New Chin Just in 6/9 - Lake Mary, FL

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I get this done tomorrow morning. Excited and...

I get this done tomorrow morning. Excited and nervous, I dont know If I will hate it or love it. The more I think of it the more I think Im crazy for doing this. But here goes. Ive always been self conscious of my chin which has led me to always have a full beard and shape my chin with my hair. In fact i have a full beard now to cover up the bruising and swelling, which has me nervous. Im on the fence on whether this was a silly idea or a good choice. Ill be updating soon.

Chin Procedure

Its been 13 hours post op. Hardly any pain and swelling is a bit but minimal. My beard doesnt let me see full results so Im excited to trim it down later down the road.

Incision post op

Incision post op hidden by beard

40 hours post op

Well my speech isn't impaired my bottom lip is pretty swollen and when I close my mouth completely i feel like I have an old man mouth but thats from the swelling I can tel.. I can tell i have at least on bruise but again my facial hair covers it. As far as pain, there is a minimal amount of that. Mostly feels like the skin around that area is tight and is under a fever because its trying to heal the wound. Ive taken pain medication 2 times today to play it safe when I feel as if the pain could get worse. Getting this done has been a great choice so far and cant wait til the swelling goes down and the results start to show for what they are.

Before Pics

More pics of my journey.

1 week post op

Overall this has been pretty much a walk in the park because of how quick and easy the whole thing went. Apart from one day of dizziness I pretty much had no pain just a bit or tingling and warm feeling around my bottom lip. I did good by choosing to go with an extra large as its been what I was looking for. My advice, to anyone thinking of doing this and are worried or scared, dont be. Its worth it 100% and once you know it you'll be 1 week post op like me.

Before and after. Facial hair different lengths.

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