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I did not get any results, my lips still look...

I did not get any results, my lips still look exactly the same. Same story, different day. I've had a lot of negative experiences and less than ideal outcomes with many plastic surgeries. It's all second nature to me now. Unfortunately it never usually is done right the first time so I always have to go back in. It kind of reminds me of going to this fast food restaurant in my home-town. Its kind of a ritual that every time you go eat there you have to go through the drive through twice cause they never get the order right the first time. It would take an act of God for them to pull it off the first go around. Oh well. I might go "through the drive thru" a second time if they let me, but I'm not sure If I want to go through with it again. The procedure was quite painful to be honest. It made me sick. They used a cauterizing tool on me and I could smell the burnt skin for days. Yuck. Don't know if I want to go through that again. And I am only willing to get a revision if it's free of charge. I already paid for the procedure once. I'm thinking about getting a brow-lift next, that's the next procedure that is in the cue, I hope that one works out. I have a problem with my face being aggressively resistant to change. Everything always regresses back to it's original shape.
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They were nice to me during the whole process but I'm not here to review that, I'm here to review the results...I feel like I didn't get any results. I just don't think the results are there for me. It's not doing it for me. At first it seemed like my lips looked better after surgery, but by day three, all results that I thought I once had kind of faded away and my lips regressed back to their exact, original shape. The corners of my lips started sagging again. A lot of people tell me that the reason why my lips kind of droop at the sides is because I never smile. I never use those muscles and they have become lax. That part is def true, I'm not a smiler, even in photographs.....but....I thought surgery could correct that issue. They initially told me that it's too early to judge the results. No, its not. I'm an expert at this, and I'm an expert at judging results right off the bat. If I have a shred of doubt that the procedure was a failure. It will be. I had 7 surgeries so far and I plan on getting up to 15 not exceeding 25 by the time I am 40 years old, so I should know. I guess it was my fault because I told him to be conservative. I guess I should have told him to just go for it. But I blame myself. I don't blame the doctor. I was quite timid in telling him what I actually wanted. He talked to me about it for about 10 minutes before the surgery my mind I was saying..."Ok, here's your chance, tell him how you want your lips to look...", but couldn't find the right way to express my goals and now I'm dealing with the result. I really blew it....again. I feel so down... the surgical assistant told me I needed to lose weight during the surgery. It didn't bother me because I know that I need to. I actually admired her for being blunt about it. I need more people to give me criticism so it will motivate me to lose weight. Too often people tell me that my weight is fine and I'm not that overweight. My BMI is 33. That is pretty bad. I eat to deal with negative emotions. Anger, Depression, Stress. I'm thinking if I fix the emotional issues than I won't feel a need to over-eat.

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