21 Years Old, Small 34B Wanting 34D?? 375 CC's Saline, Moderate Profile - Lake Oswego, OR

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Tomorrow is my Pre Op appointment!! I'm so excited...

Tomorrow is my Pre Op appointment!! I'm so excited but so nervous for the big day. I'm still undecided on size. At my consultation we had spoke about 350-360 ccs (I am choosing saline implants) but after about a month of looking at photos and playing with the rice sizes I'm starting to think 375 might be a better choice? I don't want to look like a bimbo with huge boobs obviously but at the same time I want to feel like they are big and be happy with them. I hear so many women say that they wish they would have gone bigger. I am 5'6" and about 126 pounds. Any advice? Worried about 375 having ripples :/ I've wanted to do this for so long. I've always felt unproportunate with my natural size. Can't wait until the 22nd!

It's decided! 21 years old, 34B to 375 ccs, Saline, Moderate Profile! Pre Op Succes!

At 11:15 today I had my pre op appointment. Upon arrival I was given a 13 page packet of reading and initialing. This was the scary "what if" packet listing off everything that could go wrong. As if I wasn't nervous enough! Immediately after signing away I was taken in and greated by a super friendly nurse named Ashton. LOVED her. She immediately took my blood pressure and because of just reading the scary packet I think my heart was pounding because she had to redo it and ask me to think of relaxing things. Much better the second time.

She went through all of my meds, pre op and post op care. SO much info but Everything sounds fairly simple except I'm a little nervous about my drainage tubes ill have for two days. Yuck. I'm so worried I'll yank on them in my sleep or something. She told me that they are stitched in so its not like I will yank them out but still..ouch.

We tried sizes one more time. This time I tried on 360, 375, and 400. I loved both the 360 and 375. 15 ccs is such a subtle difference they almost looked the same. 400 on the other hand looked a tad too big especially when I tried a white shirt on over them. I found that my own sports bra worked a lot better this time than the bra they provided me with last time. Mine is just a thin gap body sports bra without any padding but it seemed to have more support for the sizers. The one at the office is just a little loose so it doesn't look as realistic and they sag a lot in it.

When the doctor came in I asked her if I should go any bigger than 375 and she said she believes that 375 the best fit for me and my body, but that I have to live with them so of course it is up to me. 390 or 400 ccs would require a moderate plus profile however vs 375 can be used with a moderate profile. I definitely prefer the moderate profile look over the higher profiles, for my body at least, so that was my deciding factor.

I don't have a very large frame so I really didn't want them to look like basketballs but at the same time I want it to be a noticeable change. I feel that 375 moderate profile will provide me with these results.

After my sizing, going over the scary info with the doctor and signing consent forms, we scheduled my post op for two days after surgery. I then finished up all final payments and bam we were done!

I paid all hospital fees and half of procedure costs upfront which was about $4,315 for both and I financed the final $2,100 via care credit, 12 months no interest. I know a lot of people don't like sharing how much they spent but I feel it is beneficial to others interested in a BA to get an idea of cost info.

I picked up ALL of my prescriptions today. The total cost came to $54. That includes the antibacterial soap that I use two days prior to surgery. I was also prescribed an anti inflammatory, a narcadic for pain, an antibiotic, a muscle relaxer, stool softener, and two anti nausea medications. One for the night before surgery and one for recovery. They are all to be taken at specific time intervals so my boyfriend will be in charge of keeping me on schedule because from the sound of it I will be VERY loopy.

I'm so excited! I wish I would have taken photos in the sizers. My next day off isn't until the day before my surgery so it seems like a million years away! But really it's just in 12 days. AHHH!

Tomorrow's the big day!

All this waiting and it's finally here. I'm so excited but extremely scared and nervous. It's hard to believe that at this time tomorrow I will have my new boobs!

I've spent the entire day DEEP cleaning my apartment. Scrubbing and organizing every square inch so I will have nothing to stress about the next two weeks.

