believe already how much more self confidence I have. I really love my doctor and staff. My tummy at this point feels pretty darn good, basically I just feel a little tugging at my stitch area. I got rid of the binder that makes me very happy. Started wearing spanyx today. Breast are still swollen and a little sore. Picture is me with spanyx on.

Loving Results

16 days post TT and 11 days post breast aug/lift.
Well I must say I am loving my results. Everyday I feel better and better and I am healing up nicely. My Dr and team did a great job.

Today was very EXCITING...

Today I got to do something I have not done in 25 years I wore nice fitting jeans with a snug shirt tucked in and a belt. I couldn't quit looking in the mirror. Heck all day I kept messing with my shirt, it has just become habit to continuously reach down and pull my shirt down over my belly roll. It was amazing...When you see how much better your cloths fit you really realize how worth it this surgery was.

3 1/2 weeks post-op

Well I haven't been on for about a week. I go back to work tomorrow a bit nervous. I am still having some pain and swelling in my breasts especially by the end of the day as well as my tummy tuck incision area. I have just wearing my binder full time it feels better to me. I am still very pleased with my results and each day it looks better and better. I do have one concern however with my breasts. I have absolutely no feeling in my nipple. I am hoping that will get better.
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