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After having two kids who are now 35 and 30, I am...

After having two kids who are now 35 and 30, I am finally going to get the tummy tuck I've wanted for over 3 decades. Due to financial reasons I never even thought I would be able to afford. But thanks to my mom and my hubby (2nd husband) it's going to be possible. 55 days and counting. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I wake up at night thinking about this surgery. I'm on this site every day just reading and getting lots of great tips.

Anxiously waiting....

45 days and counting. Can't wait.

Saw PS today...

...even though My Surgery is 37 days away (who's counting lol) I saw the doc today. The first time I saw him was back in November and I wasn't too sure whether I was going to do it or not. So after carefully thinking about it, I went ahead and called in December and gave my deposit. I didn't set an actual surgery date till March. But anyway saw home today and asked a zillion questions. I just wish it could be done tomorrow. Lol. The assistant gave me the rundown of the dos and donts and said she would call my prescription in a week before. The doc also said for me to sleep on a recliner. He highly suggested it. I have a reclining sectional but I don't want to be resting in the middle of the living room. My mom is flying in a couple days earlier and I'm sure my family will be in and out and when I feel tired, I want to get comfy and try to sleep. So that's my assignment tomorrow, to check rent a center to see how much and if it's available.


Well, I went yesterday and rented a recliner. It will be delivered and set up the day before the surgery. All that's needed is for my meds to be picked up. Can't wait. Good luck to all the ladies whose surgery is today.

I made it. Day 1 post op

Surgery went well yesterday and I managed to come up the stairs to my recliner. Thank god my mom is taking care of me because I wouldn't have been able to do this in my own. What's bothering me the most is the muscles. I just took s muscle relaxant so hopefully will feel a little better. I was up walking every two hours yesterday but today I will do it every hour.

Day 2 post op

Yesterday I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my stomach. After a couple spoons of eating anything i felt full. Took 2 painkillers before going to bed and I woke up so much better. I did get up at 2:30 and took a painkiller. I woke up at 6:00 am and walked around and feel much better. Thank god that elephant is gone. Lol.

Day 3 post op ...

Woke up today very bloated. I haven't pooped yet and I think that's the reason why. I've had milk of magnesia and ginger ale. And nothing. I will be drinking some prune juice later on. But other than that I'm feeling ok. My drains are clearer than they were when I first got home. I miss my bed though. Hope everyone is doing good.

5 days post op

I've been doing ok but still haven't pooped. My back is also killing me. I miss my bed so much. I am beginning to hate that recliner. My drains are draining about 15-20 a day so I'm hoping they come out when I see the doctor. Good luck to those who are having their surgery today.


...pooped. I feel such a relief. Thank u lord. Lol

At the post op appt

So it's been a week and I'm at the ps office waiting for my doc to check me and hopefully take my drains out. Will keep you posted. Happy Thursday everyone and good luck to those going to the flat side today.

Post op update.

Ps said everything looks good and they took both drains out. Woohoo. I feel so much better without them. Will see me again next week to make sure everything is still doing good.

12 days post op

Can't believe it's been 12 days already. I feel better with each passing day as long as I have my cg or my Colombian faja(girdle). I seem to swell up really bad towards the end of the day and that's what bothers the most. I still haven't seen flat. I go back to doc on Thursday and will ask. I still get full pretty quick. I guess that's a good thing. Will post pics soon.

13 days po

Went out to dinner for the first time since surgery. We went to outback. I had a tiny piece of bread and salad. I ordered salmon and veggies. I couldn't finish it. By the time I got up, I was hunched over with the tightness that I felt. Felt so horrible. Ugh!!! Can't wait to feel myself again.

13 days po pics

Tried to send these before.

18 Days po

I feel good as long as I'm wearing my compression garment (faja) which I try to be in for at least 12 hours. Once that comes off, I'm kind of in slow motion. I start to feel a little pressure and walk a little hunched over. I don't know if my BB is swollen but it looks puffy. I was told to put dental wax in it so it can go in. Any suggestions???

Back to work 25 days post op.

First day back to work. Other than the damn swelling, I was okay. I took these pics this morning while getting ready for work. No one said this would be an easy walk in the park.

5 weeks post op.

Can't believe 5weeks ago I was a total mess, kissing my dogs goodbye as I was going to the surgery center. I had my first lymphatic massage yesterday and I must say that it's kind of painful when they are trying to massage those little hard rolls. But other than that, it was great and I have scheduled my second for tomorrow. They say this helps a lot with the swelling but that I must wear the cg 24/7 and to drink lots of water. So I'm praying this will help.

Almost 6 weeks

I'm almost 6 weeks out and as of yesterday I've been having like some strange feeling on the tips of the incision. It's not pain but as if it's being stretched. It comes and goes. I was feeling it on my left side yesterday but today it's in my right. Has anyone felt this before?

3 month update pic

This is a 3 month update pic.

6 months today...

I can't believe it's been six months already. I thank god I never had any complications and that my recovery went smoothly. I still get puffy at the end of the day but wake up flat. And my tummy is still numb. My incision looks good when I wake up but after being in pants all day it looks a little darker. I've gained like 5 pounds but will hopefully get rid of them after the holidays. I've posted a pic of me first thing in the morning. Hope everyone is doing good.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr G is very professional and answered all my questions. He made me feel comfortable and reassured me that the outcome would be great. His staff is awesome. Jeanne always answered all my questions either by phone or email. And after surgery, Colleen, the nurse, called me several times to find out how I was doing and if I had any questions to call her cell phone or home phone. I am so happy I chose Dr. G.

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