I bought a few button down tanks, loose comfy pants that aren't too hot, Travel cup with straw, back pillow with arms so I can sleep upright and on my back, a couple loose strappy tanks that I can step into, lots of healthy easy snacks and a yummy candle to help me relax. And I'm currently cooking a giant crock pot chicken soup with potatoes and veggies to last me a couple of days.

Is there anything else I should grab before surgery?

I have to be there at 6am and it's about a 35 drive. I also have to shower one last time with my surgical soap in the morning.

I'm definitely NOT sleeping tonight -_- ahh!

See you on the other side!

They're Heerree

What a day! The surgery went so great! Th nurses were all so friendly and helpful. And Dr, Burgess is a doll! I just love her. At 6am I sat in the short term room where they put on the giant tights and I have to wear for two days, devices on my legs to help prevent clots. They Gave me my IV, and then it got weird! I remember being roled into the Operation room and it's a black from there! I woke up in recovery (barely) and then taken back into Short term. I ended up staying there for 2 hours because when I tried to get up I felt nauseous and may face went white as gost! So I stayed until I felt better.

My Breasts look great! They are pretty swollen and a little "cone like" at the moment but that will diminish once The sweing does away.

I did 375 CC's Saline, Moderate a profile.
I CANT WAIT until I feel better so u can really am check them out and see how they look in tops.

as soon as I got to the 4 hour mark (you take your narcotic /painkiller every 4 hours) I could barely move it just so bad.

So now I'm just chillin and taking it easy. I really couldn't do much more if I tried. I can't even sit with good posture right now because of the pain.

Here's a sneak peak at thy new babies

And is apologize for any typos in a little drugged up at the moment

Day 1 post op!

Holy cow! I woke up today feeling like I was hit by a train! Defiantly time for pain killers. They are looking really good so far! Still swollen and "cone like" but they are getting less hard feeing so I assume the swelling is starting to go down. They felt like straight up rocks yesterday!

The most painful part for me is the strap I have to wear. It's super tight and pushes them down.

Does anyone know how tight the strap is supposed to be? It's on the loosest one but it's still so tight. I'm afraid to take it off tho because it's going to hurt even more to get it back on. It's very uncomfortable. She did say I could put on a light tank and then the strap over it to help with armpit area but I'm too scared to take it off!

I am so lucky I have my boyfriend during this time because I CANNOT keep track of my meds. I'm so loopy that I can't remember what I already took. He's been a great little nurse taking care of me. Last night I fell asleep on the couch after he gave me my meds at 8:30 and woke up at 9:30 and honest to god thought it was the morning and told him I needed to take my meds again! I was so confused! So prepare to be very loopy if you're preparing for a BA and make sure you have someone to help you drain your drainage tubes and be in charge of medication. I even need his help just grabbing my drink off of the coffee table! I feel like I have little T-Rex arms! -_-

My post op is tomorrow at 9am! They are supposed to remove the drains and the tights. I might just wait to take the strap off until I'm there. From what I've heard day 2 and 3 are the hardest so I just need to relax and get through them! Ahh!

Side by side before an after, post op day 1

Tight, sore and swollen but getting better! This strap just feels so tight!

More day 1 pics- without strap

I had to take the strap off for a bit. The doctor said yesterday that I can have breaks from wearing it.

They getting slowly getting squishy. It seems like the more they get squishy, the pain isn't as intense.

Day 2! Constipated, Removing Drains and no more tight strap!

It was definitely a struggle to move around this morning. I'm SO constipated and swollen from the narcotics. My tummy looks and feels hard and stiff! When I went in this morning, they informed me that it is very common for people with my size-smaller. They recommended prune juice and a laxative to help. However if the problem isn't solved after this weekend i have to the ER and "hit it from the bottom"???? which I definitely don't want to do so hopefully my little receipe of mirilax, prune juice and orange juice will help!

They removed my drains and I expected much more pain but in fact is just felt like tugging on the inside, not like stinking or anything.

When My doctor came in to examine them she said "wow, I did a great job" and yes she did! She told me that they are falling so nicely that I can discontinue the strap and instead get a light bra with underwire to start wearing both day and night for 3 months. This will create scar tissue under where I want to implant to fall so it's not too hight or low.

I was really impressed with how she was able to preform the surgery without tampering with my tattoo which is awkwardly placed under my breast. (it was supposed to be in the ribs when I got it) I even told her I didn't mind if it got messed up because I could always fix it down the road.

I want to slowly stop taking the muscle relaxer and the oxy because those are the two making me so constipated. But I still need to take some for the pain.

It feels so nice wearing a regular bra WITHOUT PADDING which I've never had before!

Day 2 post op photos!

The pain is getting more manageable however I am still very bloated and constipated. It's definitely going to take some getting used to! They feel HUGE right now but I think when the swelling goes down they will be just perfect. Since my doctor told me to start wearing a light underwire bar instead of the strap I had to go straight to the store to buy a couple bras because obviously my old ones are too small. I found that I fit into both a 34B and 36 C. The one in the photo is from Target. It's great right now because it opens in the front!

Post Op Day 3, weaning off drugs, wearing underwire bra.

It's day 3 already! Last night I slept in my underwire bra with no padding like my doctor requested (for about 3 months she wants me in it day and night) she kind of explained the bra like a retainer after you get your braces off. The underwire is holding the implant in place so it doesn't drop too much further. The underwire will create a little bit of scar tissue around the implant and keep It where it is. They are still swollen but the "cone" look is starting to go away. I love that they are not boxy on top or noticeably augmented. I thought I'd have to hide in turtlenecks for the next few months until it went away but it's only day 3 and I'm wearing light tanks! I VERY happy with the size and implant I chose (375 CCs ,Smooth, Round, Moderate Profile) they are so proportionate to my body and I honestly feel like this is how I was SUPPOSED to look all along!
The Downside to wearing an underwire bra this soon is that my incisions are till very tender and even tho they are covered with the tape the wire pushes on them causing pain. So last night I grabbed a pack of ultra thin panty liners and used the sticky side to attach them to the inside of my bra where the underwire touches the most. That helped A TON! Now there is some cushion between my incisions and the underwire.

I am also starting to take only one oxy every four hours instead of 2. The oxy makes me pretty drowsy and constipated and I can tolerate the pain better today with just one pill.

I did however get super nauseous in the car today out of no where so I took one of my anti Nausea prescriptions.

Still really constipated. If it doesn't go away today then I might have to go in for an enema which I REALLY don't want to do ????

Other than that, my breasts are looking great and I'm so happy with the results this far!

Post Op Day 4- Swelling going down, still feeling very tight and sore

It's day 4! I went to bed last night Around 11 and took my meds at 2:30am, I should have gotten up again at 6:30 to take more but I ended up sleeping until 8:30. Bad idea! Just missing that one dose of pain meds makes such a difference! I woke up in so much pain!! So make sure you set alarms for every 4 hours no matter what!

I've noticed that the swelling is going down today, my nipples are slowly starting to look like themselves again and not little swollen cones. My left boob is definitely less swollen than my right so far. They are also a lot squisher today then before. The first few days they felt like rocks! I can't wait for them to fully drop and "fluff"

They are still very tight and a hey feeling even with my meds. I went shopping yesterday and went out to eat and I think it was too much so soon because the pain was on another level last night and this morning. So today I'm just relaxing and taking it easy.

Still drinking my prine juice and miralax to help with constipation from the meds.

Post Op Day 6- So Much Pain :(

On day 4, After trying multiple laxatives on top of the stool softener my ps prescribed, and TONS of prune juice, I was still so uncomfortably contipated and bloated to the point where I looked a few months pregnant! I was miserable! My Ps warned me that the Oxy and muscle relaxer could cause constipation and to make sure I was taking my stool softener and maybe a laxative to help but seriously nothing was working so That night I stopped taking the Oxy and muscle relaxer. The only remedy for pain I had was the extra stregth ib profin and Tylenol. By morning of day 5 I was finally able to go to the bathroom (thank GOD) and the bloating was going down. But the PAIN wasn't just the tight heavy feeling I had when I was under pain meds, it was excruciating! Maybe im just a whimp but just getting off the couch was terrible. I didn't sleep at all last night. Even with Tylenol pm. My chest was bad but on top of that my back was so cramped and achey from sleeping on my back so many nights (which I almost never normally do) that I didn't get a wink of sleep. Now that my bloating and consitipation settled, today I started taking Oxy again to get by but only one instead of two. It is still causing some bloating but so far not too bad. I'm going to try to only take it when necessary. Is anyone else struggling with the pain from this procedure as much as me? I did so much reading and watched SO many BA vlogs on YouTube before my surgery and EVERY single girl swore that it "wasn't that bad" and it was "just a tight feeling" so I wasn't expecting to be this miserable. My boobs are looking great so far but the pain I'm going through makes me wonder if it was all worth it. When does the pain stop?:((

Post Op Day 8: No more meds as of today, feeling better

It's been a little over a week since my BA! I was struggling a lot with pain being off and on meds the past few days but today I'm feeling better. Just a sore feeling but my breasts are finally starting to feel like my own and not like they have "invaders" in them lol no one ever talked about the feeling other than the pain! Pain aside, the first week they truly feel like there are things in your boobs. Idk why but I assumed once they were in they hurt but they felt like your boobs. I don't just mean feel as in squeezing or touching them but the way they feel inside of you. Such a funny and uncomfortable feeling but thankfully it's going away. I was worried that's just how they would feel forever!

I took my tape off of my incisions today, which I was dreading because it just freaks me out. Still makes me queezy looking at them all exposed but they are actually healing up nicely.

It looks like my right seems to be a little slower dropping than my left but not by much. Bruises are starting to fade away too! I go back to work on the 9th and I hope I feel like myself again! I'm a hairdresser so having any pain while working would be terrible! My job is pretty much all upper body/arm movements all day so I need to be in good shape!

I've definitely gained some weight this past week sitting around healing. My pants are all tight :( I feel so motivated to go to the gym but of course I can't just yet.

Oh and for those about to get this procedure and be on the meds, make SURE you eat WHILE taking your meds to ensure food in your stomach. Yesterday I ate breakfast and lunch so when I took my meds all morning and afternoon I assumed I would be fine. Nope, apparently not enough food in my system because I was puking ALL over the target parking lot and in the car. What a sight that must have been. So make sure you take your meds WITH food! -_-

I'll probably update again for week 2!
Thank you all for your support!

8 weeks post op Update!

Hello everyone! I have been slacking on my updates but not much has really changed. All I can say is I am so grateful I was able to take almost three weeks off of work after surgery. Im a hairdresser so I am constantly using my arms! Needed every minute of that time to heel. I had no issues going back to work, I honestly forget that they're there! I'm so used to them now that it's hard to imagine life without them. I've gotten so used to them I don't even feel like they're that big anymore. But in a good way! I felt a little awkward at first but now they feel like they're mine and gent are so proportionate to my body! Wearing an underwire bra day and night for three months had been though. I will admit I take it off for a few hours after work! But soon enough I'll only have to wear it during the day.

My left starting falling before my right. My left was always my bigger breast so it's still a little fuller than my right.

I still have some areas of numbness around my nipples but they are getting more and more feeling back as time goes on.

As far as rippling, I was worried I would have some because I didn't have a lot of breast tissue prior to surgery and I did choose saline implants however I haven't noticed any rippling. I'm always checking and bending over to see if I have any but so far so good. I can definitely feel the implants around the buttom of my breasts. It doesn't necessarily feel hard or anything but it definitely feels like something's "in there" if you know what I mean.

At the end of the day, I knew what I was getting into. I knew they would never feel like real breasts again but I was okay with that because I was so unhappy with them before. I felt this procedure was 100% worth it for me. I finally feel like a woman in all of my clothes and not like a 14 year old.

For me, saline was the right choice because I was not comfortable with a silicone implant in my body incase of rupture. I do not regret my choice. Maybe down the road, after children I will decide to switch to silicone but for now I am very happy with my choice
Dr. Burgess

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